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  1. Very well written and all points that deserve a liberal dose of meritous acclaim. I wish I had time to say more but I'm out and about. Again, nicely written. You're laying out some truth here that one would assume to be logical and self evident to most Canucks fans. Unfortunately the panic button is at the ready no matter what our team accomplishes (or fails to accomplish) and thus,Tony Gallagher is just another whore playing to the paranoia and frustration of nervous fans everywhere. I'd actually be surprised if he even watches Canucks hockey. Me thinks he's a closet soccer fan and gets his hockey news from the middle section of his 'David Beckham's Underwear' magazines. Honestly though, where TG is concerned I would really love to hear all about how The Province justifies paying him an actual salary for such consistently skewed drivel. As sports writers go, he makes a very good case for illiteracy.