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  1. Maybe whatever was wrong with him that was making him do stupid things gets fixed by this? Just makes him realize he's been screwing around too long and he actually reaches his potential.
  2. c'mon, trash lives everywhere not just surrey...
  3. This is stupid. Why do people in my generation think that they're so special? What is wrong with these fools, just stop making thing up to feel better. If you are trans, use the pronoun of what gender you want to be, men and women use the regular she, he. End of story.
  4. Hi

    Hi. This is my 1700th post.
  5. Well if you watch it they specifically say that even though he was smart love for his granddaughter and getting the money to her made him make decisions he normally wouldn't. Also are you just getting to this now??
  6. The article sounds a lot like Schneider and his struggles with the Moose, he was also a goalie that had always been the best. If Demko responds the same way Schneider did and elevates himself we could have something special waiting in the wings for when the rookies hit their prime.
  7. We are down a man as Aladeen backs out, any possiblity for a replacement player?
  8. lol ur on a team
  9. damn. this is why i wanted to delay the draft :'( possum too good
  10. Otis for Mash and u got a deal
  11. LOL, oops. K. Then I'll take Mash
  12. i'll take Hubs and mau5
  13. ill pick FRK
  14. is there a marker for whosbeen drafted sofar?
  15. is it my turn yet?