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  1. I'm pretty sure the rules state that the teams have to dress 18 skaters and 2 goalies for a game, so really, the Canucks didn't have a choice but to dress Rodin. Remember Hutton was a last minute scratch after the warm up skate.
  2. I like Tryamkin to continue to develop as a player as well, but if he can add toughness / an edge in his game, the opponents are going to give him and other Canucks space and take less liberties. Imagine if Dan had a rep for edginess, I doubt Marchand would have taken as much liberties with him during the 2011 SCF.
  3. How is Jake developing? Does he have better structure in his game?
  4. Here is where I read it
  5. I recall they said Tryamkin was coached all the time before to not take penalties. That's going to muzzle him but I think they are encouraging him to be more aggressive and taking penalties is ok.
  6. Entertaining game tonight even though the wrong team won. I'll take this effort and team play over the type of game they have had. I wish the Sedins could take their play to another level in this type of game and take control.
  7. put lots of traffic in front of their net, and let Edler just let it loose from the point!
  8. I'd like to see Biega, Try, Gaunce and Sbisa pound a few of them. And Burrows get under their skin
  9. Don't forget, the improved face off win percentages, the chances they are generating on the power play ( ok, the conversion needs to get better but they are going the right direction ), improved center ice play. It might not be the dramatic change, but they are improving! Last night was the first game I've seen them play a complete 60 ( plus the 5 min OT ) minute high pace, hard fought, high compete game from everyone.
  10. Great compete, pace, controlled the center ice well, and a full 65 minute effort! It was entertaining. Sedin's ghost hooking call and Sutter's interference call were bs.
  11. Some of my best experience of going to a game is when the crowd was loud. I would love it if all the upper deck was for the cheering section, or if they had 2 sections opposite of each other echoing off of one another.
  12. I think I recall the reason he wasn't sent back to Juniors last year was because management was concerned he wasn't going to get the quality ice time with the Hitmen he needed to develop. And only other choice was keeping him in the NHL, and at least the Canucks can keep an eye on his training, eating, etc.
  13. a sweet payback would be if the boys played gritty, hit hard regardless of who is on the receiving end, and frustrate them as well because the boys are playing within the rules and aren't getting the sin bin. Crash the net a few times would be nice too.
  14. All the Canuck skaters just seem to be trying to protect a 3 goal lead rather than play aggressive in the beginning of the 3rd.