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  1. Eriksson's buying dinner for Miller for saving his ass.
  2. Woo! Two game winning streak!
  3. Hey Laffs fans:
  4. Does he get credit for the goal?
  5. Heh, the next to the box trolling Jagr.
  6. Wooooooooooooooo! Virtanen! It was called by the stoner!
  7. Does the Italian mafia make a point to give the kid a jersey for the opposing team for every game?
  8. gdt

    Markstrom saving bacon.
  9. Gotcha, thanks.
  10. What was the deal with Henrik standing on the bench?
  11. See? People were just dyslexic when they wanted a new coach...
  12. Lp
  13. Oh crap, haha.