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  1. Young player confidence is very fragile. In many ways Jake reminds me of one of my favorite and most disappointing players of all time. Jimmy the house Sandlak (see my profile pic). 6'4" 220lb power forward who loved to hit and had a heavy shot. Sandlak dominated at the 1986 WJC, he was a wrecking ball with hands. Canucks took him 4th overall in 1985 and he scored 15 goals in his rookie year. Canucks were convinced that Sandlak had a higher ceiling than Neely and as a result made Neely expendable. In 87 he had a bad training camp, and as a result they sent him to the AHL, when he was called up he scored 16 goals in the latter part of the season. He then scored 20 goals the following season. At this point the comparisons with the traded and flourishing Neely started and fans and coaches openly criticized his inconsistency. Sandlak never flourished as the high scoring power forward people expected him to be. He had his moments (like that series vs Winnipeg in the early 90s where he dismantled the Jet defence), but never lived up to expectation. I suspect the comparisons with Neely along with the fan pressure of watching the Canuck teams get mauled by the Alberta teams at the time did him in. What can we learn from this? Send Jake down, take the pressure off, and let him play there for the year. This towns media and fans can really chew up a young player. They need to send him down and let him play.
  2. Not only that, the organization made a huge investment in one by using a 6th overall draft pick to obtain him. He is their golden egg. Skille is a PTO, dime o dozen, a guy who can be replaced with a phone call to Rutuu. You would figure the coach would slot the golden egg player into a position where he is more likely to succeed. But sure, lets put him on the fourth line with players whose mission is to play a north south game and eat up minutes on the boards in the O zone - and then lets judge his performance.
  3. Agree with this. Also, the other day, Bo who got you 40 points last year, and was arguably was their best player in the last half of the season was buried with basically 0 ozone starts during the last game.
  4. Sure Jake needs to prove himself and earn it. But.... What has Sven Baertschi done this year to earn all of that ice time with Bo. 1 point in 7 games. It seems to me that Sven will be given lots of opportunity to succeed, and I hope he does. Some players are given lots of rope, while others arent.
  5. We have seen similar comments coming from Vrbata. Last year Vrbata was puzzled why the lines werent set in order to establish some chemistry in the pre-season. Also, I still wonder to this day why vrbata wasnt showcased more on the first line in order to ramp up his trade value. Anyhow this is what Vrbata had to say last year: I would like to know what is go­ing on,” Vrbata said. “I am guess­ing we are at the point where we have to put the lines to­geth­er and build some chem­istry go­ing into next week. “You can talk about work­ing hard but every­one is work­ing hard. It is so tough to score in this league that you need every lit­tle ad­van­tage you can get. For me, and I I think for many of the play­ers, it is chem­istry and know­ing where your two line­mates are go­ing to be.” Last sea­son, Vrbata knew pretty much from the start of train­ing camp that he was go­ing to skate with Hen­rik and Dan­iel Sedin. This sea­son, he’s not sure who his line­mates will be. “For me it is im­port­ant to know who I am playing with and if it’s not Dan­ny or Hank, learn their ten­den­cies and build chem­istry. That ex­tra se­cond can be the dif­fer­ence if you score a goal or you don’t. As I said, every­one is work­ing hard, the league is that good you can’t af­ford not to work hard. But the dif­fer­ence is the lit­tle things and chem­istry and stuff can real­ly help.”
  6. If we correlated high hockey IQ, and high work ethic with the amount of ice time willy gave players then we should conclude that Linden Vey and Weber are all stars. I am baffled by the direction this organization is taking by the fact that Jack Skille is given more ice time than Jake. Jake is not going to develop on the 4th line. Either play him or send him down.
  7. History shows us that players of Jakes mold take a while longer to start putting up the points. Guys like Bertuzzi, john Leclair etc didnt break the 20 goal barrier till about year 5. You got to give him minutes or send him down to the AHL.
  8. Sure Ehlers may be talented, I wonder how many points he would have playing on the fourth line while knowing a mistake will park him on the bench. My point, which I should have worded better, is that either put Jake in a position where he will play with talented players without the fear that he will be benched if he makes a mistake or send him down to the AHL.
  9. I think Jake could have made his point to the media in a more diplomatic way. That said, I wonder if Nylander, Ehlers etc had to start on the 4th line of their teams playing 8 minutes a night. I bet you those guys were given a ton of rope. Either play him with Bo (or someone with some talent) or send him down. Attempting to developing him on the 4th line with less than 10 minutes a night is a real head scratcher.
  10. They had their window from about 2009-2012, they had one shot and blew it. During that window they expended numerous draft picks to bolster their chances. Their poor draft record, plus their spent draft picks, during that 4-5 year window is really being felt. The guys in the 2009 draft are now entering their mid 20s, prime time. The cupboards were so bare Benning had to go out and get a bunch of guys in their mid 20s. The core from that window is still intact, more or less. They couldnt get it done in their youth, let alone now. To make matters worse the owners want to keep patching the holes in order to make the playoffs. The perfect storm for a sub par team. I think we need to buckle down and get used to a few bad years coming up.
  11. I bet Etem can score a goal before Skille does.
  12. Bottom line is that our game breakers are 36 years old, secondary scoring consists of Bo who is saddled with a PTO and a project on the wings, Sutter and Hansen. We have Jake who has lots of upside but needs some work. In the pipe we have Boeser. Thats it. Dont know where we are going to get elite top line players that have potential to change games every shift. I think you need to draft guys like that, but Aqua man wants to make the playoffs...so....this could be ugly for a while.
  13. Yup, i think an argument can be made that blowing it up will shorten the road to success.
  14. Frustrating to watch. The team is in a pickle. I think the D , with a healthy Tanev, is decent enough. They are also young enough to be together when Juolevi is ready to play at this level. Problem is up front. Where are the game breakers? Sedins are past their prime, that boat has sailed. This organization needs to come up with a top line somehow. Weve been spoiled with the WCE, then the Sedins during the past 15 years. Who will take the reigns now that the twins are going to hit 37 years old next year? Weve got Bo and Sutter who can probably pop 20 goals, Jake is a project with lots of upside, and Boeser is in the system. The rest are lottery tickets. They dont have enough depth to trade for a game breaking forward. Maybe when the Sedins go, and 14 million is freed up, they can buy someone? Dont know what the solution is.
  15. its gonna get ugly for a while before it gets better unfortunately.something like the era between '95 and 2001 with even less talent...