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  1. The game starts at 4pm today - That sums it up for me. For decades Ive endured our national media outlets pandering to and slobbering over anything Toronto. When they do a Toronto vs ANY other CANADIAN team broadcast you get the sense that the other team is in a foreign country. Ive seen Canuck game pre-empted by meaningless blue jays games, Ive watched Doug Gilmour get kissed on live TV by CBC hosts, and listened to broadcast teams practically openly cheer for the laffs in the playoffs. In the old days we would get like 20 weekend laff games and maybe 6 Canuck games. There are too many examples to bring up. Also, lets not forget that the leafs have been horrible for a decade. Now that they are improving - watch out ...the love fest is going to get elevated to a new level. It will be like the early 90s again. Watching two leaf muppets singing to a bon jovi song 100 times in the sports highlights is just the beginning. I dont hate the team that much, its the fact that the team is shoved down Canada's throat that makes me dislike Toronto.
  2. lol, so true. those tools froth at the mouth at the mention of Vancouver.
  3. Very reasonable Emily. My favorite solution to all of this fireworks with the leafs would be for Daniel to drop the gloves and speed bag Kadri....but the chances of that happening would be as high as Pedan becoming a top 4 dman...lol...
  4. I think hes playing coz JB was pumping his tires after he signed him. He was supposed to be a (or a significant portion of a) solution to improving the first unit PP. I thought we were getting Sami Salo lite, instead we got Weber 5.0
  5. Ok we can agree to disagree. Larsen is -9 and hes only played in like 15 games. In my opinion they have nothing to lose by inserting a guy who has shown he can be a physical presence at the NHL level. As far as his performance in Utica is concerned, that team in general is really bad. If we were to reward guys by their performances down there then Subban should be up here along with Grenier full time. Dorsett is out of the lineup and we are facing a team that put out a goon to jump little rookie Troy Stecher and delivered 2 predatory hits on 2 of our best players. I say call up a guy that can answer those types of instigations and put him in the place of a guy that is minus 9 and gets pushed around like a ping pong. he certainly cant be any worse than this:
  6. Give me a break. Larsen is horrible and has done nothing to warrant a spot - its because JB was pumping his tires during the off season that he is in the lineup. Pedan has shown he can fight and hit in the NHL. He can also skate at the NHL level and I highly doubt he would be a wet pile of kleenex in the corner like Larswn is. There is a game coming up that has the potential for lots of fireworks and you should go into that game with your best tools for what is required. Larsen looks like a scared kid out there, Id give Pedan a chance to show what hes got.
  7. you mean guys like Larsen who look like a soft pylon on the ice. Even Tryamkin has to coach him while the play is going on and he still cant get it right. Its not like they will replace Hutton, Stecher or Gudbranson, they would be replacing a softer version of Bartkowski. Are you really worried about replacing this guy with a 6 foot 5 guy that can hit and fight?:
  8. After watching Jordan Nolan rough up and cheap shot the sedins time after time it was nice seeing Pedan in the lineup and handle him nicely when the opportunity presented itself. Pedan is a bottom pair guy at best. Larsen looks like a bottom pairing guy at best. As a fan Id like to see Pedan on the ice instead of Larsen in a game vsa team that decided to turn their last meeting into a goon fest.
  9. The league is sending one of their monkeys here to talk to the Canucks - they seem concerned about player safety. Too bad they didnt take player safety seriously enough to suspend the player that administered a predatory and blind sided hit on Daniel Sedin.
  10. The sad thing is that when we think about the sedins 20 years from now, aside from all of the marvelous things they did for this team, that incident will be a footnote of the whole era in which they were the dominant Canuck players. It (Sedins being punching bags) has given the team and the fan base a bit of a complex. I think management thought the team needed to look more like the Bruins after the way they were man handled in 2011 and subsequently acquired 'tough' guys like Mike Duco, Pinizzotto, Mancari, Sestito, and probably influenced their decision to get Zack Kassian. I think this complex leads to over reactions every time a Sedin is hit - its a sensitive topic for good reason. As much as I love the Sedins, it will be a breath of fresh air if new leadership on the team has some push back in them.
  11. I admit that Im a repressed Canucks fan that wishes the team wouldnt be used as a doormat so many times. part of the problem is our two top players take humiliating levels of abuse and hardly ever push back. Its disheartening to watch. You know what would be an epic moment for me? If Sedin dropped the gloves and punched Kadri in the head a dozen times - even if he loses the fight it would be a memorable moment in Canuck history. But they dont have that in them, and I hope that whoever takes over the star role on this team in the future can at least stand up for themselves once in a while. It will go a long way in instilling some pride in the team and in the fan base.
  12. Matt Martin - big deal. Laff fans think hes Bob Probert, and that other tough guys are afraid of him. Hes a big oaf that uses his size, a dime o dozen in the history of tough guys. Martin vs Gudbranson would probably look like the following. Lots of missed punches and defensive fighting. Even a much smaller Kevin Bieksa held his own against him. Gudbranson shouldnt waste his knuckles on the big oaf's helmet. The right thing to do would be to punish the leafian pretty choir boy smurfs. Guys like Nylander. Marner and KaRATri, need to be plastered by big clean hits by Gudbranson and Tryamkin. If a respected clean player like Sedin can be preyed upon by laff rats then their trophy boys should have a target on their back. Call up Pedan too. I hope the meaner big hitting Gudbranson we saw in Florida comes out to play. Just to level the little Bit@hes.
  13. Bring up Pedan! At least he can punch up some leafs and clear the crease on Saturday . Larsen didnt look good. Even Traymkin was coaching him on the ice. Look at this sequence where Tryamkin is telling him where to go on the ice: