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  1. Indeed he will Lol I love reading the older pages in threads like these
  2. Fair enough but I doubt Horvat's camp will accept an 8 year 5.5 M deal. My guess Horvat will only sign an 8 year deal if its worth 6.5 Million.
  3. That's the funny thing. He does put up 40 to 50 pts which is very respectable for a player who is meant to bring in offense to a team. I mean looking at other players like Charlie Coyle who has comparable point totals they don't get as much heat as Gagner for some reason.
  4. I had a dream last night about Horvat's contract extension (don't bother asking why). And he signed a $1 Million / 1 Year extension.
  5. Granlund -> Tanner Pearson Horvat -> Ryan O'Reilly Baetrschi -> Carl Hagelin
  6. This has to be in the top 4
  7. What about ... Sedin - Sedin - Granlund Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Ericksson- Sutter - Gagner Dorsett - Burmistrov - Goldobin I know Goldobin in the 4th line is kind of a waste but this would also mean the team has four lines of balanced scoring. And of course you could also but Goldobin in PP opportunities.
  8. I mean Horvat wasn't event the BPA at 9th. He was actually ranked 14th or 15th at Central Scouting. So I suspect Vancouver had a ton of faith in his ability to go off the board. Also interesting Gillman mentioned Barkov, which makes me think he probably was ranked #1 in Vancouver's list that year.
  9. I still think the Canes are one game breaking forward away from being a playoff contender. They do have a good depth of forward players but I still think then need a Tarasenko or Forsberg in their line up. I suppose Skinner can be that guy, but I he been pretty quiet since his rookie all star season.
  10. But they are awards and you have to win to get awarded so yes it's not a cup but they still won something
  11. Rooting for Russia this Olympics. At least KHL owners allowed their players to participate
  12. Jokes aside I'm surprised no one has signed him yet. I would think teams would be fine getting him for a one year contract and Jagr would be perfectly fine with that. Or maybe there are still a few good offers he's considering.
  13. Well at the risk of sounding absurd that what I signed him at NHL 16
  14. How about 8 years for 3 mil / year?
  15. Part of me thinks it's The Leafs only because it's going to be an original six. Though I wouldn't count a Bettman pet project like the Idaho Potato Head Destroyers making it to the finals Will Canuck win the cup this time? No