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  1. I actually think Benning deserves an A- in his first season Sure he drafted Virtanen but he was the consensus #6 and I am sure half of the team probably would have drafted him at #6 at the time. Like you can't say anything bad about the moves he made with the exception of trading away the 50th pick for Linden Vey (but even for the 2014/2015 season Vey did aright). Also the McCann pick might prove to be a regrettable one. Plus the team did make it to the playoffs. His subsequent seasons however was something less to be desired. - The Kassian Trade - I know Kassian was damaged good but even with that he could have traded Kassian w/o giving up a pick - The Lack Trade - Still remains to be seen since we don't know how the picks for Lack will turn out but I felt a 3rd and a 5th was too low for Lack - Then giving away Shinkaruk for Grandlund still feels like a bad move considering the overall skillset Shinkaruk could bring to the team. - Jensen + a pick for Etem then losing Etem on waivers was also a waste. - Not being able to trade Hamhius or Vrbata (?)
  2. Plus it helps prevenying the Kings in making the playoffs
  3. Two close games against Boston and St Louis where in both teams got a boost after firing their respective coaches. You would think that the road trip would have turned out differently if Vancouver played both teams much earlier.
  4. Unless you are Michael Scott
  5. Maybe Virtanen is just not that good? I mean he could be an NHL'er but a Bottom 6 guy but that's probably his ceiling. I've already accepted that to be a possible scenario or he may turn out to be a bust especially after seeing Ehlers, Nylander, Ritchie, and Larkin all have surpassed Virtanen.
  6. Who is the backup of the Sen's? surprised someone as good as Hammond would get waived
  7. Two weak goals in the 3rd 2 irons by the twins. In my mind this was a 5-2 win woo hoo 2 points
  8. Claim Hammond and trade Miller? I mean Hammond has the potential to be an elite defense man he can probably take over Miller's load.
  9. In a weak draft I think Hansen is worth a 1st at least. Or at least a 2nd and a prospect.
  10. Or the next Henrik and Daniel
  11. Isn't Hitch retiring next year?
  12. Little Rock Arkansas
  13. On the Oilers side Eberle and RNH both were given a C. If you consider Yakopuv is going to be a bust and Hall was traded to the Devils those were some wasted 5 years for the Oilers.
  14. Why stop there, he can throw in the 1st as well. Anyways in NHL 16 I got Duclair by trading Baertshci and a pick. So that could be an option?