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  1. Looking back at my post, you're right, my apologies. I'm not sure where my head was. I'd rather see the league move a weak franchise like Tampa to Quebec and Arizona to Seattle, that way, the league talent isn't being watered down, and we'd have stronger / more stable franchises and healthy rivalry. But I guess the owners are looking at that share of the franchise fee they receive.
  2. I understand that any expansion draft is going to water down the talent on all the teams. The way I see it is that the owners are going to do what they think best / I'm just looking at the positives...oh wait...this is bad.
  3. I don't mind Quebec, the old Montreal / Quebec rivalry was great and they had great games. Vegas on the other hand...that's head scratcher.
  4. I hope Hutton doesn't get the expectations of a player he's not like what happened with Edler.
  5. yes Burrr!
  6. hammer baby! nice
  7. finally a call goes our boys way!
  8. yes Vey!
  9. It'll take 4 to 5 years to really see the impact of current managements work/plan on the team. All I ask is more consistent effort on the ice in the meantime.
  10. If the league was successful in promoting in the US, you have more markets to potentially make money and the bottom line would be higher overall league revenue in the longer term, even if you take out the Canadian markets and the fluctuating Canadian dollar...well, if I were to be conspiracy theorist I'd think this way.
  11. i like Miller's comment and agree, they should either do away with a farce of a rule, or amend it so it's meaningful. I enjoy Miller's competitive nature.
  12. The only comment I recall TL or JB making about the playoffs was that the goal is to make the playoffs.
  13. need more noise! let's go boys!
  14. Richard Loney singing the anthem, Luo our #1 goalie, Kesler going beast mode in the run, Bieksa's goal, the energy in the city, the positive support, regardless of who won the very last game, it was a fun run...just could do without the aftermath.
  15. i hope this time, it's not just our goalie who shows up to compete.