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  1. Can We Start Cutting Vey A Little Slack?

    i'm pretty sure Kings was very deep in RW and traded Vey for a pick since Vey probably wasn't going to see much ice time with the Kings.
  2. Flames have been a tough opponent. I hope all our boys play a 60 minute 200 foot game.
  3. He just might be open to trading the picks to lower position if the D he is looking for has a good chance to be available if it'll give him additional pick in the trade.
  4. Why is Linden Vey still here?

    Vey's been good since the call up, TG did a great job, and being put back with Etem has been positive for both players.
  5. Lucic sucker punches (former Canucks) Kevin Connauton

    I'm not a Lucic fan. Just saying I think Kings and Bruins were pretty big physical team when they won the cup. The size helped them in the battle of attrition to get to the SCF. You need a fast, big, skilled team to succeed with the transition game that lot of teams have adopted.
  6. Remember when we had the best FO% in the league

    Agreed but he's been put in situations that he wouldn't have been except for the injury situation. He could have been much worse. He's had a steep learning curve but he's handled it well. He'll get better, especially with some mentoring from the vets.
  7. Glad to see the Canucks didn't entertain it. Skills and potential is great, but character is also important.
  8. Remember when we had the best FO% in the league

    And yet, he's ranked #4 amongst all rookies in the NHL for face off wins.
  9. [PGT]Canucks 2-1 Islanders(SO)

    Now that's our Miller. Great game, he deserved the win. Really like Vey and Etem's chemistry. I hope they are carrying on from what they had in the juniors
  10. Should Miller Still Be Considered #1? (Article)

    Markstrom hasn't even played as a back up a full season, it was just about a year ago that there was question about his mental toughness and he was considered a bust and needed to be traded and was called a career AHL'er. Miller has proven over years that he is a premier goalie, give Markstrom some time to learn how to be a full time #1 goalie behind the veteran Miller. Markstrom has the potential, and he just needs to be developed just like how he was developed in Utica.
  11. Not doubting the OP, but how would The Score know this? It sure would be out of character for Higgins to launder it out like that. He's always been classy during his time with the Canucks.
  12. Strength and Conditioning Staff

    Wow, strength and conditioning team keeps our boys at peak levels to perform, and lessen the chance (doesn't mean eliminate) of injury and help the boys recover from injury as quickly as possible. Not sure how strength and conditioning team is at fault for the injuries our boys have had recently.
  13. Boycott The Province

    The front page is where they are going to get the most reactions from and the decision to portray Jake as a scape goat on the cover is nothing short of tabloid sensationalism. I'd say the same thing if it was a rookie from any other team. This pretty much reinforces why I stopped reading The Province (and The Sun since they are both owned by the same ownership) long ago. I used to read them daily, especially during my university days.
  14. [PGT] Oilers 1-2 Canucks

    Pedan and Vey looked good but i still feel those 2 would benefit some more time in Utica with Green. Same with Webber, he showed he has the potential last year when he played effectively in the second half of the season, I think he needs a bit more time to develop consistency playing that level. Great work by Hansen, I'm glad he wasn't traded few years ago when he was streaky.
  15. If Francesco was actually a good business man

    They care about the Canucks and to bring the cup to the City, they have never been afraid to spend to the Cap and pay the high rental player fees like Sundin. As for if Francesco was a good business man...I guess that's why he bought the Franchise for $207M and it's worth $745M now...bad business man. if this ownership cared only about making money, they would've done what Ballard did during his ownership of the Leafs.