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  1. Its always fun watching lames "tough guys" getting pummelled. The biggest comedy is that flames fans have mocked the Sedins toughness for years by calling them "sisters", but now their top line features a guy that weighs 157 lbs soaking wet who can probably be mauled by the team Mascot.
  2. Lets hope Skille can go on a Cowan like run! Cowan! Cowan! Cowan vs Tampa Bay: How appropriate ..and at 1:48 there is a bra incident
  3. This one should be in the bag, weve got McMegna on our side...
  4. would love to see him score a goal this year!
  5. But is he from Medicine Hat??
  6. Gillis wasnt perfect but if it wasnt for his additions to the team they would have never made the finals. Not only that, he kept coach V. Usually new administrations fire the coach brought in by past regimes. He saw that V was a great coach (as he has also proved in NY) and kept him. No GM is perfect, even the guys that win cups make mistakes. Gillis deserves respect.
  7. Canucks will pull a cOiler and get Pavel Bure to call them. Pavel will get Putin on the phone too - they are neighbours after all....
  8. Yeah, Calgary's management is so much better....
  9. This is good news in a way. Goalie standing on his head and making the team look better than they are will hopefully result in a lower draft position than the Canucks. The sweet spot would be no playoffs for the flames but no top 10 pick either. Hopefully Johnson makes this a possibility. Those draft picks they threw away to get Elliott will make it even sweeter! It will be nice if the Canucks can pick higher in the draft than both Alberta teams for once.
  10. I dont mind Pratt and the Bro. Mind you im an older fan and I remember those guys from several of their past gigs. Bro is a little cheesy and Pratt is over dramatic but they are not boring and at least have an opinion. B Mac, Taylor and Moj are a pretty good crew. Taylor and B Mac are the best that station has. I will always remember Taylor and his one liners like "He shoots upstairs, where dad stashes the playboys" back in the old CKVU days...these guys are all local guys and have a great sense of the local sports culture and history - a nice break from the national media personalities we are inundated with on a daily basis on TV.
  11. This team has to be 100% healthy to even challenge for a wild card. What I see is a team with no veteran d, a bunch of AHLers sprinkled in the bottom 9, and a couple of goalies that can steal a win once in a while. Not tough enough, not talented enough. Unfortunately there are going to be lots of nights like this - close but no cigar. But if JB does his job right he will continue building through the draft. 3 years of pain coming up. Look at our cupboard in Utica with all of these injuries - its bare. Reinforcements are at least 2 years away I just wish they were equipped with some more toughness so at least we can lose with honour.
  12. The inverse of this bad feeling right now is the good feeling you will have on draft day. You have to give the team credit though, they do try hard despite being handcuffed by a general lack of talent and toughness.
  13. Right or wrong Hall put a guy on a stretcher. The honourable thing would be for a Canuck to grab him, drop the gloves and start feeding him. Id be happier with that than a win. Just once, just once after bending over year after year.
  14. Agree. but..they dont have the personnel and will continue to get pummelled in the future because of it. The only guy that can hit to punish is Gudbranson, and if he crosses the line the Canucks are down to 4 d .
  15. Cam newton! I don't recognize most of them!