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  1. Do the players know how it works cause they are the ones who are giving the jerseys to the fans
  2. I am going to the last game of the season against the Edmonton Oilers and I am just wondering how is it decided that which fans receive the jerseys off the players backs? What do you have to do to be selected besides being at the game? Can you please tell me? Thanks.
  3. The Canucks should trick the players its 2010 2011 they do this by making Roger's Arena the same as it was in 2010 2011 and make the Canucks wear their 2010 2011 jerseys and disguise Vrbata as Ryan Kesler and make him play center. Who is with me on this strategy???
  4. What I don't get is why it was in there in the first place. I mean why didn't the trainer put it in his locker after the game??? That to me is mind boggling!
  5. When Florida came last year it marked the first return of Tim Thomas to Rogers Arena since the Stanley Cup Finals. This year Florida is bringing back Bobby Luu!!! What's up with them bringing iconic goaltenders that have a played a role in the Canucks history????
  6. Just wondering for the Pre-game ceremony does it start at 5 PM or does it start earlier?