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  1. I was shocked when I saw how big Keith got, hes barely in his mid 40s and he looks like hes aged 40 years. I think Tkachuck Sr. had better hands than jr. (its too early to make a firm conclusion though) , his dad liked to play on "the edge" too, but I dont recall him being as big of a puke in his early years. Junior has already injured a guy and put him out for several weeks earlier this year (not to mention the head butting, additional slew footing, elbows to the head etc).
  2. A clown with 2 stanley cups and a norris trophy. Playing on the edge is one thing, acting like a punk is another. His dad was a punk too. Thoroughly enjoyed it when the Canucks beat the jets team he was on in the early 90s in the playoffs, I believe Canucks were down in the series and stormed back.
  3. Just out of curiosity if Vancouver plays Calgary who do you want to win?
  4. If they win the cup they should put an asterisk by the Team's name on the cup and mention that maggie the monkey could have built that team with all the draft lottery balls. That said Ill always cheer for the oil if they play the Flames!
  5. Its a big step up from "I want to Run, I want to hide" (that U2 song they used to play when the team would come out) ... talk about surrendering before the game even starts. At least now you can hear The Cult, Rage against the machine, RATT, Motley Crue, ACDC....they need to do everything they can to wake up that yellow sweater wearing, gluten free GMO free low fat truffle green tea latte crowd that frequents the lower bowl.
  6. Tim Hunter used to live in Blaine too!
  7. At least if they get mauled tonight it will be quickly forgotten...all the sports shows for the next 18 hours will be having a collective jzz fest cos the cOilers made the playoffs after a friggen decade.
  8. They are in full Colorado mode tonight....they make that duck dynasty plug look like ovechkin
  9. Hes probably thinking "wow these guys are in the NHL ? they cant even take a routine pass" It might even build up his confidence!
  10. I was just thinking that. He cant even hold the puck in on what should be a routine play
  11. It will be a good night if bo, brock and baer get at least a point and Tryamkin crushes someone.
  12. I swear that half of the building could cave in and Edler wouldnt even notice.
  13. But burning off the ELC faster could work in the Canucks favor. What if Brock doesnt come close to hitting his ceiling till his third full year (or the first post elc contract year)? Also, dont you think that bringing in Brock at this point in the season helps to build the relationship between management and the player, and can benefit them down the road because loyalty has been fostered from the outset? Did you get that above image of JB above from a flames fans forum? I get it why they want to portray JB as an absolute dummy, but its kinda puzzling when supposed knowledgeable canuck fans try and portray him as a buffoon.