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  1. Some great analysis work here. Good reads, thanks all! With the loss streak and state of the team, it is becoming more and more clear that we should rebuild, and while purposely tanking is generally a bad idea, you can certainly put a team on the ice that is full of future potentials who are likely going to finish bottom of the league to get you more future potentials. And if they do well enough to make the playoffs or even just miss it, at least it's a good sign for the future. Just missing the playoffs or losing in the first round with a bunch of oldies/rentals while giving up future assets is what really pisses people off. The worst idea is to try to load up on short-term guys (and give up future potentials in return) just because we want to make the playoffs for ticket revenues, or to hopelessly try to get another run with the Sedins. The Sedins' value is their leadership and support they can provide to the young future potentials. And if they prefer to compete for the cup instead somewhere else, they should be traded. They've earned that choice.
  2. This is only for those who consider themselves fans of tanking for high drafts (if this is not you, please don't waste your own time and ours with lame one liners) I love reading well-thought out analysis... and considering the Canucks' rough start and all the predictions of where we are to end up this season, I wanna see what you guys think of a good plan for the next few years considering our needs and the prospects coming up that we could draft from, and potential realistic trades. Here's a link to next draft's top prospects to aim for: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/juniors/sportsnets-2017-nhl-draft-prospect-rankings-october-jeff-marek/ Looks like the top 4 are C and D, which arguably not what we'll need for our future top lines. And realistically, it's hard to aim that high anyways. 5 to 7 are RW and LW, which is a good place to aim for. So basically, please tell us if you have a well-thought out plan that includes: - Realistic assumptions (so no when we finish last and get #1 pick...) - Comprehensive analysis (includes drafts, trades and signings) - Assumption that we are going to be bad for next 2 seasons and finish bottom 5-10 Thanks!
  3. BDA

    now that we have endured a streak of tough luck as canuck fans.. i sincerely and sinisterly hope that drafts 1, 3, 4, and 6 all underperform and even turn out to be busts. Yeah that would make me feel much better
  4. i'm happy with who we got, just wished we got a little lucky and got a nice trade down to pick him lower... why can't we have nice things?! finish 3rd last, pick 5th. go to cup game 7, lose on home ice. Common hockey gods! you owe us big time
  5. From tv ratings stats, the hawks bruins series has the highest average rating ~5.3M, but single game it's Game 7 Canucks (i don't remember the other team) with 8.5 million viewers. from an exciting point of view, any game 7 would be the most exciting so for me personally (and aside from my bias): 1) Canucks Bruins 2) Hawks Bruins 3) Pens Wings 4) the rest kinda around each other, with kings series the least exciting for one-sided-ness and defensiveness of the series
  6. For those that straight out say no without trying it, your opinion is worthless. If you listen and don't like it, then say so and give them a reason so they can either improve or decide they're not good enough. Otherwise why even bother seeing this post, and typing in a useless "No!" aside from sad butthurt trolling reasons? (maybe you're too scared or stubborn to try something new, why hold back the rest of us?) For those who say opinions are pointless unless they're coming from a reliable source like the mainstream media and their access to players, what's the point of this forum then? it's all opinions based on second-hand sources! Think of the podcast as a summarised audio of what you'd find in this forum or when you're talking to friends about sports. It has its uses, not as a replacement for traditional media of course. As a lover of new things, I'll def give this a try and won't except Team 1040 level of professionalism, but a casual sports discussion.
  7. Wow this thread has taken a turn for the crazy! I don't see how a system where GMs get to decide how important having a higher pick vs a bunch of lower ones is the same as them playing texas holdem or drats.. and for those call it stupid, I'm interested to know why specifically? calling it stupid is not constructive. and finally, this is not simply a result of frustration for the draft results. As i said, we've been using such a system for our nhl fantasy league the past 3 years, and everyone is so much happier with this system.
  8. Once again I'm reminded of why chance-based results are heart wrenching. I play a lot of games, and hate the ones that are mostly chance based. Even the good old monopoly, I refuse to play unless a new rule is in effect where the players don't buy the lot they land in by a throw of the dice, instead it goes straight to auction. Makes the game so much more tactical and skill-based as opposed to luck-based. This new draft system is even more luck based than the old, and I feel the sting more because we end up on the losing end of it. Had it been a normal reverse order, we would have gotten #3. I prefer tanking as a strategy than hoping to get lucky. So the new system I'm proposing is the system my fantasy pool has switch over in the past few years and it has greatly increased the fun of the draft. Instead of a luck-based draft order pick, the drafts are auction-based. It'd be a complicated system, but it would be much more fair, interesting,strategic. Let me explain: The New Draft System: - Teams receive a certain amount of "draft money" to bid on the order of the draft for first 3 or 4 rounds of draft. Going first of course is the most valuable so everyone would want that, but you'd be giving up your ability to draft in the lower rounds. - The teams that finish lower will get more money to compensate for their crappier teams, and so have a higher chance at winning the highest drafts. - Auction is a silent auction system (to make it faster and more strategic). GMs would give their bids for the 1st overall pick, with the highest bid winning it and that GM losing that amount out of their total "draft money". In case of a tie, a draw is done, or the lower ranked team gets the tie-breaker (either way, the losing highest bidder won't be hard done as they will have the money they bid for the next auction) - This goes down until every team has spent all their "draft money", and after that the draft is the order of standing. Example: This year, say the total "draft money" given to each team would be as follows: 1) Leafs: $1000 2) Oilers: $975 3) Canucks: $950 . . . 29) Stanley cup finalist: $300 30) Stanley cup winner: $275 Since this year top 3 are supposedly very close, the teams would probably bid high for the first 3 drafts. If the leafs want Matthews guaranteed, they can bid $976 and be sure they have outbid everyone, but now they only have $24 left and will likely not be able to draft again until the 3rd round (of course depending on how the other team's go about their bidding strategy). Benefits of Such System: - No more "we get unlucky again :(", it's all up to the GMs bidding strategy and cost benefit analysis of high picks vs lower ones - Still gives lower finishing teams (i.e. crappier teams) a better chance at drafts vs higher teams - The random luck of draft year is taken out as well since some years there are multiple superstars, and so teams can spend all their "draft money" for the highest bids, but some years the top picks aren't that good. Why should the teams that finished last that year be penalized just because they didn't suck at the "right" year?! Downsides: - Takes a while and more headache for the GMs, but they get the big bucks and I'd bet they'd prefer more control over the fate of their teams What you guys think?
  9. I just hope for next year, we start the tanking process at the beginning of the season and don't get confused with the goal of the team which is to be a contender not just a playoff maker. Trade anyone who's not gonna be valuable in 3 years or so and get picks. Canucks 2019 For The Cup!
  10. So of course we don't get lucky with a top 3 pick, but we can't control the odds (unless you're a conspiracy fan). I don't believe in anything supernatural, so no curse or canucks being unlucky by nature, etc. We just go unlucky in this particular situation. We can't control the draft order, but we can control where we fall in the standing and which odds we're getting. We can't tell our players to lose and tank (cuz it's not in their best interest and screws the team culture), but we can make sure we put the team most likely to lose enough to get us the better odds. Now with this pretty good, but not game changing pick at #5, we should just make sure we trade away enough from our team that we can finish as low as possible again next season, and get a bunch of picks and prospects in the process. We won't have leafs or oilers tanking next year, so should be easier. It will be worth it. And separately, as fans, we can't control anything, except the time we invest into following the sport and the team. To the extent it's not enjoyable anymore, we can simply change focus to something more fun. I certainly will be having a lot more free time the next 12 months
  11. Just did a 100 draft simulations to see which team gets luckier than their average odds (website: http://nhllotterysimulator.com/) Gotta say it's mindlessly fun to clicking that "Pick Winner" button endlessly... but it felt good that on the 100th and final simulation, Canucks won 1st pick! I really hope we finish last in standing, that extra 20% chance in getting a top 3 picks vs the 3rd position is worth it.
  12. Typical simple minded thinking! 1) there are just as many examples of people calling something out and failing, you're just only using examples that support your point 2) they got quite a bit of bounces and ref calls go their way in both of those games you mentioned... which has nothing to do with your confidence level. a bounce is a bounce, and a game-changing BS call is just that. So they basically got lucky to win both games when they shouldn't have, because of getting the right bounces and calls at the right times. Doesn't relate to their statement at the before the game not to mention, it's just cocky to say stuff like that. It's never good for the world when cocky people win and get even cockier.
  13. To me it comes down to expectations and under/over-achievement of those expectations... We as fans who have no control over the team, deserved a cup in 2011 by all standards. We finally had the best team in the league, and lost the final series because the only thing we didn't do was to goon it up, and that didn't bode well with the old school bloodthirsty fans and affected the officiating as well. And the untimely injuries didn't help either (another unlucky thing that we as fans with no control, had to endure). Well the general rule is, when you have such of dominating team, you can count on a cup over a number of years, but that image shattered for us too right away. We had a good season, but again unfortunate with daniel's injury and running into a hottest team as #8 seed. All that followed by 2013, and 2014 really put the nail in the coffin. This season however it seemed that karma was paying us back for the previous years bad fortunes... only to lose like that. Not only losing the 3-0 lead in that game 6, but having the refs basically get flames back into the game with that BS penalty call on the 4th goal. For me, the jadedness comes from feeling like karma keeps letting us down.... All that said, the Canucks keep bringing me back! Specially now that the whole management and team is so likable. It feels like a classic good vs evil story... the classy and skillful canucks vs the bloodthirsty fundamentalist original six loving evil dictator. And hopefully as is in the stories, the good will eventually prevail after many failed attempts and we will see a well deserved cup in this city.
  14. yes that's the story on the surface, but their last two come backs were helped hugely by favorable ref calls. The canucks BS penalty call that helped them out of their slump to get their 4th goal and get back into that game. And this one.. sure they lost the 50/50 call on the no goal, but the refs more than made up for it with that BS 4 on 4 call. And there was controversy in the OT PP as well (Kesler seem to have full control of the puck but no whistle to continue the delay of game). It's easy to keep coming back when you get the important calls when you really need them. I would have totally support the underdog canadian team to beat the big badass american team, but the way their being helped with the calls at important moments of the game, and the way the media all out supports them (which they never do for canucks), their cockiness (fans & team), and goonery when they're losing (and not getting the necessary punishments for it) makes me completely cheer against them. For Canucks we get the passionate cancuk-hater Craig Simpson as the colour commentary, but for these guys they basically have a cheerleader instead.
  15. lol at commentators... i probably heard "such a resilient team" every other sentence, even when they were done after the 2-0! i didn't see any resiliency in the last two games. what little flames did the last two periods was simple desperate pushback to avoid complete embarrassment. Any team could do that even the sabres and cayotes. funny how when it comes to canucks, the homerism is completely the other way! Houghson tries too much to be unbiased against his canucks, and paired up with that dbag craig simpson who can say nothing but bad things about canucks. These two guys calling the flames game today sounded like a pair of paid lobbyists for!