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  1. I would love to see Miller re-sign with the team for another year or two. But...what if he doesn't want to sign and decides to move on? Assuming that Marky automatically becomes the starting goalie...but is there anyone in the market?
  2. Man, this rebuild is emotionally tough...Burrows and now Hansen. Hansen we will miss your presence on and off the ice. Good luck with the Sharks and hope you have a good playoff run with the Sharsk
  3. Can't wait to find out how much the Oilers going to (over)pay him!
  4. Remember when Trevor Linden was 'rumored' to be considered for the president position with Canucks and he flatly denied it on television before the official announcement was made? So yeah....although Lucic said it's 'bull$&!#,' I won't be surprised if he becomes an oiler on 1st...
  5. Not sure I would call it whining. But one of the reasons he signed in Van was because he was told that he would play on the same line with the Sedins. Too bad he just couldn't produce when he was playing with different linemates.
  6. Burr seems like a genuinely nice guy, contrary to the bad reputation he has on the ice. I always hear nice stories about him from the fans and he always has the biggest smile when the team wins. Love the guy!
  7. A great decision! Biega totally earned his spot...congrats!
  8. Would love to see Manny back with the Canucks in a coaching/mentor role for the kids. I really hope it happens...
  9. People still read the Province?
  10. He is stating the obvious. No biggie.
  11. Man, are you for real?? The man is hurt with possibily a broken jaw...and you say this? Just unreal.
  12. Aww Bieksa I was hoping he'd retire as a Canuck...but knew that wasn't going to happen especially with how he played last season. All the best to you, Juice. Now you are with a contender, hope you will win a cup.
  13. Losing faith in Benning...a horrible contract with Sbisa and now this. WTH
  14. After seeing this thread, I wouldn't be surpirsed to see similar threads for every single player on the Canucks roaster...