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  1. Lookalikes in hockey

    Chris Tanev and Drew Monson
  2. [GDT] VAN @ NJD | Sunday Nov. 8th | 2PM | SNP/MSG

    That wasted opportunity by Vrbata...Face, meet palm.
  3. Just finished Life Is world is completely rocked.

    1. hatedkid666

      5th episode is the most boring

  4. Well, if they want to go down that route, it'll just allow for more of these gems to be made...
  5. Ducks and Avs new 3rd jerseys leaked....

    Yikes. The Colorado ones have an overly simplistic design for the modern NHL, and Anaheim shouldn't rely on an orange-dominant palette when the Flyers have been making it look good for decades.
  6. Went to AniRevo today, played a game of Taboo, got a few posters, had a couple of them autographed. Oh, and Sugar Lyn Beard was at the signing booth, sounding exactly like I remember from "The Zone".

    1. Twilight Sparkle


    2. Dazzle

      She must be fun...

  7. [Trade] Zac Rinaldo to Bruins

    Bruins fans must be missing Benning really badly, because Sweeney is sooo not endearing himself to anyone with his transactions.
  8. Canucks easter eggs on TV/films

    Episode 5 of the current season of MLP features this Easter egg near the end of the episode. Just tell me that color scheme wasn't intentional.
  9. Nicki Minaj demands orgasms.

    And now I'm going to spend the next 20 mins annoyed with myself for clicking on this topic
  10. Nearly done watching the last two seasons of House. Amazing how many times they plugged the NHL throughout the series.

    1. Twilight Sparkle

      "house, you really need to solve this case of the mysterious rash within the next 35 minutes to save this patient!" house- "wilson. do you know what's going on? the red wings are on!"

    2. thejazz97

      They had an episode where they namedropped the Rangers and Devils once. And I think in season 8, they had a hockey player who thought he was close to a call-up...

  11. About Sbisa, would you have simply sent a $2.9M qualifying offer his way and wait for him to accept it? I'd be tempted to do so since another team might offer-sheet him and compensate us with at least a 2nd round pick.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Beary Sweet

      He's actually a solid defenceman

    3. The Magician

      I would, it's worth it. Take a 2nd or get Sbisa at 2.9 mill win win.

    4. Neil HD

      I suppose not. Of course, I forgot to consider arbitration. The lowest salary we could argue for is $2.465M (15% less)

  12. This forum could really use some light humor to ease the tension, so here goes: What did the hockey team talk about over dinner at the Chinese restaurant?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more

      'this deep fried dog tastes delicious'?

    3. Warhippy

      how deep Calgary is going after tomorrows game and what kind of golf shirt would really bring out Bieska's snarl the most.

    4. Neil HD

      @TS Suits the Canucks well, but that's not it

      @GLASSJAW At this point, Bieksa should try anything to cure his foot-in-mouth disease, but that's a little too heavy for this light joke.

      @Warhippy Well, they'll likely go with red, seeing as how it's the colour of anger.

      The answer is "puck pos-Szechuan tactics"

      I know, the joke was probably funnier in my head

  13. [PGT] Stars @ Canucks

  14. Wow, what a game we had! Also, what a win for the Jets over the Sharks! Hearing the fans rip into Thornton and Wilson was priceless