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  1. [Articles] Canucks Day on

    Maybe that's what you call mediocre. For me it's stumbling in and out of the playoffs, falling down to picking top five to making the playoffs the next year. And that's what I see us doing in the future. Not making the playoffs for ten years is not mediocre, that would nothing less than bad.
  2. [Articles] Canucks Day on

    It's nothing wrong with "re-building" while staying competetive. But does any of the examples I give you imply that I wouldn't like us to stay competetive? It's more that I find those trades/extentions monumentally bad. And I could argue that we'd be more competetive and younger without Sbisa, Dorsett and Granlund for example. And you could argue that we are more competetive and younger with them, just different opinions. And stop with the "everyone hates us crap". I'm so sick and tired of everyone playing martyr around here. Basically every team think that everyone hates them. The refs, the league executives, journalists, the puck and even the blue line hates us. It's pathetic. I can add that even in Swedish media, which isn't biased in the same way it may be in Canada. Even they think the canucks are on the wrong path. But I guess they are wrong as well. Just as everyone else who writes about hockey for a living (i don't mean that means that everyone in media is good at their job).
  3. [Articles] Canucks Day on

    I love how everyone except the people on CDC think the Canucks is making one wrong decision after another. In my opinion we are heading towards mediocracy. But I really hope I'm dead wrong and Benning is doing this the right way. With that said, I don't think Benning is the worst GM in the league. But if I were to list a few decisions that I think will turn out to be bad it's not very difficult. Just a few examples are Sbisa and Dorsett contracts, Shinkaruk trade and Forsling trades. So it's not difficult to find reasons why people are criticizing him. Other than that, I think the NHL assesment on the Canucks are pretty fair. They mention the roster improvements we've made and hopefully it will put us a few steps closer to a play off spot the next year no doubt in that.
  4. The real value of a Guddy in the playoffs

    I believe he'll be a good player for us for years to come. But please, calm your panties. He hasn't played a single minute for the Canucks yet and some of you look at him as the saviour. And I guess they are the same people who will chase him with pitchforks and fire when he's not living up to your expectations. Personally I haven't seen him enough to say anything about him rather than he's big and has unimpressive stats. But many hockey fans/experts says this was a bad trade for Vancouver, they could very well be wrong. But please, don't look at him like he's Shea Weber or Chara. Because then you're very likely to get disappointed. And regarding team toughness, of course you need some team toughness. But it's usually not toughness that takes you far in the playoffs. The Penguins had a total of zero enforcers in their line up, the Blackhawks have won theirs with skill, not toughness (I know Seabrook and Keith are tough to play against). And you could say the same about the Kings, sure they are a big team but it wasn't because they are a big adn scary team they won. They were loaded with skill aswell with players like Kopitar, Gaborik, Carter and Doughty. In my opinion it was skill and good defencemen that Vancouver were missing but Eriksson and Gudbransson will hopefully help to fill that need alongside a better Baerschi/Horvat/Virtanen/Hutton/Tryamkin.
  5. William Lockwood | RW

    What do you want the analysts to say? I think they should compare him with someone, they should try to describe him as a player and how he could potentially be useful for an NHL team. That could be difficult without putting a ceiling and player comparison. And the Hagelin comparison is understandable? Lookwood looks pretty fast, not the best hands but able to make some decent plays and he has lots of energy on the forecheck.
  6. Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton draft thoughts?

    The biggest winner in the draft is impossible to say at the moment, because none of the drafted players have played a single minute of NHL hockey... But at the moment it feels like the Oilers are the biggest winners in this draft as no one expected the Blue Jackets to pass on Pulujärvi. And I think the Oilers will make some moves this summer, they could/should be able to move Yakupov and/or RNH for a good return. They should try to get a deal done with Nashville, a team who realistically can part with a really good defenceman and still have one of the best defences in the league. As for the Flames, I don't think Tkachuk will be a top six scoring winger in the NHL. I think he'll turn into a cheking winger who can contribute and move up and down the lineup. But not the 30-goal scorer type of player. And Vancouver, I think Juolevi will turn into a top-pairing defeceman. He's just so smooth on the ice and have the composure that great defencemen need. Haven't watched any college hockey a part from highlights. But I was very impressed with him in the WJC. As for the rest of the picks, I honestly don't know. I have barely looked at any highlights from them yet. But I do trust Benning with his drafting. In my opinion a draft is sucessful if you pick two players who become NHLers. And I do believe that one of Bennings late picks will surprise us in August at the prospect tournament.
  7. (RDS Article) Las Vegas Expansion 2017/18 Confirmed

    I thought it was a joke the first time I heard about NHL hockey in Vegas. And it still is, an absolute joke. Let the people who actually love hockey have an NHL team. Honestly don't think NHL neeeded an expansion, should've just relocated Coyotes or the Panthers.
  8. (proposal) trades and free agency

    1st trade is a big nope from Winnipeg. 2nd trade could work. 3rd trade could potentially happen, but Caps could be in a cap crunch. because they have to resign Johansson, Latta, Wilson and Orlov with 12,7 to work with. So they are not likely to add anyone without dumping some cap. 4th: I don't think Sbisa has that much value. weak offensivly and his only good attribute is hitting. And he has a pretty bad contract. 5th Why would they trade away multiple high picks for Dorsett and having a little earlier pick. We are really lucky if we are able to sign Ladd and Eriksson with 7mil in cap space.
  9. If possible, of course we should trade Hamhuis rights. I think all of us has already accepted that Hamhuis wont be a part of this team in the future. It's difficult finding a spot for Vey on this team. But do you guys find Granlund a much better player than Vey? In my eyes he hasn't shown me more than Vey. As it's easy to find an upside in Vey's game, because he has a pretty good shot and good vision offensively. Granlund just feels so "Meh" to me, so far. Hope he can prove me wrong though. Of course it matters what player Oilers picks? I think JB wants PLD, and if we don't get him he'll be disappointed. But he can't say that. Benning is very honest, but he can't publically say that there is just four interesting players in the draft...? Even if that isn't the case. One question though which isn't exactly on the same subject. Why hasn't Nylander even been mentioned when talking about the 5th? Benning has said he wants a player who has the potential to be a top line player and everyone just assumes it's Tkachuk but in my opinion Nylander is much more of a top line player than Tkachuk. Well, the organisation obviously wants a new winger for the Sedins. Louie would be a great fit. But why would he choose Vancouver? Louie is at the end of his career and wants a cup. And as mentioned by Kuzma, he'd be looking for a long term deal. Something like 4 years at 7mil. And he can get that in the open market as he has a proven record of being a top six winger. Personally I don't want us throwing big bucks at an ageing free agent. At the moment our focus shouldn't be on adding veteran pieces to put us make us squeese into the playoffs. We have a couple of players on the team that can show the young guys how it's done. Players like Daniel, Henrik, Hansen, Edler for example. And if we make the playoffs with the team we have, that'd be great. As that would mean our young players are developing faster than expected. I'd love to see Manny behind the bench. He seems to be a leader and he has a good eye for the game(no pun intended). But to gain experience it would be good to give him an assistant role in Utica or Alaska if possible. He gains experience as a coach and can join the Canucks in two years or something. And if he's interested in continue working with hockey I don't think he'd turn that down.
  10. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Sven Baertschi

    Ha! That makes my post look stupid
  11. Fun post OP! - I think Horvat is going to have an awesome year. He'll produce right from the start this year - has 57 points end of year. - Baertschi will have a good year, but he'll stumble on the finish line. Gets 44 points. Which would still be a great improvement. - Etem - Nope, he'll find himself on the fourth line for most part of the season, gets 16 points. - If Virtanen makes the team and doesn't jump up and down between Utica and Vancouver he'll crush his number! 28 points. - I think Rodin will be a big surprise this year. Think he'll get 35 points, playing on the thrid line for the majority of the year. 20 of those points will be goals.
  12. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Sven Baertschi

    Great deal for us. Think this will turn out to be one of the best contracts in the league over the next two years(ELC's doesn't count). Finally JB is getting better at contract negotiation. Or Baertschi should switch to Sbisa's agent
  13. Right Moves vs Wrong Moves: Jannik Hansen

    Agree 100%. Hockey fans around the world have been laughing at the Oilers for years now because of their "rebuild". But then many/the same people want us to do the same as the Oilers. For example, trade Tanev, trade Hansen, trade Burrows for a 5th round pick etc. And as you say, Hansen is a player you want on your team. Not just because he's "the American dream" and a honey badger. He brings something to this team that it lacks, speed. Without Hansen we have max three players on our team that are above average skaters.
  14. How far away are we from being a competitor for the cup again?

    Impossible to guess, but if I had to I'd say we'll be contenders in six years. In eight years we'll lose game seven against Las Vegas Jackpots. Believe it or not, but Jared McCann will be the future captain and star of that franchise and he'll end the series in OT when he steals the puck from Gud and scores his 15th goal of the playoffs. Lifts the cup in Rogers arena , takes a nice photo next to his Conn Smythe, grabs a mic and says "It is what it is..."
  15. Predict your roster for next year

    Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson/Brouwer Baerschi - Horvat - Hansen Rödin - Sutter - Virtanen Gaunce - Granlund - Etem Edler - Tanev Hutton - Gudbransson Sbisa - Tryamkin Miller Markström I think Benning is interested in Eriksson, he was "pro" trade Seguin for Eriksson in Boston and the Sedins and Eriksson has played well together on team Sweden. If Eriksson wouldn't sign here, I think Brouwer would be a guy Benning fancies. But I think the classic *you'll get to play with the twins" selling pitch would work.