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  1. I hate Benning
  2. A bigger blockbuster than Blockbuster Video
  3. Anthony DeAngelo was an 88 overall at NHL 15 not sure why Arizona would do this
  4. Question what happens to Casey Mittelstadt? Wasn't he supposed to be one of the Top 5 picks (higher than glass) this year it seems like it seems word on him has been really quiet recently and has been passed over by Elias Pettersson.
  5. What a waste, why not sign him to another deal? He does have a ton of potential. IMO, to be a huge piece of the franchise. 45 Pts with the Comets and his size is nothing to scoff of on.
  6. UFA's want term though. I am pretty sure Benning would have wanted Eriksson for half the term he got with The Canucks but that's how the free agency game is played. Especially with a bottom feeding team like Vancouver.
  7. Time will tell but considering how Ehlers, Nylander, and Ritchie have all turned out for now I will consider the pick ....
  8. Not saying the Hawks planned this at all but I am sure many here are willing to be the NHL let's the Hawks off easily with regards to any form of recapture penalties. Though, I'd be fine with this as long as the NHL can extend the same gesture to other teams including The Canucks.
  9. Does anyone find it odd that 10 year old is more famous than most of the NHL's top players?
  10. How does this help them now? Philly, on paper, is a team with elite level players (Giroux, Simmonds, Vorachek, Mason, and Gostisbehere) if anything getting Nolan Patrick or Nico Hirscher will help them now (and even down the road)