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  1. Does anyone have a link to the 1/2 season ticket custom benefit over view? I wanted to see what to expect if I got 1/2 season next this. Thanks
  2. My buddy speculated it's probably not a good idea for glassware bobbling around in the concourse and up/down stairs. Also, some fans might chuck them on the ice Thanks
  3. I friend showed me one that comes in the case and it's glass. The ones given out at the Fan Appreciation game are plastic. Thanks
  4. Could it be they didn't want to jink it before it actually happens? Could something be done at the next home game (though, it's going to be weeks as they're leaving for a road trip)
  5. My 1/4 season ticket benefit is the road viewing party. Anyone have an idea when it might take place and how they are? Is it seated in the area and shown on the jumbo tron? Thanks
  6. Pretty much assured he'll get 1 more point if not on Friday vs FL, then on the next road trip. Will the Canucks most likely honor Henrik at the next home game?
  7. There's a serial number? Is it a patch stitched on the inside? What's it out of? Thanks
  8. This game is the 2nd 20in20. "Rockin' the Rog" - Legendary performances, 20 years of superstars and musical memories. Anyone know what to expect for that night?
  9. My ticket member email indicates doors open at 5:30 to accommodate special pre-game activities. Anyone been to previous season opens and know what be happening? If you want to get a free drink (pop/water), sign up for the good sport designated driver program at either guest service desk.
  10. When they were trying to sell me on a full season, they were saying I could list tickets on the NHL ticket exchange, but ended up with an ice pack. I was still able to list a few on the ticket exchange. What's the benefit with full seasons? No commissions for selling? Thanks
  11. Just curious if anyone took the offer to waive the service fees for single game tickets instead of ticket exchanges. I'm wondering how it's waived? Do you get a different pre-sale code? Thanks
  12. I was able to find some $155 lower bowl seats to upgrade from my $88 value one. I was prompted to enter a credit card. Were you trading value for value?
  13. Hi, I heard on the radio that single game tickets will be available on Sept 14th. Is anyone that is a full/half/ice pack have access to buy them yet? I thought they were available to us before the general public? Thanks
  14. That's should be fine. Might try to trade some regular games for themed 20in20 games. Maybe see what I can trade my Tampa prem+ ones for. Thanks
  15. So I can exchange a reg game for another reg game only (prem+ for another prem+) ? Thanks