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  1. Maybe someone needs to apollogize
  2. I'm with you on that. This is a good exercise as it does illustrate that the talent Pool is improving. Not too many bad vibes on this thread.
  3. Time to vote for Griffin Molino. He looked pretty decent in his short stint last year
  4. Didn't someone (Kesler or Burr?) spear the rat in the nuts in a game in the next season?
  5. CFL officiating is so Mickey Mouse. Suits is squirming in the booth about it
  6. Monahan had goal suck Johnny Hockey as his wingman and he got first line minutes for those two seasons. Plus he played on a power play that had d- men who can pass and hit the the net from the point. Put Bo in those circumstances and I'm sure that his point totals would equal or exceed those of boring Sean M.
  7. This sounds just about right.
  8. Same here. I was a Wings fan as a kid and cheered for Howe, Delvechchio., Gatsby etc. The Canucks were my minor league heros. We used to go to games at the PNE Forum. When Vancouver came into the NHL they became my favourites, relegating the Red Weiners to number 2. Been a Canucks fan through thick and thin since then.
  9. Carolina in 2021. Grizzled vet Jaromir Jagr will pot 2 in game 7 and captain Bo will be the first to hoist Lord Stanley's mug. Goaltender DiPietro will be the playoff MVP.
  10. Kelowna Rocket Kole Lind. Does a lot of things well.
  11. I knew that someone would find something to quibble about with this signing. There were several in the conversation but @combover came through with flying colours. He never disappoints. Adds interest to this board.
  12. Stay out of the hot sun and avoid mixing narcotics and hard liquor. That'll get you through the summer in one piece
  13. Does the pope crap in the woods? Is the bear a catholic?
  14. Not sure why everyone thinks Lou is so shrewd. He won a cup with NJD because you could kill anyone who skated over the blue line with their head down, and in Scott Stevens NJD had the best in the business. NJD hasn't spent to the cap in a long time. Now old cheap skate Lou is under intense pressure inTO and is quite frankly crapping the bed. Welcome to the limelight Lou. Enjoy the media adulation while you can. The knives will soon be out, when your cap mis management comes back to bite you.
  15. Don't really care. If the Canucks were in the Stanley Cup final and the Blue Jays were playing a mid season series against the Devil Rays, we'd get 30 minutes of Blue Jays coverage and 3 minutes of the hockey. If TO isn't in the game, it's not news. West coast games come on TV so late there, everyone's in bed because they have to wake up early to fight traffic. I used to be disgusted, but now I'm just amused.