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  1. Well at least this time the controversy is that Vancouver does not have a #1 goalie I guess the Canucks just play both and then hopefully Demko or DiPietro pans out.
  2. We should have kept Lack
  3. So will Ovi will score more than 130 goals this season?
  4. My answer would probably be I live thousands of miles away from Vancouver
  5. Meanwhile ... ... Speaking of Panthers Jared McCann has 2 that game and now had 4 points in 3 games.
  6. So you want him to throw his wife under the bus as a scapegoat?
  7. My point is that a history of cups doesn't guarantee the fanbase or the organization will be stable forever. Of course in the big picture a 10-1 blow out loss won't mean anything but the original point is that the Pens probably can't afford to be a terrible team. I mean the team had a tough period between the Lemieux and Crosby eras.
  8. The same can be said about the Oilers they won a cup in the 80's and then two decades later this happens ....
  9. I think Luongo plays out the rest of his contract or at least most of it. What the Panthers have going for them is that they can be cup contender within the window of Luongo's contract. I can see this as motivation for Luongo to keep playing until he finally wins the cup. Now I don't know if this important for him or not but I would think the idea of it would make him consider playing as long as he is able and can still play at a high level. Fortunately he's still playing well and, at the very least, will be a backup goalie at the final stretch of his contract.
  10. For me it will be Loui Eriksson ... but if you mean not in his own net then I would say Sven Baterschi
  11. It's hard to believe that Niemi has a cup
  12. You would pass on a 20 goal scorer?
  13. McDavid is getting 12.5 Million a season Eichel has signed for 10.0 Million per season Seeing as Eichel is getting 80% of what McDavid is getting I guess the expectation is that Eichel should be getting 80 points this season.