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  1. I agree. Those who arive....are stir-fry
  2. LOL And don't forget the retarded fish Southpark is great!
  4. Tonights episode was awsome. I'm Taylor Swifting as I speak.
  5. Looking forward to this! Also really enjoying "The Killing" on AMC Sundays
  6. Dude, Tell me about it. I went to my first Canucks Game in Oct of 1983. It was the Blues in town to take on the Canucks. We got to the PC a little late but as soon as I walked in the door the Canucks scored to take a 1-0 lead. What an omen!! As soon as my dad got me a hot dog and drink I got to my seat I watched the Blues score the next six goals. That's what being a Canucks fan has become. We can't look at something good without thinking that something bad is coming. It's our curse. One season will cure all that ails us. Let's hope that this is the season. I can live with the bad for next year.
  7. Is this rant really necessary? Aren't you happy about the success this year? After a tough loss, do the fans really care about the 3 stars? Especially this year where it's Stanley Cup or Bust. I'd take a win over seeing them coming back on the ice. And your Prima-Donna comment??? Get your priorities straight. Prima-donnas don't spend as many hour at the children's hospital as the Canucks do. They have given so much to this community so let's cut them a break as they try their best this year.
  8. I heard they game last night. And besides the butchering of Bieksa's name, I really didn't have a problem with them. They were not homeristic and not against the Canucks in the way they talked. Growing up with the sounds of Jim Robson, I was spoiled with knowing how a announcer should sound. The biggest bunch of idiots is the Colorado Av's play by play guys. I have an XM Radio and are forced to listen to them on occasion. They are simply the worst in making a simple shot on net for the Av's seem like a 3 on 0 breakaway. Plus they complain on every call against the Av's and play "What I would do if I was the Ref". Brutal. So The Islander Play by Play guys are All-Stars compared to the Av's voice.
  9. Great sig. Hottest Canuck fan ever!

  10. That would be classic. I'm thinking it's John Elway.
  11. I liked it. Rehashing what they did. I loved how they brought up the fact they had shown Muhammad in the David Blaine ep and didn't get in trouble. Also "Buddah...stop doing coke in front of kids" cracked me up
  12. I thought they did make fun of Twilight with that Vamp/goth episode. Hopefully they do a episode on Heidi and Spencer.
  13. Randy- "So we're not friends then" Stan- "F**k off dad" LOL This is why I don't have a facebook profile. Freakin Farmville. Lame.