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  1. Wow Is Joey Kenward the worst commentator hockey. Does the BCHL not have any openings?
  2. Would be nice if the live feed actually worked.
  3. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    I completely agree with you. Sutter certainly fits the bill and JB's vision of "Being harder to play against"...which has been the crux of 4 straight playoff series losses. Add's sold Face Off ability. Prust fits into this as well of being harder to play against. The key is developing the young guys to become dynamic offensive contributors.
  4. In before "Did you know Dimitry Zhukenov is only 18?" starts annoying Calgary hockey fans more than "Did you know Sam Bennett is only 18?" annoys us.
  5. Wow he looks like younger than kids in my sons' elementary school
  6. I am here in Edmonton on business....even some old farts were talking McDavid at the local Subway over ham sandwiches.
  7. Maybe I'll actually get some money now when the Oilers come to town and I am un loading my tickets.
  8. Hopefully that's just it if it was shoulder to chest and not the shoulder he had surgically repaired.
  9. That's good. We met Jake last year at the season ticket holder event. Extremely nice and mature young man. Very friendly. We walked by and he stuck his hand out and said "Hi I'm Jake" and started chatting with us. Had quite the strong grip!
  10. Who is the dude in the "Suns out guns out" tank top and Zack Morris blonde flow?
  11. Good thing they're not doing that this year....who's gonna carry that 6'9 goalie up the grind?
  12. [Official] 2014-15 Utica Comets Thread.

    Just spoke with Willie D at Vancouver airport. Was on his way down to catch the Comets game. Great to see the coach investing his off season time and checking in on the guys coming up next year. It's weird I had just met him yesterday as my son was at the Canucks Autism Network sportsday amd Willie was helping out at the hockey station with Lack, McLean and Lumme.
  13. Kassian for Hodgson now ?

    Was interesting chat in the dressing room after our game last night how there hasn't been a peep from him or what he is up to. Will he ever get another NHL gig again?
  14. So Kopitar is not a franchise center?