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  1. 4-0.... started watching at the beginning of the third. Not really impressed with this team so far
  2. Luongo Trade Weise Trade When Rypien signed away Eddie Lack Trade
  3. That 4OT goal gets me everytime. I remmeber my dad telling me to go to bed cause i had school in the morning and he sat and watched with me. But neither of us could believe we'd be up til almost 2am in the 4th OT. one of my earliest canuck moments that I'll remember forever.
  4. Delta, BC
  5. Sbisa and Edler both were trash. Easily my two least favourite players on this team. Their turnovers cost us the game and the series as a whole. Pathetic
  6. Im soooooo pumped
  7. Im already nervous... prove everyone wrong tonight boys!
  8. Come on boys! Play your game and we'll do perfect! Miller Time!!!
  9. Come on boys!!!! I love what im seeing the building's loud, we're playing great, lets take it home!
  10. My neighbors must hate me right now lol
  11. oh muffins? for some reason that made me laugh really hard. Come On Boys!
  12. Edler and Sbisa look terrible but thats just my opinion