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  1. So in conclusion if you want a dominant shutdown forward in your team. You need to pay him $6 million a year
  2. That's Rey Shero? I always imagined that he would be Dan Bylsma look alike for some reason
  3. The only D-Man Toronto will give up a 1st rounder for that the Canucks has is Quinn Hughes. No other d-man (regardless of what package if it doesn't involve Horvat, Boeser, Petterson, or even Miller) will make Toronto give up a 1st
  4. The biggest surprise in the upcoming schedule ... that the games against Arizona are actually meaningful games. I don't think that has happened before outside the Sedin's last home game against the Yotes.
  5. I was actually more upset with Chicago actually. They just came off a dynasty and all of a sudden jumped to the #3 pick. Then Stan Bowman made a comment saying something like he likes the new lottery system since it avoids other teams for tanking and being terrible even if that pretty much described The Hawks and probably the reason why they got Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.
  6. But I already have these icons lined up in case we do ...
  7. Wow the +/- or of the team just dropped after one game. Also Vancouver dropped 3 spots in the standings
  8. Good idea there's always a coaching bump so the next game Canucks lose we fire Green ... hire Laviolette get another streak and once that is done fire him and hire another coach. If we keep doing this the cup is ours