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  1. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    pred fan here, but saw this thread and thought some of you might know my son Shane Primm. was on season 8 of the Ultimate fighter (Ryan Bader's season) and wound up having 4 UFC fights as a light heavy. 'retired' with an overall 16-5 record (counting his amateur fights) after he broke his hand for the second time. he's an army special forces guy now (i'm an old army airborne ranger). used to have several Vancouver guys that followed him around to several fights, a good group of guys.
  2. Your are awesome, btw.

  3. i returned your personal message but it is on my site where you sent your message to me....i may have to resend you that on your sounds like you've got your family tree traced back aways....i can get mine back to the 1600's......supposedly my ancestors were related to ulysses s grant but i can't prove it..i know i'm related to bryan trottier.....

  4. sure have joe, many times.. only about 15 miles from my homeplace where our family has lived since around 1840.

  5. welcome to cdc and the land of canucksville...the team has fans all over the is quite neat actually...have you ever gone to the grand ol oprey?