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  1. Isnt Duchene considered a veteran by now?
  2. Elias Pettersson named Second Star of the Week

    To be fair I was also quite uncertain and pretty upset Vancouver didn't pick Glass or Mittlestadt but I was over probably after a week after I heard about how Benning invited Petterson to Vancouver before the draft and even was introduced to the Sedins. I guess that gave me confidence since I can only imagine that Benning asked the Sedins of their opinion on EP and I assume it was a factor in Benning in picking him over the more obvious prospects.
  3. Elias Pettersson named Second Star of the Week

    It's a shame that Vancouver was one of the biggest draft losers of 2017
  4. No one's really talking about this but I kind of feel bad for John Stevens. It was apparent when the LA Kings org didn't want other teams talking to Stevens that he was the heir apparent to Sutter's job. I would imagine the Kings organization promised Stevens a lot or things and it's sad he was let go in, I assume, a job that not only was promised to him but also promised a lot more stability than this.
  5. To be fair Casey Mittelstadt (or Casey Middle City as I like to call him) and Cody Glass were projected to be Tyler Seguin and Mark Scheifele respectively. I don't remember who the experts were comparing EP with but I recall it's didn't catch the same buzz as being compared to Seguin or Scheifele
  6. [Signing] Lightning re-sign Yanni Gourde

    How they heck does Tampa keep signing these players for such a relatively cheap amount anyways? Stamkos, Kucherov, Johnson, Hedman and now Gourde. All signed with good value
  7. [Discussion] Buy low on Pulijujarvi

    lol, Botchford said both Pouliot and MDZ are guys who would have gotten a PTO or one year minimum contract if they were FA's this season so I doubt Vancouver can get Bouchard alone giving away these two players.
  8. [Discussion] Buy low on Pulijujarvi

    But I thought the smaller rink issue tends to affect smaller skilled players more than the bigger players like Pulujiarvi
  9. [Discussion] Buy low on Pulijujarvi

    What happened to Puljujarvi? He was hyped as someone equal to Laine at one point. I mean sure as the year went there was a clear separation but still it seemed like Puljujarvi was going to be an impact player that would have a career like Laine.
  10. Gagner for the rights of Nylander straight up
  11. I mean he did have 20+ points last season which is good for the position especially for a team that needs offense.
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Arizona Coyotes | Oct. 25, 2018

    But ... Did Boesser and Pettersson score?
  13. NHL '100 percent open' to female on-ice officials

    Unless if he thinks all the Jets players are girls?
  14. Former Isles owner Wang dead at 74

    Oh come on an empty net would have been better that DiPietro
  15. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    With people talking about retaliation keep in mind this is a lose lose situation. I am not trying to ignite the topic of NHL bias and controversy but we have seen double standards set by the refs, the media, and the league. I'd hate to bring back the 2011 Playoffs but I have to because we all know, even by the Canadian media, Vancouver was vilified in the whole cup run. Yet even when Boston was gooning things up and Marchand was treating Daniel Sedin like a punching bag I hate to break it you. Vancouver was still seen as the Villain and Boston were the heroic underdogs. I had the NBC coverage (or VS at the time) of the 2011 Playoffs. During the intermissions basically Kesler was a diver and Torres was a dirty player. You know what the same guys said about Boston? Marchand was a gutsy player with heart and Boston was seen the heroes of the finals that overcame a 2-0 deficit. My point is this? Vancouver loses if they don't stand up for hits like this because now everyone will think the Vancouver Canucks are the goons and bad guys. If Vancouver does not retaliate it means everyone will see Vancouver is soft. So really it's a lose lose situation and it's hard to blame the team for not making one decision or the other.