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    Lego, Canucks, Tottenham, hockey, soccer, my wife and daughter, peanut butter, architecure, now im just rhyming things that end with 'er'
  1. alright, im taking the dog for a walk to the store to get a snack rather then watch these poopoo heads blab about the period.
  2. and i dont mean awesome, luu is my boy. but awesome we can have the lacks going. i hope luu comes back. my goodness canucks intermissions are dramatised and almost terrible pundits.
  3. awesome! we should get the lacks going.. we got the luuuuuu's and now we can have the laaaaa'cks.... haha just saying.. would be cool and stuff.
  4. can you explain why you wish Lack would get the start? am just curious to this statement.. and i agree with the last two posters.. AHLberts is not an appropriate nick name.. at all.
  5. when you got a hole to fill in your line-up.. who you gonna call ? 'Dont panick Jannik' everyone needs to chill. he's been on of the more consistent and dependable bottom 6 players for a while now. can move around the line up. and nice to see him have some success with line 1. good on him. i'd like to be his friend. and i hope he spends his career here.
  6. Did anybody hear the stat 17-0-1 when scoring 3 goals or more?? For to say, I like that stat.
  7. So what is the over under that mike gillis utters the phrase "it's a process" during with Scott oak. Interview.. I say 4
  8. woohoo period two! convenience store had buy one cadbury candy bar and get a second for 0.25$. then i got a craving for a wunderbar. back in my favorite chair.
  9. alright, intermission. can go get milk at the convenience store. dont you hate when someone doesn't tell you there is no more milk, when they were the last person to use the milk? why i outta...
  10. now it's snack time. that new corolla commercial is pretty captivating. wonder who is playing the tune.
  11. ah yes. sitting in my favorite chair, wearing my favorite pants, now im good to go lol i think pants are overlooked when watching sporting events. very important to have good pants. lets go nucks!! hi, i'm daniel, and wear comfy pants. that is definitly my new signature.
  12. Nacho sales have grown exponentially this season at The Rog.. Wonder why..
  13. And lotto max tonight! I think. I know I bought a ticket haha 50M looked too good not to. This is a great night everybody.
  14. Ah man, both teams wearin awesome uniforms. This is gonna be a great game! Lets go nucks.
  15. Not really a must win, but it sure would be nice to win! Lets go nucks! Hope we can bring the road form back home.