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  1. Im not worried, we got McMegnid!
  2. At about 2:15 the razzle dazzle on the shoot out goal...almost megna like! :-)
  3. Next time you feel like falling asleep during a Canuck game here is a little motivation for the future:
  4. Geezus, McDavid is a machine. Havent seen a guy pass like that since Gretzky. Right when you think its impossible for him to get the puck out of the corner he will zig zag out and make some back hand pass to an open guy without barely looking. Anyone else watch the Calgary/Edmonton game. Surprised at how much of a north south game Edmonton plays. Lots of dumping and chasing. Im glad they beat the shames ....
  5. Stupid penalties been killing them all year.
  6. Who cares about Tkachuk, whats done is done. Im not convinced he is a 60 point guy, he is playing with two guys that are on a roll. Ill make the same point ad nauseam - top D men are harder to find than 40-50 point wingers. Now back to Juolevi - he got at least another 2 points tonight. Kid is really heating it up since the wjc.
  7. Granlund now with 11 goals Meanwhile somewhere in the back roads of Stockton - Shinkaruk has 11 bottles of Fabreeze to kill the stench of the grey hound bus....
  8. Ill admit all I see are box scores and video clips from utica, but is Pedan really that bad? Hes a plus on a sub par AHL team, and hes played like 22 games there. Hes the only dman with 20+ games that is a plus. I just think sometimes you have to pick the right tool for the job. Pedan is an AHL dman, but so is Biega. If you are going into a building like Calgary or Philly where you know the home team is going to run at your players and crash the crease why not dress the 6 foot 5 guy that can counter that or make the other guys think twice.
  9. I agree Pete. Its not like the talent drop off from Biega to Pedan is Bobby Orr to Dana Murzyn. Not only that, Pedan might actually be better equipped to play in a game like this just because he is 6'5" ~220lbs. Biega keeps getting mauled every game, he works so hard but he gets levelled each game it seems. Cant question his heart or work ethic but... Stecher has that Gaudreau instict and knows how to roll off of the incoming hits and/or avoid getting destroyed in the corners....Biega isnt as good at it...
  10. This is a game where they could have used Gudbranson. They wouldnt be knocking him around like they were knocking Biega around....poor Biega tries hard but gets levelled almost every game.
  11. Sbisa with the accidental on purpose Chris Chelios style elbow to Voracek's head when he landed on him in the corner....
  12. Baertschi and Granlund both with 11 goals. Thanks Calgary Lames, those two guys have more goals than one chinup phenom Bennett, bieber Monahan and Badreau....
  13. As much as I love hansen, this is the right thing to do. Hansen is a great utility player, he is like a jack knife any legit contender would love to have.