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  1. I can't believe the playoffs started so great only to end up with a Bruins cup win. Talk about anticlimactic
  2. Good move. With the exception of their only playoff appearance in years didn't he coach the Oilers to their best season until getting fired ?
  3. He was awesome as a Canucks and congratulate him on a great career ... Still it was fun to see him fail as a Duck
  4. What about Cale Makar? If I am not mistaken Benning has Makar higher than Pettersson.
  5. The thing is even if The Leafs did end up beating the Bruins, I had no confidence of them going all the way. Blue Jackets would have matched up great against Toronto. At best they will get beaten in the Conference finals . After Washington and Tampa were out in the 1st round, the path was clear for Boston to, at worst, make it the cup finals. St. Louis is probably the only team in the West that I could have seen beat Boston but even so we have seen what Boston do to goalies in the Finals and one can argue the success of the Blues can mostly be attributed to Binnington.
  6. I am never going to get over something that was supposed to be meant to be but the NHL gods screwed the team over.
  7. I want to say something but I'm pretty much going to sound like a broken record at this point
  8. On one hand I would have say Gaunce was a wasted 1st round pick. But then I realized it was 2012 (which was a weak draft) and Vancouver now has Tanner Pearson (who was picked a few spots after Gaunce). So then it's pretty much a wash.
  9. It's funny because in one of the NHL games (either NHL 14 or NHL 15) his speed was ranked 90 in GM mode. Then again Niklas Jensen was also ranked 88 overall.
  10. Cap era or not this does not explain the excellent drafting record under Holland in the later round. Some examples of finding Gems: Gustav Nyquist Justin abdelkader Niklas Kronwall Jimmy Howard Petr Mrázek Tomas Tatar Valtteri Filppula
  11. How does this make him overrated ? With the exception of Lidstrom the fact that the core of his team were picked after the 1st round and was able to get Stanley cups out of them while remaining a playoff team until quite recently is quite amazing I would think. In fact if Vancouver had the scouting and drafting now that Detroit had I'd say the Canucks would be a playoff team right now.
  12. Well so far. Based on the numerous commentaries the last few months this is the last year or their window.
  13. This is why I wanted the Leafs to win. The Bljue Jackets could have beaten The Leafs and now The Bruins have an easy path to the Cup they will easily beat Carolina, San Jose, and Dallas. The only maybe team that can beat Boston now is St Louis and they could lose tomorrow