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  1. his coach in ncaa said that he had terrible hands most of his goals were garbage goals from hardwork goals and points =/= hands if goals = hands, then Tomas Holmstroms got a good set of hands too
  2. Ryan Kesler?
  3. got killed today against nail yakupovs sarnia stings 5 - 2 today 0 points -2 on the night their #1 center alex galchenyuk didnt even play today and sarnia still killed oshawa...
  4. dang looks like mackinnons killing it obvs not at crosbys level though
  5. pretty much i dont see how you can deny that ncaa will teach him lots of things this season should be an adjustment season for mcnally from being a free-range to a free-run hopefully he can put up some points but the main thing for mcnally is to learn to play responsible in his own zone
  6. im basing that opinion on the very fact that he played milton high school hockey hell need to learn to play defense
  7. wow great start to the season for jensen let's hope he remains consistent because we all know the skill is there he dropped because of consistence
  8. wow nice i was actually thinking about how much of an absolute steal this kid was at round 5 whereas torontos 1st round pick just before we took jensen - stuart percy is just, yuck right now - think hes injured but obviously hasnt progressed much at all since the draft while corrado has really improved Id take corrado over percy anyday to be honest canucks scouting > toronto scouting
  9. wouldnt hurt to learn some defense thats for sure this kid needs a leash like K-Con to make the NHL
  10. We will sign some FAs to compete for the roster spots. To remain contenders, must constantly have competition for spots - no open roster spots for rookies - barring injuries (ie, Kesler and CoHo).
  11. Sweet. Jensen + Jenner.
  12. Then again...It's Fox. He's been dynamite nonetheless.