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  1. I agree with that. I’m glad they are out! Not only that... Harry Potter was hailed as the next genius GM by some...
  2. Yeah but I can still mock a team that has only made it past the first round two times in 30 years. Kinda like how you like to give the leafs the gears... they got cups don’t they?
  3. Just like the preliminary round , gifted a win. But I got to be careful (according to you) mocking them coz they won a cup when Reagan was president.
  4. Disagree. Vancouver has a deeper forward group and our top line doesn’t run scared like JG and Monahan. Flames might have a deeper D but we got the best dman. They got useless plugs like Rinaldo and Dana Murzyn Lucic. id take marky over their goalies too. Some fans selling our team short I think.
  5. Go stars. flames got to play the most hobbled team in qualifying round. flames top line disappears when going gets tough. dallas in 6
  6. I think Dallas will take care of him too. flames fans getting a little cocky after beating a depleted jets team.
  7. That was probably the most chippy and physical series of the preliminary round. i think the experience will serve them well. Petey was mugged and abused. He wasn’t intimidated and pushed back. They can use this as more of a springboard than if they played a less physical team like Chicago who like to run and gun and exchange chances. They showed us that they can handle a physical series and I’m sure this will boost their confidence. Moving forward, assuming they get to play Dallas, they will have to deal with more offensive weapons and will have to be more disciplined. I think EP and JT will step it up a notch too.
  8. Marky has stolen games many times , the boys paid him back tonight great to see our war horse Chris Tanev get the winner!
  9. First time in my whole life I get to watch a Canucks playoff game on my birthday. Prob will never get to say that again... what a gift! Keeping a throttle on the drinks to make it through the game!
  10. That coffee looks good. Much better than my crappy keurig! as for tonight... stay out of the box and they will be ok.
  11. it was like watching diduck and dirk murder everyone in the crease...what a thing of beauty!
  12. the calder club QH, BB, EP come through on the score board all the character role guys hold down the fort great win
  13. that was some 1980s style kill em in the crease action by Meyers....its great having that big body back there.
  14. Got to love Motte. Hits everyone and everything no matter the size mismatch. Lives in the dirty areas. Great on the pk