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  1. Klass Klown Donald not doing his homework again. Get’s up in front of the Country to announce that only 1% of the Coronavirus cases in the US are serious. Yes Donald death is serious, and even that is running at 3-4 %, but you can’t just brush off all the hospitalizations and after effects experienced by the.survivors as not serious. Maybe it’s time to brush up Donald, the rest of the class is losing patience.
  2. Neil Young not too happy with Trump jacking one of his tunes for the Mt Rushmore event. Donald has to learn that he can’t just use the creative works of artists without first obtaining their permission. And no, it wasn’t Alabama
  3. Donald Jr’s girlfriend Kimberly tested positive for Covid, in South Dakota. Must be fake news.
  4. Faux News getting ready for the big speech by the dear leader. Bush’s former speechwriter getting a little face palm action in early
  5. K mate. My ideology is right of centre, so my “bashing” comes from the same side that the clueless one is allegedly on. Not a left vs right thing for me at all. Discrediting the media is what wannabe autocrats do. Let’s hope your boredom is not really enablement. Do you think the Lincoln project is run by a bunch of Republican “ sore losers” ? Greatest President ever. Amirite?
  6. @chicken feeling plucky today? Standing up for his man Trump like a boss.
  7. Not racist. Loves the Russians. Best relationship with that country, of any president, ever.
  8. Your answer speaks for itself.
  9. Out of curiosity, what makes you think that? Do you know something that the health professionals don’t know? If they didn’t do so many tests than the numbers wouldn’t be so high. Amirite?
  10. How about this. You show your tax return and you get to vote. Oh wait
  11. Funny how that works. Misspeak and get crucified. But bald faced lies get a pass on Faux News.
  12. Trump has the best lawyers working day and night to prevent the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about him from becoming public knowledge. He is indeed an incredibly bad human being. Ironically a key strategy of his is to dig up some dirt on anyone who stands in his way.