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  1. Okay, so I went down memory lane last night and started looking at old highlights of the Sedins, and those highlights are so unique in comparison to other star players thoughout the years. However, in comparision to other great players and their highlight videos I think there is a lack of high.quality tribute videos for them (Sorry if you've made one and I'm critisising it now) and I understand that it is difficult to do make great edits. But that is not the point of this discussion. So I have two questions: Which tribute/highlight video for the Twins is your favourite? And which your single favourite highlight of the Sedins? As I am looking for recomondations I will not post a video myself but I can contribute with my favourite highlight. My favourite is the goal against the Sharks in the Western-Conference finals, when Henrik passes it 5-hole to give Burrows an open net mainly because I have never seen any other player attempt and succed with it. So please share your favourites!
  2. It is a really tricky situation, but it semes like Markström is in the beginning of his prime, and I think he could keep playing at this level for another four years at least. So I think we should try to sign him to a 4-6 year deal @ circa 5,5-6 which I think is reasonable. Then Demko will be able to develop this year and next year as well and we could have a situation similiar to the Luongo and Schneider situiation, where we have two number one goalies.Then one of them can probably be dealt at the draft in 2021. At this time, both will probably have a high value, and they could be dealt to whoever needs a goalie at the time for potentially a 1st rounder or more depending on how they have performed. If Markström is able to maintain this level of play it would not scare away anyone from taking that contract for three years, and if Demko can get ca 80 games until then with good numbers there will be an interest for him as well. During this time we will see how DiPietro progress as well, and his numbers so far looks very promising and he could then step in as back-up to whoever is decided to be our number one. Even if it is a tricky situation, it really is a luxury few teams have. Should add that I haven't really considered the expansion draft and protection rules in this analysis
  3. just wanted to say, you have the coolest signature thingy ever!

  4. Just a little note, Tömmernes got injured this week and will be out of the line up for six week because of a broken jaw.

    Just because i'm not allowed to post "illegal" streams i post it on your wall instead, i've had the smae problem as you, cause like 90% of all the live streams that worked in Europe is shut down :(

  6. stream the games from

    Worked out great for me the last season and i guess it wont be a problem this year either.

    (I saw that you asked about it in a reply on the "watching games in Europe thread"

    Cheers from Sweden!

  7. Well you could always stream, this worked for me last season:

    You can stream every NHL game and you will find quite good quality most of the times you look for it, Cheers from Sweden

  8. Tömmernes have been playing great, he gets powerplay time, boxplay time and looks solid!