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  1. Don’t be happy about the coilers, Apricot... those chumps might be winning Dahlin at this rate...
  2. Were gonna need some magic sprinkles to win this one
  3. No surprises for me over this start. It's not a good team right now and likely won't be for another 2 years. Just roll with it, that's all you can do right now.
  4. I agree with this. In my opinion Jake looks more physically ready that BB does. He was like a freight train out there drawing those penalties with his strength and speed. I just hope that instead of lugging BB around as a 13th forward on most nights (if that is the plan) they send him to Utica where he can have a prominent role. Utica is part of the organization, bolstering that lineup and creating a winning environment while the players develop there has to be viewed as a positive.
  5. Green sticking Dorsett on McLotto was reminiscent of Babcock putting Kadri on McDavid. If McDavid has a weakness its that you can get under his skin and throw him off of his game (even still he is highly dangerous). I wonder if you will see teams start doing the same:
  6. Plus Lind, gadjovic, Gaudette all putting up points in their leagues tonight. I think Lind is out scoring glass by a good margin. Still early but promising. The pipeline looks exciting - how many times could we have said that in the past 10 years?
  7. Guddy had a solid game too. He was able to handle lucic, hit him and took hits, and smirked at maroon a few times ( he would have pummelled him if it came down to it ) . Having a big strong kid like guddy back there provides intangibles that really don't get credited on the scoresheet. People forget how young he is and that he still is improving.
  8. Yes! Gaudette is often forgotten. Imho he's the dark horse in this whole organization. He's going to be solid and he has a nose for the net.
  9. kadri and Kesler really rode mclotto last year and exposed his weakness... you can throw him off if you agitate him. Even when you ride him he's still dangerous.
  10. Dorsett rocks up yours randorf
  11. I have a feeling we are going to see Boeser sent down,,,
  12. Those penguins have no idea how to assess talent
  13. Its kinda like being forced to go to a Bieber concert and Mick Jagger shows up....
  14. Lol! This guy can be the father of each of the Flames first liners. Oh well, I suppose they will try and outscore the problems they are going to have in net again this year.