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  1. This management/ownership group has shown us their cards. They are going to try and stay competitive through this rebuilding/retooling process. They will not follow the Toronto and Edmonton model. The only way they move a Tanev or an Edler would be to fill holes in our top 6. The player coming back will have to be a legitimate top 6 next season. It will not be someone in the AHL or a 1st round pick. It will have to be a young player who can play now and has big upside ex. William Nylander. Losing one of our top d for a 1st rounder won't happen. The team would not compete and JB/TL would be fired long before that first rounder develops into an NHL player. Ben Hutton makes the most sense. Trading Hutton wouldn't cripple the team and you would could fetch the future top 6 that we desperately need. It would be more of a reallocating and balancing our team for the future.
  2. I believe that Hutton's trade value is very high. Virtually everything I read and hear about other teams want/need for defense. We would have a bit of a bidding war. There is a real premium on dmen, especially the big, good skating, puck moving variety. Now is the time to move this type of player. In the offseason/draft etc I think teams will be more optimistic about their own prospects and free agents. The only way to solidify a position right now is by trade. I think there are many teams that think they are only a piece or two away from having a legitimate shot a The Stanley Cup, not adding those pieces could easily result in missing or an early departure in the playoffs which could cost the gm their job. Adding offence is key to the success of this franchise. I think the fans are speaking loud and clear with empty seats. "Entertain Me" I'm not going to pay the kind of money you're asking to watch boring players play boring hockey. We will pay/renew for hope and optimism but adding a player like a Barzal will inject some much needed hope to this franchise.
  3. First off I like Ben Hutton a lot, but with the emergence of Stetcher and Tryampkin and Juolevi on the way, D is a now position of strength. Our weakness, both now and in the near future is in our top 6. The acquisition of a dynamic offensive forward is critical to our future success and adding Barzal will speed up the rebuilding process immensely. I realize there would have to be other players/picks involved to make it work, but these 2 would be the main pieces of the deal. I think Snow/Weight's jobs are in jeopardy if they don't make the playoffs so they must take a win now approach. The trading of Burrows, Hansen, Miller etc for picks is good but not going to land you an impact player anytime soon. The next several years will continue to be more of the status quo of middling rather than contending.