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  1. Yeah. But you know how it is in sports . . . people see what (or who!) they want to see. Takes all sorts.

  2. i agree with your assessment of the canuck's year....i can't believe how some people want heads because we fell one win short...this was the best year the canucks have ever had, i can't see how these so called fans aren't applauding them for their efforts...looking forward to next season...

  3. The Changes Needed - Merged

    It's all so predictable - two losses and people trot out a bunch of names to discard. The biggest head-scratcher is asking for AV to be dumped. He has coached the most successful Canucks regular-season team, and this team is already the second-best playoff team in the franchise's history (the 94 Canucks won three games in the Cup final). You talk through your hat when you talk about AV not being able to motivate his players. Hey, if not motivating your players can win you the President's Trophy, take you to within two wins of the Cup, and set all sorts of franchise and league records, then I'm all for appointing a coach who absolutely destroys his players' confidence! Let's get some perspective here. Before the playoffs began, it was the general feeling both in and out of the Canucks organization that if this year we made the Conference Finals, it would - and should - be considered a successful season. We have gone way beyond that target. If by the end of next week we don't win the Cup, the hurt will be really great. But there is no doubt this team has already taken a big step forward this year irrespective of what happens in the next week or so. That of course does not give anybody a free pass. If the Canucks do fail to win the Cup, it is clear they are not equipped to handle a hard-hitting team, and Gillis will need to go out and add some serious muscle to the team. We're more than OK skill and speed wise. But we need smart muscle - some players who are able to goon it up without running afoul of the officials. But if we win the Cup, then this team is complete - they bend, but don't break. I think every playoff is a learning experience until you win one. Gillis has learnt well from the last two second-round exits and done the necessary things to take us further. If we still fall short, then hopefully he will have learnt what the team needs to finally close the deal.
  4. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    In all the hype about bites, hair pulls, referee run-ins and CBC hate, it often gets overlooked that Burr is an incredibly skilled and smart player. He is like a coiled cobra, usually the fastest to spot and pounce on an opening. No wonder he features so prominently in overtime and short-handed goals. Give him a mere sniff, and he'll bite. Last night's OT winner was a piece of fantastic skill when you analyse the whole sequence. It started with Burr faking out Thomas, but there was still some work left to be able to come all the way around the back of the net and on the other side. Thomas, a big man, was sprawled and his stick extended to stop Burr. And right on top of Burr was also Chara, six inches taller and with probably the longest stick in the NHL. So the first thing Burr did was to send the puck on its way first. He fired it against the backboard at exactly the angle where it would rebound and end up on the other side of the goalmouth. Without having to worry about also stick-handling the puck at the same time, Burr then proceeded to hop, skip, jump, push and thread his way through whatever Thomas and Chara threw at him . . . and arrive at exactly the right moment on the other side to extend his stick and gently steer the arriving puck into the net. And all that in mere seconds to beat Thomas's rush to get back in front of net. Legend!