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  1. Current Untouchables?

    I know that nobody is untouchable because of Gretzky yadda yadda... I have to chuckle at the lack of respect Bo is getting from some. I know we have a cast of shiny new toys, some of which have yet to play a game in the NHL...but comeonnn... Bo, without injury this year, looked like 30 goal 60+ point center. He got injured and and i dont find that it was a coincidence that the team forgot how to win. At around the same age Hank was getting around 40 points, and Kesler was in the high 30s. I know, different teams, different eras...but those teams back then were probably better than what Bo had to work with. Pair him up with Brock for a year and I think he can get 70 points. It takes all sorts of puzzle pieces to win a championship...having a kid that is built like a bull, that seems to improve every year out of his own volition, and get get you 25-35 goals and 60+ points while saddled with d zone starts is a pretty important piece - and certainly not easy to come by at the center position. Sure you can trade him for a D man, but that will leave a massive hole you will have to fill again. You just cover one leak but create a big hole in your hull.
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Yeah, he needs to spend time with Trent Cull doing drills in the d zone, wacey hamilton can show him how to use the 45lb plates on the bench press, and Carcone can show him the burpees...canucks should put off signing him for as long as possible, weaponize the cap and trade for more 6th rounderzzzz
  3. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Is there an equivalent to a conn smythe? i guess we are going to find out..
  4. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I keep watching that first breakaway goal. The puck is like an inch away from the goalies pad and he is still stick handling the puck. Lightning quick hands and reflexes. brock can score 40 with a guy like that on his line...I mean he was potting goals with Gagner feeding him.. .. yeah I know ... temper expectations.. lol ..
  5. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    I am tired of the botch-hfboard-smarmy troll fest, Utica GM was on the radio on Friday explaining why it was in the best interest of Dahlen and others if he sat and watched a game or two. All Botchturd sees is a couple points vs a team that had slready tapped out of the ahl playoffs and he thinks they should throw the kid into the fire.
  6. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I was thinking that should help sell some Canuck Pettersson jerseys in Sweden..lol
  7. He probably would tell us that the top line generates points but is gutless, 18 yr old bennett looks like a third liner, and dougie hamilton is soft as toilet paper...lol... seriously though...Bill Peters seems to be in the running (if you guys are wondering who Peters is, he is the coach that slammed Eddie Lack in the media...
  8. Yup..i respect your opinion. Also, i made a correction to my post above. I didnt remember that the Canucks were on a pretty good upswing during the early 2000s when the Canucks named Naslund captain. Point being that its quite possible that the Canucks pick top 5 next year but it was unlikely that they picked top 5 when Naslund was named captain. But...like someone else in here said...if you are weighing optics heavily then Brock should be your man. Charasmatic, looks like a movie star / Prince ( ask my daughters lol), super talented,a dreamboat for a marketing department....no need to wait to see who emerges...the C is right in front of you...
  9. Fair enough. For me Bo is the choice because he represents the start of a new chapter for this organization. Drafted a couple years after their cup (loss) and the year that many realized that the current core probably wasnt going to get it done. He represented the new hope. In essence the choice for me is sentimental because if we based it on the potential to be an impact player alone Brock would probably be the best candidate for C. To me Bo has payed his dues through some ugly times, has worked his way up the lineup, and was around long enough to be mentored by H. Sedin. Also, Naslund was named Captain the year after the Sedins were drafted and during a time when it was quite conceivable other better players may emerge. Using your line of thinking they should have waited a few more years to give him the C incase a better option came along. Everyone is entitled to an opinion though! It will be interesting to see how things roll out here in the next year...
  10. So basically your position is to hold off giving Bo a "C" incase we draft a generational player (of your definition above)?
  11. In my mind there have been 4 generational players since the 80s...Gretzky, Lemieux, Crosby and maybe McDavid.
  12. Bure vs Boeser

    Bure was electric. Elite skater, could stick handle through the whole team. I think he’s the most talented player to ever play for Vancouver. I have to vote Bure. I think Brock sees the ice just as well and probably has a more accurate shot than Bure did in his rookie year. If Bure was just a little more accurate he would have broken 70 goals (and got more than 34 in year 1) with all of his breakaways and chances he generated out of nothing. the beauty of this debate is that there is a debate. The fact that Brock is being mentioned in this conversation and legit counterpoints can be made shows what an awesome player Brock was in year 1. Brock faces better goalies and d men in this day and age. But Bure did not have the luxury of two line no off side and all the hooking and interference rules we have now.
  13. Can’t wait for the hours of postmortem analysis and Mitchy marner diagnosis from the laff media on the national networks
  14. I almost forgot how much I don’t like listening to Simpson
  15. Someone needs to pummel him now that the score is out of reach nvm he’s been tossed