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  1. They should announce it during the Home opener with Horvat entering the rink like this right after the announcement
  2. No ... He does not. And that's all IAM going to reply on this
  3. Well he wasn't worth 4+ but I think a 25 pt defense man that has logged big minutes would make you, probably, a $3 Million defense man. But I think his Agent probably convinced him otherwise early in the off-season.
  4. I wouldn't go that far but I still blame them for Trump winning the 2016 elections. They normalized Trump's rhetoric and behavior by trying to have balanced viewpoints on their show.
  5. You are using that word too subjectively. Plus the argument was media being owned by one of the 5 major corporations which Alex Jones clearly isn't.
  6. Well unless Canucks goes on another free agent and trading frenzy and goes all out Eriksson and Sutter again
  7. Thinking out of the box doesn't necessarily mean better especially if the people are worse. Unless you are implying that Info Wars or people spreading misleading information is better than CNN.
  8. It's also possible that your search and viewing history determined what you see in the front page? I know some news sites do that. It doesn't make it any better though TBH.
  9. And how would this be better if the news media wasn't owned by corporations?
  10. Well it's hard not to get excited when PK Subban said Jordan was the most skilled of the brothers. Also his Utica numbers were really good. A 0.5 ppg d-man plus an all star there was a log of potential there. I think the lack of chances Jordan had in the Canucks organization probably probably hurt his development actually
  11. I don't normally post here but here are some street art I found in Europe. Some are quite interesting
  12. Not really but it does feel like it's one or those signings that seem like Vancouver overpaid for Tyler Myers
  13. True but a 90 pt player at 7 mil is still a steal