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  1. But the guys on Main Street are laughing. Maybe it’s time to turn in the MAGA hats for PBT - played by Trump - hats.
  2. Trump is undermining the checks and balances of the US political system and creating a huge amount of disrespect for the ( Sic) “deep state”. Couple that with his persistent campaign against the free press, as in everything is “fake news”. Seems like he’s steering the Presidency in the direction of being a monarchy, or a “benevolent” dictatorship. Much like the world leaders that he idolizes; for example Putin. Wonder if he’ll be able to pull off what Putin has in Russia.
  3. Not necessary, I’ve just heard tell. Tried drooling and that didn’t help either. Go figure.
  4. Leafs off to a bad start to the Blah Hawks. Lol
  5. Canucks win 5-2 Canucks take more penalties - Cali rules Loui bags the final goal into the empty net. GCG
  6. Huge goal by shotgun Jake. Great team effort to shut down the Yotes Marky standing tall
  7. Phlegms lose 2-0. Now it’s up to the Nucks to capitalize on it. Won’t be easy as the Jets have our number. GCG