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  1. Having Tanev around to shelter some of the younger D men while they gain confidence and develop is a positive. I get that people want to tank and just accumulate top picks for the next couple years but a bottom of the barrel team losing their top d man will only lead to getting mauled in the regular season --- surely this wont help guys like Hutton, Stech, Juolevi develop. They can pick up excellent players at #5 and #33.
  2. Exactly what I was thinking. Not only does McNugget make everyone look good, he makes their jobs easier by making deadmonton a palatable destination for UFAs. Would Lucic have gone to Edmonton to play with Hall and the Nuge if McLotto wasnt there? Mind you Lucic looks like a 1970s diesel volkswagon trying to keep up with the rest of them but thats besides the point. Chiarelli inherited an embarrassment of riches, he can afford to lose multiple hands in a row and he will still come out looking good.
  3. So in the past couple years the coil have given a 16th pick (Barzal), a 33rd pick and Eberle (a former first rounder) to the Islanders for Griffin Reinhart (gone for nothing) and Ryan Strome. Yeah, thats genius management. It must be nice to inherit an embarrassment of riches in order to take chances like this.
  4. For Strome I bet...Islanders would have to get more for Hamonic...
  5. I dont know if this has been posted already, but this is an interesting site with all sorts of advanced stats comparisons of the top prospects. Yamamoto ranks pretty high in some categories. I know, I know...its tough comparing players from different leagues, but its a an interesting site... https://public.tableau.com/profile/davemacp#!/vizhome/2017Juniors/Adjusted
  6. Lol!! or imagine writing a similar statement to cut loose from your wife!: " Id like to thank my wife Lucy for her loyalty to me, supporting my ass for 15 years, and giving birth to my oversized children. I have decided to part ways after realizing there are a bevy of young beauties in my office who like the geritol and brown socks. I would like to concentrate on these younger players. Thank you Lucy for all you have done, best wishes."
  7. Does anybody else think the wording of that announcement kinda stinks. Sort of like " Sorry Shane, we need to divorce from you and focus on our younger better players". Sure its true, but i think they could have been a little classier in light of the fact that he was the heart and soul of that organization for a long time who purposely chose to go back even though he knew that team would stink and was in a weird predicament with the constant threat of relocation. Oh well, maybe im getting sensitive to the words "younger" and "better" now that im in my 40's!
  8. There was another fight they had in Detroit that seemed it lasted for like half an hour. Do you guys remember a guy named Troy Crowder, he played for the Canucks for a year, but prior to that ... when he played with New Jersey, he was one of the first guys i saw get the better of Probert while Probert was in his prime. Canucks had Coxe and Crowder on the same team for a year I believe. The good old days when they could roll into any stadium and beat down practically anybody that wanted to take the game to the gutter... edit: I looked up the rosters. Coxe didn't play with crowder, but crowder was on the 96-97 team. Gino and brashear were on that team too. Scary!!
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if they take Dorsett. He's a decent 4th liner that they can let walk at the end of the season. There are enough good d men available to make Sbisa redundant and no matter how we massage gaunce's fancy stats he has put up ZERO goals. LV probably sees him as a typical plug.
  10. Weren't the lames high on hickey? if benning made an equivalent trade lames fans would be frothing at the mouth with all the dim Jim comments. its a big price to pay for a Parsons stop gap measure.
  11. and some old school for you guys:
  12. Brashear Gino Craig Coxe Troy Crowder Any one of Darryl Stanley, Ron Delorme, Kurt Fraser, Rick Rypien
  13. Just goes to show the value of a potential top pair D man. Tampa gave up a proven top 6 forward for a guy that has not even established himself in the NHL yet. Maybe "dim" Jim is not as dim as some think when he took Juolevi at #5.
  14. Darn, whose Gudbranson going to use as a warm up speed bag now?
  15. Sorry guys- even if the article had some element of truth in it I stopped reading it as soon as I saw the word "pedigree" at which point I realized oil ball licker Spector was the author. Spector sure knows pedigree - his favorite team is the most successful welfare case in NHL history.