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  1. For sure. If you're a player like Kyl or Sprong you can GTFO. Team player or nothing.
  2. Thanks for this.
  3. If you're the Sharks you don't make a deal giving away the 9th overall for a player you THINK will be there at 23.
  4. I see what you're saying. But look at how far-fetched a scenario you just outlined. Don't get me wrong. I would cry if it happened. The fact that I'm not sad that those assets would be going the other way tells me it isn't fair. You have to give something to get something - unless you're Milbury.
  5. IT. IS. NOT. HAPPENING. Wilson should be fired on the spot if he makes that deal. That's how bad it is for San Jose. Seriously guys. We aren't talking about John Ferguson Jr. here.
  6. Gotta say I disagree. If I'm San Jose I'm blocking Jim's number after that conversation.
  7. Guys. We aren't getting their 1st. I would be shocked.
  8. Should be an exciting year for the Comets. The team is going to have more skill this year. If Shinkaruk continues to play with such enthusiasm, it should be treat for fans to see him play.
  9. I like your reasoning. Just wonder if there is enough time to make it happen.
  10. Thought there were no guarantees in hockey though? Edit: Almost forgot - cue huge bass solo!
  11. You shouldn't be. I wouldn't have made the Kassian trade.
  12. He has every right to shoot down terrible proposals. CBJ doesn't want to move their youth for Kesler and Edler. It's about what the team needs, and what CBJ needs is to keep building with the kids they've drafted and invested in. They don't have such an embarrassment of riches that they can afford to let go of their top center and top prospect.
  13. My goodness that is a brutal d corps I'm sorry. I think folks here massively overrate Tanev.
  14. I don't believe we have nearly the competitive team people think we do. Hope I'm wrong. EDIT: And not to mention the fact that players are not happy about being here. Luongo and now you can (probably) add Kesler to the list. So yeah. Arguably your two best/most consistent players don't really want to be here. What does that tell you? What is it that we have here?