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  1. Yeah not like Dave was doing, the top 40 "dance" tunes were pretty bad. I'm just looking for a banger that full of energy, as long as it's not country I'll probably be happy.
  2. and the best part? Everyone else in the NHL has written us off as not making the playoffs and going as far to say we will finish below the yotes. I loved going into this season with low expectations only for the boys to lay it on hard from the start. I can't remember a season we started so well. We usually suck bad for the first 10 games.
  3. Hits well, but turns over the puck constantly trying moves in the defensive end. That chip of the boards against the flames in the first game was classic Sbisa, which lead to their only goal and denied Miller a shutout he deserved. I have no idea why his contract was extended like it was.
  4. It's such a terrible song. Local boy or not, country music is appalling and lacks any energy at all. A goal song needs to be heavy, either guitars, drums or bass. Personally I'd love to hear more hip hop or hard dance. Guitar/rock anthems are overdone.