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  1. True but I was thinking more on just having solidarity with the protestors. Though I would imagine that the armed anti-lockdown protestors had less police violence to deal with when compared to the protestors now. Which makes no sense
  2. Speaking which ...l where do the 2nd Amendment people stand in this? Are they protesting with the BLM movement? I ask because after Trump decided to use violence on the protesters doesn't this seem to be tyrannical? isn't this the reason why the 2nd Amendment was in place? I would imagine this would mean the 2nd Amendment gun obsessed Americans would join in the protest.
  3. I would recommend Berlin. Multi cultural city, people are generally nice, you can never got bored in Berlin
  4. I am a little worried about this match up to be honest. I have seem quite a number of Minnesota games and from what I remember the team does a really good job stiffing a team's offensive skill ( one of Vancouver's biggest advantages ).
  5. Still can't believe Kings beat Canucks in this one. If recall Vancouver owned LA during the regular season.
  6. I just ordered Persona 5 and playing it now so I will probably wait until later in the year to get it. I did play the demo it played well.
  7. Check out the opening 25 seconds
  8. The beginning of the movie Molly's Game It had Jessica Chastain talking about various sports teams and athletes suffering heartbreaking defeats ... so you can guess what she was talking about
  9. My German is a bit off but did that tweet just say Hiller is the greatest goalie in the history of Swiss Hockey?
  10. Imagine how much worse it will look if the Sens decide to pay it's employees.
  11. It's scary to think that despite 2 big wins Vancouver is just 5 points from being out of the Wild Card spot
  12. I just saw the schedule after this road trip and ... Avs, Golden Knights, Islanders, Bolts, the Jets, and the Yotes
  13. Benning should just pay Eriksson everything so he can call it a career ... Benning to Eriksson