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  1. Bitter doesn't sleep well
  2. Too true. Pluses should be raining down on you for this comment alone. But I'm saving mine for your equally succinct post about Gradin. My entire manhood has been wasted watching Delorme fiddle fart around with one of the most important aspects of the team that I love.
  3. Whenever I hear that there's a potential trade brewing with Dallas for some strange reason a scene from the first Godfather movie comes to mind. The one where the guy wakes up with a dead horse in his bed. I can't imagine why
  4. Hopefully we will have Guddy for the whole season and Cedarholm or Pedan might surprise.
  5. This. You are totally spot on. Some people on this board beatch about things as naturally as the rest of us breathe.
  6. Is that you Desi?
  7. Willie Mitchell was pissed when FLA traded Guddy to VAN. But hey what does Willie know about hockey compared to a genius like you?
  8. Crap crap crap Cinderella story is over. PP let them down.
  9. Gotta see some life from Forsberg and Neal
  10. Totally. You seem pretty hung up on others and your perceptions of who is insecure and who is not. You come across as a childish imbecile.
  11. Shannon Proudfoot sounds like the kind of woman that I'd love to drink a flagon of ale and watch a hockey game with. We could even have a popcorn fight during coaches corner and debate the wisdom of Don Cheery
  12. Thanks for the psychoanalysis lads. Two guys telling the rest of us that we have inferiority complexes just because we happen to not cheer for another Canadian team. Sports isn't life and death here like it is in Europe or South America but we still do take it somewhat seriously, as evidenced by our postings on these boards. Why take your intellectual marmalade somewhere else where others might appreciate your deep feelings? Give me ten Alflives any day over your self congratulatory nonsense.