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  1. Whatever, Valeri is a girl's name.
  2. Neither is anything but a third liner at this point. Cody has some offensive flair but will never be a first liner on a good team. Kassian hasn't really shown to be consistently anything. Might just be an awful trade where everyone lost.
  3. 1. Canucks have a top 10 power play this season 2. Lack plays better than Miller but Miller retains starting goalie position, playing 50+ games 3. Canucks make a weird run to the finals from the 6-8 seed, on the back of a ton of depth 4. They trade one of the vets to clear room for Jensen to play at some point in the season, assuming Horvat isn't sent down to junior
  4. Miller is a much more proven commodity than Lack or Markstrom. If Lack is the starting goalie next year, the Canucks are basically not trying to make the playoffs, which I highly doubt is the case. Because I know Aquilini is a billionaire because he likes making money. He won't be making money if the team misses the playoffs again and season ticket renewals are awful again. Miller's not super valuable these days, but most players can be a good piece so long as its at the right price.
  5. Weighing in, my issue with MG today is making trades/signings that have handcuffed the team in making further adjustments. All the NTCs and overpays are certainly an issue. I would say the Booth trade was a wash talent wise, but it was a huge failure because of Booth's contract and failure to live up to it. Samuelsson was a free agent after that season I believe. Opportunity cost is huge, you can see how valuable expiring contracts are in the NBA, a trend we haven't yet seen in the NHL simply because you have more room to work with, but I think is undervalued. The Ballard trade was simply a misjudgment in talent, which is worrisome unto itself. He's made some good acquisitions, with Ehrhoff, Higgins and Torres coming to mind immediately. I actually liked the Sundin signing. He actually helped the Canucks tremendously in the series vs. Chicago, and the Sundin/Kesler/Demitra line actually led to what I thought was the point in Kesler's career where he became a consistent offensive threat. Ultimately, I find that the Luongo and Schneider issue is the tipping point. It was just so poorly managed and the situation was fairly predictable in that you end up alienating both of them. I actually think ownership is hurting the team too, they should stick to the business side and we've seen too many situations in sports where large scale ownership involvement (as opposed to giving your GM autonomy) in talent evaluations leads to poor decisions. That's their right I suppose, but so long as they're rejecting trades that their GM want to do, this team will likely be mediocre.
  6. He hasn't been very good, let's be honest. But neither have a bunch of Canucks, so I'll give it a few more weeks.
  7. hahaha this thread in the past two days, compared to this thread in the San Jose series... Bieksa is good, but he needs a good partner to succeed. Does that mean he sucks? no.
  8. can you help me with the presale code?

  9. lol Alex Burrows is probably pretty choked that he signed for so long for so cheap
  10. So going down to catch the fireworks was a great idea, with the rain and everything. The orange sky and the lightning were a really cool combo.
  11. $5+ for a one-way ticket?! I'm lucky to have a u-pass I suppose.
  12. so the Lesnar interview with Rogan was way better than the fight itself hahahaha
  13. I think Roddick will push Federer this time around... It'll go 5 sets methinks, but Federer will pull through. I want to see Federer win every grand slam this year.
  14. So I saw one of the trains running on the Canada line yesterday afternoon in Richmond, it looks great! I can't wait to be able to get downtown in 15 min from marine dr and cambie.