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  1. I guess it's up for the rest of the preseason games for the team to get used to each other again and regain their momentum. Hopefully they'll have it ready or at least in check by the time the season starts Otherwise, I don't know.. Kinda scared because things could go great or things could go ultimately wrong and downhill. It's preseason, the scores don't count = yes. But it's not going to get any easier either. I wouldn't laugh it off as "it's just an exhibition game guys, nothing to worry about." If they're performing like this in the regular season, there's something wrong.. severely wrong with the team. True that a team winning it all in preseason could start the regular season on a losing streak and vice versa.. But if they're winning it all in preseason, that means they're doing something right. They'll just have to retackle that same strategy to get to that level again.. If the team is losing it all during preseason, unless they have a strong motivation to pick up where they failed and address the problems each and every game, I don't know. With the track record of our team, it's hard to stay faithful in them when they fail to address the problems. When something goes wrong in a game, the entire team kinda just droops down. A rare few chance where some players will try and keep the team going.. That was when we still had Bieksa, he would've still tried to keep things fiery. But with him gone, I dunno. The flame kinda gone too.
  2. Uh huh okay. You could've just scrolled down easily without reading a thing instead of being such a jerkwad and saying that. Whatever guys.
  3. Oh well we can hope that the pattern gets reversed... or not. = ___ =
  4. Not only can he not stop what he can't see, he also can't stop what he can see...8 of the 10 times in a game probably. So no, I won't be the only one that won't get off his back until he proves that he's worth the time and $6 million dollars.
  5. I totally agree with you! Just because it's an exhibition/preseason game, doesn't mean the players AND $6 million dollar #1 goalie should be slacking off like that. The scores don't count.. YET but it's not like the game would get easier as we begin the actual season. Dude. Come on people. He always looks terrible no matter if it's pre-game, during the game or post-game.. especially on games where he shouldn't have choked. And yet look at all the Luongo haters.. Where them Miller haters at? Not because of two preseason games and throwing him under the bus, he was already chucked under the bus since last season.. he managed to crawl from under it to give us another chance to chuck him under again. Dude, stop sticking up for him for once and maybe look at it from our angle.. we traded Lack away because of what? Lack pulled us through while Miller was oh-boo-hoo injured mid season and Lack got us in the playoffs then Miller took the spot light but as per usual, successfully screwed us over in the first round.. Like come on. If Miller actually played like he was worth the $6 million, then no one would be complaining. Lack on the other hand, like Markstrom and even Cannata, they're probably worth less but does that stop them from being better? No. It's the mentality. The more money you give a "number one goalie", the more you feed their ego which isn't helping because it just screws the rest of the team and fans over because he's too high up in his ass and his money to even take each game seriously. I said it before. It's an exhibition game where the scores don't matter.. but right after, the only thing that will change when we move from exhibition to actual season is when the points actually matter but the teams we match up on will be the same, if we're getting whupped in exhibition, then we will be whupped in season. I wouldn't be surprised by that. Another goalie controversy, I wonder which goalie's gonna lose in this battle? Probably Markstrom because that's what the Canucks does... (Benning and Linden) they make the $&!#tiest decisions and keep the WRONG goalie again. Luongo, man, to see him put through all that $&!# with Schnieder and Lack really sucked... please don't let history repeat itself!
  6. Cannata doesn't play as often as Miller does (pre, during season and post) - Miller is also getting paid a shhhhht-loads of money for the next two season and Cannata is back in the what, AHL, until he gets called up. Which I'm hoping he will.. because Miller's probably going to go and pull some shenanigan move and hurt himself again.. Miller gives up 2 is a big deal dude, considering we traded Lack and kept him when it should've really been the other way around. So much for wanting a "younger" core, I would want to say Eddie is much younger than Miller.. correct me if I'm wrong. If it's the other way around then clearly something went wrong in the profile updating.
  7. Yeah, I am not too optimistic with just the preseason game. Wait hang on, let me prepare for all the hate comments such as: You know nothing about Hockey, girl! etc... But just let me point out, that no matter how much you know about hockey: Yes, a preseason game counts as nothing on the scoreboard towards the post season, HOWEVER, it is good practice and shouldn't be looked at lightly. If we're already sucking so badly in the preseason (2 games with lack of motivation from the team) and not to mention Ryan Miller did say he was "ready" to play.. if he was "ready" to play.. then why did we trail 2-0 when he was in net? If you look at the replays, there's LACK of effort on him - so what if the first goal was due to lots of screening in front of him, if he's "ready" like he says he is.. then he needs to keep his word and do his best. I'm not seeing him do his best at all based on what I'm seeing on the playbacks. Just sayin', the team needs to step it up now, just because it's preseason, doesn't mean they should slack like that. Think of it as a free trial to get the hot winning streak going and just go BAM BAM BAM into the post season