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  1. I think the core so far is quite good Petterson Horvat Boeser Hughes I think Vancouver is probably 2 or 3 core players missing from being a very good team. They still need another D-Man, and a utility player, and a true #1 goalie. The of course the question is the other pieces to fill the line up.
  2. But didn't here people say the GM's moves this offseason was a success?
  3. On paper The Leafs have a great team so someone has to be blamed for the under performance.
  4. What if Vancouver claims Schneider? That would be a double win for Van right?
  5. I've always wanted him to be part of the Canucks. He's a former 20 goal scorer and you can never have too many goals.
  6. I'm getting an Irish Cyclist
  7. Sad part about Sam Bennett though is if you google his name he's not even the first result.
  8. To be fair he was pretty young at the time. Wasn't he like 22 at the time? I think most would have gone crazy getting the money he got at such a young age.
  9. I'm sure he can still effective on a good team. I wonder why did he decide to join LA over another good team not against the cap?
  10. I think we all had that idea at some point over the last few years or so
  11. Love the win. I am worried that the scoring is relied mostly on the 1st line, Hughes, and Horvat. Other teams might see Vancouver as a 1 line team and later in the season other teams will put the pressure on just that one line. Also if any of them get injured it will be a huge blow to the team.
  12. Though Penguins also has McCann who has the same number of points as Pearson right now.
  13. Yeah I mean my friend that follows hockey is more a Bruins fan but she and some German folks I know that follow hockey are also rooting for the Oilers