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  1. Anyone picking me in crazy. It's @Sergei Bobrovsky's series to lose unless Vasilevsky goes bonkers.
  2. Dickinson - Fischer - Nyquist Stephens - Glass - Armia MacEwen- Zykov- Bittner Tufte - Laberge - Barratt Dobson - Goligoski Maatta - Valimaki Zboril - Welinski Vasilevsky
  3. @Nail Please add Nolan, Thurkauf, Fitzgerald, Miller, and Walman for shots and gaggles
  4. Hyman (TOR) - Matthews (TOR) - Kapanen (TOR) Arvidsson (NSH) - Karlsson (VGK) - Boeser (VAN) Killorn (TBL) - Statsny (VGK) - Bjork (BOS) Clifford (TOR) - Spezza (TOR) - Sheahan (EDM) Pitlick (PHI), Kostin (StL) Theodore (VGK) - Provorov (PHI) Bear (EDM) - Werenski (CBJ) Engelland (VGK) - Riikola (PIT) Marincin (TOR) Rinne (NSH) - Samsonov (WSH) Black Aces: F: Nolan (StL), Henry (COL), Fitzgerald (BOS), Burke (ARI), Marody (EDM), Shaw (MIN), Thurkauf (CBJ), MacKenzie (WPG), D: K. Miller (BOS), Walman (StL), Mantha (EDM) G: Vladar (BOS), Gilles (CGY) *subject to last minute changes
  5. McCann - E Staal - Nyquist Kunin - Eriksson Ek - Kapanen Dickinson - Fischer - Armia Stephens - Glass - MacEwen Zykov/Bittner Dobson - Goligoski Maatta - Johnson Lindgren - Valimaki Zboril Vasilevsky - J. Campbell Black Aces: Tufte/Laberge/Barratt /Shaw/Welinski/Kaskisuo * subject to last minute changes
  6. What a weird playin this current situation gives us. The GML teams with players on top 4 seeds are almost guaranteed to have less games played. It's almost a punishment. I'm not debating that this is the way to do it but it is super bizarre.
  7. So I need to submit a playoff roster or what?
  8. Since Edmonton is going win the CDCFL Cup I guess I'll have to wait awhile.
  9. @Nail Do we have a general feeling when the trade and buyout windows will open?
  10. Edmonton has an available buyout spot