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  1. The Workout Thread

    Anyone got any ideas/exercises for improving "explosiveness" as in like running sprints?
  2. The Workout Thread

    Sounds like an excuse to me.. train harder
  3. The Workout Thread

    Go on lots of long bike rides and buy a skipping rope for easy-to-do cardio. I like having a pair of 5/10ib weights sitting at home too because there are an infinite number of exercises to do with light dumbells. Eat avocados along with other healthy fats, and drink a lot of water. Some other stuff I find convenient to eat at home: canned tuna, yogurt, peanut butter sandwiches, cut up vegetables, bananas, grapefruits, nuts. Easy stuff to incorporate into a busy lifestyle
  4. The Workout Thread

    First post in this thread.. but ever since I started forcing myself to regularly do deadlifts and squats (front/back holds) the results have been amazing. Going to start doing upright and bent over rows soon as well which should be tough as hell. Olympic bar exercises are my new favourite as they seem to work your core a ton, combined with my usual cardio routine (which prevents from gaining too much muscle mass - swimming, running, biking) i've never felt better.

    Yeah.. i just wasn't that accurate sometimes when pointing with my finger and my dad who has fat stubby fingers was having difficulties for a while so the trackpad seemed easier. no issues now, dragging the circle cursor around works great once it pops up. I'm having trouble viewing a PDF file from my email even though I clearly have the Adobe Reader app .. I can view it on my computer from my email, but when I try to open it on my phone it says "Important Message: The document path is not valid"

    i meant editing something that you have already written.. not exiting an application (which is extremely easy) and i never used the back button while typing, but it was easy to scroll through your text with the trackpad. this is my first touch screen phone and thats been the only problem i've had with the it.. just need to adapt which i already have lol im still in love with it.. not sure which case to get as i'm sure it won't be as durable as my old bold if i drop it

    ^^ the lack of trackpad has really bothered my dad when writing messages because if he makes a mistake there is no 'back-space' button rather than deleting everything. if you tap the screen a trackpad circle thing comes up on the screen that you can pull around to manipulate the curser, but its kind of a pain waiting to fix your mistake if it doesn't pop up right away

    upgraded from the Bold 9700 and got my Q10 yesterday, its been great. no problems using Skype or any other apps. took a while getting used to the swipe gestures but its extremely convenient once you get used to it
  9. "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" - Aristotle


    i've had my blackberry 9700 for three and a half years.. i've dropped it hard well over 200 times. lots of people i know haven't been as lucky though, mines been as reliable as anything. if you're worried buy a quality protective case and it will stay in mint condition

    that is kind of sad.. i was having a tough time waiting for the Q10 to come out, but after hearing about all the minor complaints people have with the Z10 i'm excited for Blackberry to patch things up.. along with seeing if the promise of apps comes true

    All the reviews saw the interface and operating system are fantastic, with a really fast web browser. Solid camera, increasing number of apps.. apps are probably the most criticized thing about BB10 Some of them seem to think there is a 'steep learning curve' to the way of getting around on BB10 with the swiping movements.. but i think anyone mildly tech-savy can adapt easily. I'm probably going to wait until the Q10 comes out.. I like my keyboard

    I've had my blackberry bold 9700 for 3 and a half years. probably dropped it about 100-200 times, the latter 100 were without case protection. still works perfectly, trackpad and everything. its treated me well enough to go for the BB 10.