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    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Congrats to France on winning the WC! I think the biggest problem that people have (myself included) with France winning, is due to the way they play. Sorry but France plays a boring game of football. They don't initiate the play. They wait and hope for the opposing team to make a mistake. They rarely pressured teams. They play the way most inferior teams play against the powerhouses. Difference is that France has world class players. But having all 11 players in your half for more than half of the game, is not an entertaining football game. I'm a Belgian and naturally was rooting for Belgium and France won deservedly. They were efficient. One chance and they put it in but the rest of the game, they sat back. They play a trap-like style if you want to compare it, even though they are quite different sports. Two teams going at each other and creating constant danger is a lot more fun to watch than France IMHO. I am very proud of the Belgian team. They played with their heart and played attractive football. And one last thing, they started playing dirty the further they got. Faking injuries and wasting time. What Mbappé did against us during extra time, was dirty and cowardly but understandable as well but still have a bit of sportsmanship. The FIFA really need to change the rules. I think they need to implement a stopclock. That will stop all this team wasting and faking injuries. It doesn't promote the sport when you see Neymar flopping on the ground. Congrats France on winning the WC! We will get you in 2 years when the Euros come around :).
  2. DanielG27

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I think it will be a fantastic game between Brazil and Belgium. Being a Belgian I am biased but I think Belgium can really hurt Brazil. I see our chances as 50-50. Brazil is missing Casemiro, Danilo. We have a fully fit team who are hungry to win. Only weakness is our defense and that depends on what formation Martinez will choose. I like our chances though. France vs Uruguay will be an interesting matchup as well. I see France advancing but they are sometimes a very hot-cold team. Some days they are incredible and other they are just plain awful. We will see what happens. On the other end of the half, I think Croatia will come out. Honestly I don't see England as a contender. Maybe they get to the final but will never beat the team that comes out of the other end. They have not been impressive this campaign. Poor defending and their offense isn't anything to write home about. Kane is very good but the rest have been subpar. I just don't see them going very far. Maybe they will due to the easier countries on their side but I do not seeing them winning the WC. We will see. This WC has been exciting and unpredictable.