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  1. The traffic in Rio is almost as bad. Manaus sounds pretty cool because at least you can drink Antartica and Skol all day long to beat the heat. The women are hot too. Curitiba, sound pretty meh. I was racing to the airport once in Rio and I saw a bus on fire on the freeway. I don't think that traffic even slowed down a little bit. It was pretty surreal.
  2. The leafs have a lot to do with us. People on this board repeatedly make statements about what the media has to say about our Canucks. The media is really the TO media, so yes the Laffs have plenty of influence in all of this. I am not ready to believe that our boys are ready to compete for Stanley's Cup. Having said that I would like to go into the season hoping for some improvement. You know, just being a fan. And yes, it bugs me that the Leaf media zealots are all crapping on the Canucks for not doing things the Laff way. Just sayin
  3. Every hockey writer is basically the TO media. They are so convinced that what the Laffs are doing is the correct approach that they will not accept that there is any other way. Talk about swallowing the pablum that BS, Lou, and Babbock are shovelling out. Even the mediots in Van City would rather crap on their home team than be slaves to the message that the team wants them to put out to the masses. For or all we know things might not go according to the grand plan that the Laffs have. Remember when Cliff Fletcher was the answer? The Laffs could do no wrong. How did that work out?
  4. If that's the "plan" the why the trade for Anderson? You'd think that he might help them eke out a few more Ws than the dreck they had in net last year.
  5. And those fabulous prospects are lighting it up in the AHL, or are the aimlessly drifting around in the A prepping for their chance to do the same thing in the NHL?
  6. Christ, if Calgary picked up Gudbransen the media would be praising the move because Calgary already has one of the best defences in the NHL, so they say. Turns out that the Flames were worst in the League in goals against last year. But wait, let's blame their goaltenders. Wasn't Hiller supposed to be a better pickup then Ryan Miller? Since the Canucks scooped Gud, he's been labeled as a plug. And some on this board are gobbling up the TO media pablum as though it was their last chance to have a meal for weeks. Anybody else notice the lack of TO media criticism over the acquisition of Anderson. Aren't the Laffs supposed to be tanking for a few more years? Can't tell what their direction is now! Rant over
  7. Ya that lockout season was a real bad one.
  8. Pacfic Anaheim. 105 San Jose. 97 Vancouver. 95 LA Kings. 85 Arizona. 75 Edmonton. 74 Calgary. 72 Central Dallas. 110 Nashville. 106 Chicago. 100 St Louis. 95 Winnipeg. 90 Colorado. 83 Minnesota. 78 L Eriksson 32-38-70 D Sedin. 30-33-63 H Sedin. 12-55-67 work in progress
  9. One or more of those teams will not meet your lofty expectations. It's the nature of the beast. In particular, Calgary does not impress, even a little bit. The Jets have done it the "right" way for how many years now? And how many playoff rounds have they won? If I had a buck for every time that I've heard someone say that this will be the year that the Oilers are going to make the playoffs, then I'd be too busy spending my millions to post on this board. Keep making these predictions and maybe this year you could be right. For sale of argument let's say the Oilers make the playoffs but get knocked off in six games by the Ducks. For the Oilers that would be a huge success. If the Canucks did the same thing many would regard that as a huge failure. You may want to believe that the Oilers are trending upward, but they will be losing guys like Eberle, RNH etc to free agency in the near future. Then trader Pete will pull off a few more blockbuster trades. Future success is far from guaranteed in the least desirable city in the NHL to play hockey in.
  10. Yes. Has this been a real problem lately?
  11. Lol ... I remember going to a baseball game at Candlestick Park in SF many years ago and Bobby Mercer was the new CF for the Giants. This fan in front of me spent the whole game yelling " you ain't no Willie Mays" at Mercer. i guess it'll be "you ain't no Shea" Weber. Depressing doesn't even begin to describe it.
  12. You do realize that Pittsburgh didn't tank to get Crosby. He was picked in the year after the lockout. Pittsburgh won a lottery. Not calling you stupid, just letting you know.
  13. This post sums the situation up very nicely. People who don't understand why the Canucks don't go into a complete rebuild should read this five times a day until it sinks in. It is out of respect for Daniel and Henrik Sedin. Teams like the Habs might cheerfully trade a guy who donates 10m to local hospital. But the Canucks seem to want to keep the dream alive for the twins. I'm okay with that.
  14. Your childish ranting is tiresome. You've said the same thing over and over again. Not getting your point across? Hard to believe that you've been a fan since '92 since you have the language skills of a seventh grader.
  15. Brainy post from a baseball genius. Anybody who disagrees is an Internet geek and those who agree with you are real fans. Only on CDC.