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  1. The three wise men. We can only dream about assembling a team that can’t get past the first round. Thanks for showing the rest of us how it’s done.
  2. Leafs doing Leaf like things. Making their fans, young and old, cry themselves to sleep yet again.
  3. Maybe the Lames could trade Neal to the Soilers for Looch. Secondary scoring for truculence. Oh wait....
  4. You would be singing a different tune if the Canucks were putting up the points in the regular season, only to be one and done in the playoffs. This is not the stuff that dreams are made of.
  5. Truculence left cowtown when Burkie did. He might have even picked up the cab fare.
  6. Mr October. Seany Jonnie and Neal showing up on milk cartons. Oh where can they be???
  7. Trotz vs Gallant in the final? It would be a great matchup. Still a lot of hockey to be played before it happens.
  8. And to think that I whined about picking last in my hockey pool. All the top TB guys were gone by the time I got to pick. Better lucky than good.
  9. Whoa, this isn’t Aaron Rome making that hit. He’ll get a stern talking to at best. Gotta prop up those sunbelt teams