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  1. Little Bo Horvat

    That sure put a smile on my face. Really cool to see how early he developed the defensive/hard working attributes. Usually the talented kids at that age shine in different ways than Horvat did.  
  2. Canucks - Who is our next Core ?

    You are the opposite of most people on CDC, you undervalue "our" players.  Edler for 3rd round? He plays above 20 minutes/game and is a solid top 4 d-man.  Vrbata for 2nd round? Did you see what Vermette cost last year? 1st round pick + Klas Dahlback (basically a younger Andrew Alberts).  Burrows for 5th round pick? That's just disrespectful to Burrows. Waiving his NTC for a 5th round pick. Not what makes a franchise look attractive for FA's and personell.  And on the otherhand: Why would anyone trade for Cracknell or Bartowski? do you believe any GM would say "let's go for a cup run... Let's get Bartowski"...  And what players would play here next year? You traded 8 players, two of them are two of our top four defencemans.  Our defence next year would be Ahl-level. Hutton - Tanev Biega - Sbisa Subban - Weber  Of course we could sign a or a couple of free agents, but who would we get without massivly overpaying? I don't think any player around the league think "hey, the Canucks look like a team ready to contend" You overvalue our prospects, you expect everyone of them to become NHL'ers which is as unlikely as winning the lottery pick as a top 5 team.   
  3. The Pro Tank Thread

    The Oilers aren't really an outliner though are they? Look at teams like Columbus, Florida and Colorado for example. Teams who has rarely made the playoffs in the lastten years. None of those teams have been close to winning a cup. And you used Penguins as an example because they've won a cup. Then look at Detroit, they've been to the playoffs since for ever. And they've had almost as much success as the Penguins the last ten years, including a cup.  Of course you need good young players to build around. But that comes from good scouting and player development. Of course Kane and Toews have been vital parts of the Blackhawks, but players like Saad, Shaw, Keith, Teuravainen, Hjalmarsson and Krüger are all players taken from picks after top 15. Top that off with some free agent signings like Hossa, Anisimov and others and you have a contender.  
  4. Jake Virtanen, The next Jannik Hansen?! (According to Ray Ferraro

    I think Virtanen will be better than Hansen, but he certainly has the potential to be "the next Hansen". So far he's showing that he's lacking hockey IQ both with and without the puck which in my opinion is a very bad sign. Hansen only have bad IQ, in the sense of finding difficult passes but not in when it comes to finding open ice and he reads the game great defensily. This could be the case of Virtanen as well if he doesn't "learn" hockey. He has all the tools to become a good top-six forward, but he has much to learn.  When I think of it, Virtanen should take a good look at Hansens game. If he could become a better version of Hansen. That'd be great. A "Hansen" with better hands and better finish is a great thing. 
  5. [GDT] Canada vs Sweden 9:00 AM PST on TSN (Pre-Tournament)

    Go Sweden go! Even though I think Canda will win 3-2 in this game.  As a Swede it's kinda hard to know anything about the Canadian team a part from looking at stats and draft postitions. But how good is team Canada compared to last year?   And if anyone here is interested, team Sweden are better this year.  I think the Swedish second line will produce some really interesting and fun hockey and many of you guys will be impressed with Holmström.     
  6. [Speculation] Malkin/Staal brothers swap?

    Why would Malkin waive his NTC for Carolina? Why would they want two ageing centers in return? I don't think that will put Pittsburgh under the cap ceiling? Why would Jordan resign with the Pens as third line center when he left because he wanted more icetime and responisbility?    Great journalism. 
  7. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    Players should be allowed to trash talk each other, but on the other hand I do think Burrows crossed the line this time. Without knowing what has been said. And players have been suspended in other sports for things they've said during games. For example John Terry and Luis Suarez.  And knowing Totoo has had some family trouble recently, I do think it's disgusting if Burrows made any comments regarding his family.  And I would bet my weight in gold that most of CDC would be screaming for Totoo's head if he said something like "I bet it was you who made Rypien commit suicide" to Burrows. 
  8. You can try and analyse it with advanced statistics, discuss "sheltered minutes" and so on. But the main focus when you're looking at a young players should be, is he becoming a better player? And with Baetschi it's a yes for me at least.  And he's certainly good enough to play in this league. So far he has 4 points in 10 games when playing 11 minutes a game. if he could be more effective, he'll get more minutes and produce more points as well. Which I think is just a matter of time.  Wouldn't surprise me if he had 40 points when we summarise this season, which his a totally acceptable rookie season.  
  9. Would you... ?

    You guys can't be serious? I wonder what you would've voted if we lost last night... It wasn't exactly our young guys who won the game for us (they played great though, especially Hutton IMO). It was the first line and players like Edler, Tanev, Burr, Hansen and a very solid game from Miller who gave us an edge in this game. Sam Bennet has the potential to be a point/game player, Monahan could easily be one as well, Hamilton is a beast when on his game and Gaudreau was a Calder finalist last year. With that said, I think all of the Canucks prospect that you listed can become great players but those guys that you've compared them wtih have elite potential.
  10. [PGT] Nucks 5 - Flames 1

    Great game! But the biggest surprise to me was Bartowski, how is it possible that he has never scored in the NHL? He's a great skater, joined the rush a couple of times and had a couple of good shots. And I guess those skills isn't something that he has developed over this summer?
  11. Finally hockey season! Prediction: 3-2 Canucks in OT. Horvat x2 and Hutton with the OT winner.
  12. Why on team 1040 is everyone ripping into Canucks Management?

    That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. And why the F do people say stuff like this in a discussion forum. The whole idea of this website is to share your own opinion on different matters.
  13. BBB?

    I thought this would be a line-up topic that you wanted a line like. Baerschi - Bo - Burrows I actually don't like threads that only point out the bad things about someone/something but I'll play along. It's too early to tell if Vey was a bad deal. Honestly I thought the trade was great when it was made. And I still believe Vey could develop into a good NHL-player. Sbisa contract is bad but it will not really make any difference as our cap problems will not be very significant next year. And I do think the Garrison trade was good. Garrison wasn't the right fit here in Vancouver, maybe under Willie's leadership. But he didn't meet his expectations during his two years here. I honestly think Dorsett's contract is worse as we have players who could fill his role in our system. Who's younger and cheaper. We don't have that with Sbisa right now. Agree, Kassian deal was horrible. But we don't know what's going on inside the locker room, maybe it was impossible to keep him around? I think Kassian should be abel to fetch more than an aging enforcer and a late round pick. Agree with the Läck deal. He's been improving every year he's been in NA and I don't think he has reached his peak just yet. Could actually see him becoming an above average starter.
  14. Trade proposals 2015/2016

    Perhaps I was too optimistic about Okposo. With increased salary cap we could potentially offer him 7. As Sedins contracts will expire during that time period we'd free up (depends on they are resigned or not) 4-14mil. Assuming they'd be signed at 5mil each next contract.
  15. First of, what are our needs? In my opinion our biggest need at the moment is defensive prospects and forwards who are entering their prime. So what I suggest are the following trades. Before deadline. Vrbata + Shinkaruk for Okposo Resign Okposo at 3 years at 5.5.- 6 Why? As mentioned we are in need of players who can contribute right now and in the future. Okposo is just that. And having Vrbata with Tavares would be a deadly duo + they get a potenial top six forward. And we have to add something like Shink, as other teams are likely to bid for Okposo aswell. Hamhuis (retained 25%) to Dallas for 1st and Demers (If Hamhuis is "OK" with waiving his NTC for Dallas) Why? We add a (potentially) top 15 pick and a decent midaged two-way defenceman. Dallas are in need of a good defenceman who can mentor their young guys for a couple of years and a guy like Hamhuis is just that. And if Klingberg can continue to improve Hamhuis - Klingberg would be a great top defece pair. Higgins to Pittsburgh for 2nd round pick Why? Pittsburgh needs to add a solid two-way player to their bottom six. this will provide them with a third line composing of Higgins - Bonino - Bennet. Which gives the Pens a very dangerous top 9. We add a late 2nd round pick and 2.5 mil cap space. Line-up after dealine Sedin Sedin Okposo (Just think Okposo would be a great fit with the Sedins) Baerschi Horvat Virtanen (I like the idea of a "kidline") Hansen Sutter Burrows (Possibly the best shutdown line in the league) Prust Vey Dorsett If Virtanen isn't ready Burrows can step into that 2nd line role and Kenins, Gaunce and Grenier has a better shot at making the team in the bottom six. Extra: Kenins, Gaunce Edler Tanev Demers Sbisa Weber Corrado Bartowski (Possibly the weakest defence in the league without Hamhuis, I will not argue that) At the draft we'll have four picks in the top 60 IMO two of these should be defencemen. Free agency At free agency our pay roll will be at approximatly 65$ that's including Okposo's contract. Which leaves us with 10ish to spend on renewed contracts and free agents. Try to sign Alex Goligoski 2 years at 5-5.5$ Lineup 2016/17 Sedin Sedin Okposo Baerschi Horvat Virtanen (One year mor developed) Gaunce Sutter Burrows Hansen McCann Dorsett Edler Tanev Goligoski Sbisa Demers Corrado Subban, Hutton Miller Markström I think these trades will allow us to stay in the position to fight for a playoff spot in the next two years and will make our prospect pool much better at the same time. And it allows us to inject the line up with youth next to veteran guys who knows how to make it in the league. Flame away