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  1. Growing up in Richmond since the 1980s Ive seen it both ways. Its not nearly as bad as Smokes claims, and Id even say that for the past 15-20 years the Asian community in Richmond is basically running the show. Every bank, most malls, business, developers cater to Chinese people in their language. They can basically get any government service in their language, they can write the drivers test in their own language, they can probably go for weeks without having to speak english if they had to. As I have mentioned before these are luxuries that immigrants (including my parents) did not have when they came here in the 50s,60s and 70s. There is reverse discrimination too. I have driven by numerous developments in Richmond that have signs that are not in English - I could find these offensive since it is obvious these developers dont care about having me as a client. I can go into a number of malls where there is no English writing in the food court- obviously they dont care for any English speakers. I could also nit pick over little things like going to the automall and being ignored time after time at places like the Lexus dealership and the BMW dealership. I once sat in the car I wanted to buy for half an hour and nobody came to talk to me. I brought one of my good friends, who is of Chinese background, with me the next time I went to the dealership and we were being helped within 5 minutes. Its not a one off, its happened multiple times. Me and my Chinese buddy joke about it till this day. Ive been called "Pig Skin" when I was in high school. I was in a class where there were only 4 or 5 non Chinese kids and nobody wanted to work with us on group projects because we were the dumb lazy white guys. These are all little things and I could go on for hours writing about my experiences. It goes both ways no doubt, but its not as dramatic as Smokes says it is.
  2. Please stop the drama smokes. I have no control over what happened to Chinese immigrants 100-150 years ago, and yes it was horrible. But you tying that situation to the current situation where wealthy people come here and milk the system is rather pathetic. I have said it 20 times already, I would feel the same if the people were from Belgium, Italy or Saudi Arabia and they came here bought multi million dollar homes and declared poverty level incomes (as described in that newpaper article I posted above) And trust me, your nationality are nothing special when it comes to treatment. My parents came here in the 60s, got into fights when they spoke their own language, had to adjust and assimilate quickly to learn the language and the local customs. They certainly did not have all the modern day perks like being able to write drivers license tests in their own language and have department stores announcing specials in their dialects. The Chinese people I see in Richmond are running the show - everything from banks, to malls, to developers cater to them in their language. My parents never had these luxuries. Stop making it look worse than it is.
  3. Fair enough. I dont know the exact workings of Canadian tax law, but from the article it is apparent that the Mayor and others think that not all income is being reported. I suspect that all income must be reported, no matter what the source is once you establish residency. I am a middle class guy who works hard to make ends meet. Why should I be paying my share of tax only to have others come in, under report their income, and then get the SAME treatment in the medical and school systems that I pay into? I dont care where they come from, it could be Belgium for all I care, I am not a racist for pointing out the fact that this problem is concentrated in Chinese neighbourhoods in Richmond.
  4. Smokes : Do you deny the facts in the following article? http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Part+Ritzy+Richmond+neighbourhood+where+many+poor/11136169/story.html I live in Richmond and I see it first hand. There are several neighbourhoods in Richmond BC where there are nothing but million dollar homes but the residents claim they live at the poverty level. Is this the Governments fault? Sure it could be, they could do a better job tracking the finances. The people living in these houses drive porsches, Mercedes and BMWS, living in 2 to 3 million dollar houses but pay the tax of people making about 20 grand a year. As a result, these residents do not pay their fare share of taxes and do not input equally into our social systems. Not only that, I hightly suspect that these residents take advantage of benefits that are meant for lower income families. Why am I a racist if I point out that these neighbourhoods are predominately Chinese? It is a fact outlined in the article above. If it were Italians, Americans or Saudi Arabians I would be pointing out the same MILKING of the system of Canadian Tax payer.
  5. I live near the neighbourhood described in the following article. Mansions plus several cars in the driveways worth 6 figures yet the residents claim incomes at poverty level - I suspect that many of these residents benefit from socially funded programs that are supposed to be there for people that are actually living at a poverty level. Am I a racist for pointing out that the neighbourhood is predominantly Chinese? Im just stating the facts here: http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Part+Ritzy+Richmond+neighbourhood+where+many+poor/11136169/story.html
  6. I agree. Ive been arguing the same point for years - GMs in Canada face huge pressures to ice competitive teams - they dont have the luxury of hiding their team performance on page 3 or 4 of the sports like they do in places like Tampa and Carolina. This has to be one of the (main) reasons a Canadian market hasnt won the cup since 93.
  7. Even though I dont agree with your position, you do make some good points. Problem is if you keep icing the same team with the hopes of accumulating higher picks your ticket sales are really going to suffer. This is a highly finicky city (there are many factors for this) and putting out the same beat up version of the Canucks next year will be hard to sell. The bottom line is that this is a business. If you dont at least try and look competitive the regular fan here will find other options for his 200-500 dollar evening.
  8. Agree .I keep saying this : it has been disheartening watching my favorite team, the one I grew up with, be pushed around during the past few years. Watching guys like Weber, Bartkowski, Tanev (who is a great D but isnt supposed to be a deterrent) turn a blind eye when our rookies got mauled, goalies got run at, and top players get mugged has been frustrating. Its bad to lose and to be used as a doormat. A guy like Gudbranson changes the culture of the team. Other teams will know there will be a price to be paid when someone charges at Hutton, bumps the goalie or tries to take of Sedin's head. I dont mean a deterrent in terms of a goon that can fight. Gudbranson can dish out clean punishing hits and can target the other teams' best players and make them pay if there are any liberties taken. Im not hung up on the second round picks as much as others. You win some and you lose some - but the chances of the second rounder turning out to be a top 6 forward or top 4 d man are relatively small.
  9. I realize that, but maybe its a lot harder to get a mobile defender through trades than a guy like Gudbranson. Its not like Gudbranson is Mr. Cement skate either. The guy brings a unique tool set and is a valuable piece. I liken him to Johnny Boychuck..... Boychuck has been a great acquisition for the Islanders. He is physical, and once given a prominent role, his offensive numbers increased. Id say that Gudbranson has even a higher ceiling than Boychuck. Plus, we did get a mobile defender - Juolevi - problem is he is a few years away.
  10. Im not sure which players you think will make the team even worse. Id do the Mcann for Gudbranson deal over and over. Mind you I admit McCann might turn out to be a star...im not sure...but there was a dire organizational need to toughen up the defence. The only deal I was scratching my head over was Shinkaruk for Granlund. If you look at the AHL numbers its not a lopsided deal, im just wondering why they gave up on Shink. Baertschi for a second --- i would do that again in light of the fact that second rounders are far from sure bets to make the NHL and Baer looks like he could score 20 goals. I wouldnt bet against him scoring 20.
  11. Im curious to know what you would do with the Sedins. Its not like there is a huge market for 14 millions in contract for two 36 year old guys - and probably even less of a market for teams willing to take them individually.
  12. Ok, lets assume Benning is the worst GM in the history of the league and rightfully belongs at 31. How the hell does the Arizona GM John Chayka get ranked 16th? Hes been there for like 10 weeks? Thats a huge body of work he has behind him, enough to beat out half of the GMs in the league. Just shows you how ridiculous these rankings are. I get the feeling unless Benning magically manages to get rid of the Sedins, and wins top 3 picks for a couple years in a row, he and his team will be viewed as the bad news bears of hockey.
  13. I think the problem with your line of reasoning, Baggins, is that you are using ticket sales as a sole barometer of a fan bases loyalty and dedication. If we were to follow that line of reasoning then, just by attendance records, we can conclude that Anaheim and Tampa Bay have a more loyal fan base than the Canucks do. There are numerous demographic and economic factors that contribute to ticket sales. In Edmonton they have one of the highest median family incomes in the country , have much lower housing and living costs than Vancouver, and lets face it - there arent as many things to do there on a week night in mid january (say) than Vancouver. I dont think its fair to label people who have to prioritize their spending as "fair weather" or "dissapearing fans" when they put their 300-500 dollars (per couple) towards something other than watching the team lose in person.
  14. So having a population base over 2 times larger than Vancouver's has nothing to do with it? Im not arguing that Vancouver fans dont disappear. Sure they do. I dont blame them for not wanting to drop 300-500 dollars (for a couple) on tickets to watch a losing product when 1) there are (lots of) other options and 2) the cost of living here for regular people is extremely high. I dont buy the idea that fans here are any better or any worse than any other Canadian city. As for the mighty and dedicated leaf fans, even with their population base of 6 million plus they were having trouble selling the tripe: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/maple-leafs-ticket-sales-continue-fall/
  15. Toronto's corporate base and population is huge, most of those seats are suits whose company paid for the game. Is Vancouver full of fair weather fans. No doubt. When it costs $300-$500 for a couple to go watch them lose and get beat up i can understand why people would stay home and watch the team on HD, or blow the money at a nice restaurant or another one of the sports teams here.