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  1. Current lineup Mantha - E. Staal - Nyquist McCann - J. Staal - Kapanen Kerfoot - Bozak - Armia Dickinson - Cousins - Steen Granlund Goligoski - J. Johnson Pysyk - Maatta Hamhuis - Cholowski(?) Hutton Vasilevsky - Demko IR: Valimaki Hoping one or both of Noah Dobson and Bowen Byram can crack the team out of camp and earn contracts
  2. Stoked to have Nyquist aboard, and he slots perfectly onto our top line. Dallas isn't done yet. Tanking is for chumps.
  3. Just too good to pass up, and we wish Isaac all the best in becoming an NHLer. Sweet.
  4. Rumour: Whispers out of Edmonton are that PK Subban could be available.
  5. It's like a Hainsey, Zaitsev, and Brown combined.
  6. Happy to get Goligoski under contract for two years. Even at 34 years of age, we feel he will continue to be a solid point producer from the backend, and provide cushion until our young D prospects take the mantle.
  7. WHL pre-season begins in Everett next weekend FWIW
  8. I would have replied, "Not as many as Phil."
  9. How many hot dogs are you willing to retain?
  10. Guys...guys... Let's stop this childish nonsense and all just agree that I'm the $&!#.
  11. I don't know, I don't police other rosters. Not my job. Mine is to make the Stars a legit, annual powerhouse. Which I'm doing. I did look around for potential available starters. I was surprised there were teams not keying on Vas and Binnington as much as I prioritized the position.
  12. I mean, I would think if people assume this is a low price for a quality starting goalie then there would be commensurate offers for Binnington. Because he is the only other one available. By my estimation, there are a couple of teams heading into the season without a true #1. That was my only other option.