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  1. Horvat not part of the crew?

    So Horvat is the next Jeff Carter?
  2. Our team's style of play

    Why get Chara 2.0 when you can get Chara original? He is being shopped right?
  3. I always thought Japan would be the next logical choice to grow the sport. They do have a national team and the women's team have competed in the Sochi winter Olympics.
  4. [Report] Boston shopping Chara + Marchand

    They could have gotten a better deal then what they got for Seguin though
  5. [Report] Boston shopping Chara + Marchand

    Marchand for Vey and a 2nd
  6. Oh please if Vancouver had a deep playoff run that season people would be applauding Torts for doing that.
  7. Markstrom Out At Least 3 Weeks

    Hope it's a one time thing. I'd hate for Markstrom to be injury prone like DePietro
  8. That's how it works and hey I am unashamed by it. We don't cheer for the players or superstars we cheer for our team.
  9. [PGT] Nucks 5 - Flames 1

    Were getting ahead of ourselves but I guess this happens everytime the team wins. I remember last season where people here were praising the Canucks after the regular season ended but started trashing the team after Game 1 vs Calgary. So i'll take things one game at a time. That said I was happy with the effort today. The team played well kept things simple and nothing flashy just the way I like it. 2nd line didn't produce but I like their chances and I am sure Vrbata will start to put puck in the net in the upcoming games.
  10. [Waivers] Corrado and Vey on Waivers

    Fan or not it's happening. I can only imagine the extra drive Corrado is going to get in his first match up againts Vancouver
  11. I still can't over Hodgson. Only if he stayed with the Canucks and took the necessary time to develop he would have been a star player for The Canucks or at least fetch something really good at a trade.
  12. [Waivers] Corrado and Vey on Waivers

    Can't wait for Corrado to score 2 goals when he plays againts The Canucks. Didn't Schroeder light it up when playing againts Vancouver that one game?
  13. Which Teams Make the Playoffs? [Poll]

    East M 1. CBJ 2. WSH 3. NYR A 1. TBL 2. MTL 3. DET W 1. PIT 2. OTT West C 1. MIN 2. CHI 3. STL P 1. VAN 2. ANH 3. CGY W 1. LAK 2. NSH CUP FINALS MIN vs. WSH CUP MIN
  14. When there are guests yes