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  1. It needs to stop. Hansen is not a top 6 forward.
  2. Sutter, McCann and Virts can replace his goals. Adios. Get a good pick for him.
  3. Gotta love that effort. Nice to Willie playing the young guys at the end. Hutton looks like a gem.
  4. Classy move by Burr. Sure hope they change it and give him an assist.
  5. There is a reason why the idiot Doug McLean hasn't been hired by anyone in years.
  6. It is amazing how a couple quick puck moving defenesmen like Bart and Hutton can help neutralize a forecheck compared to that debacle last playoffs.
  7. I can handle about a minute of big fat David Pratt and Bro Fake before I turn it off.
  8. Ended 1-1 but Maneh had a break away from half with 30 seconds left and took an aweful touch and the goalie grabbed it. Just aweful!!!
  9. I'd rather John Fogerty at 4C than Vey
  10. Vey is to WD as Rome was to AV
  11. McCann looks like Sean Penn as Spicolli in Fast Times At Ridgemont High
  12. McCann over Vey for 4C no question.
  13. You think Hutton has a serious shot? What's his waiver eligibility status? Did he play college last year or Utica?
  14. Gimmie Back my marble rye ya 'ol bag!
  15. Pedan certain played better than Corrado last night IMO