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  1. I have a quite a few "in laws" and friends who are flames fans (unfortunately) and i got sick of hearing from them about how Jake is a bust...meanwhile in Calgary the 18 year old (yeah I know he is older than that) phenom Bennett is looking worse every year. Ive watched him play quite a few times, he looks like a grinder and is guilty of lacking that IQ that everyone said Jake lacked. Flames called up Jankowski today and many lames fans are hoping Jankowski replaces Bennett at center.
  2. Hows that new rink in Detroit? I remember going from the Pacific Coliseum to Rogers Arena and felt like the place lacked the character and soul of the old place...that and the smell of gourmet stir frys and lattes made the place feel more like a hotel venue!
  3. Coach looks to be more strategic and is letting them play a more attacking style. Getting guys on D like MDZ that can move the puck with speed and accuracy is helping. Even Gudbranson (to my eye anyways) looks to be moving the puck a lot more effectively.
  4. Exactly what I was thinking. I think they can flourish playing reduced minutes while being sheltered away from the other team's best d men and checkers. If the Canucks are in a playoff race come February this strategy will really pay off. Not only that Jake gets to play with two awesome mentors that can get him the puck. Green looks like a genius right now...
  5. I ripped this off from the province incase you guys did not see it. It will give you a good laugh When asked what Hank was saying Jake said "“Henrik was asking me if it always takes 12 shots for me to score.”
  6. There were some people in here that wanted him on waivers... he’s a top notch fourth liner that gives it all every game. Gotta love the guy
  7. Just got a pop up notification on my phone from my NHL app that says he got 1 game... edit: LOL im about an hour behind everyone else...out to lunch as usual....
  8. I like the sneak shots, how he uses the d man as a screen.
  9. Just noticed that Brock has tied his last years point total in less than half the games:
  10. Ill keep posting this in the GDT until they lose We are gonna need some magic sprinkles to win this one
  11. Don’t be happy about the coilers, Apricot... those chumps might be winning Dahlin at this rate...
  12. Were gonna need some magic sprinkles to win this one
  13. No surprises for me over this start. It's not a good team right now and likely won't be for another 2 years. Just roll with it, that's all you can do right now.
  14. I agree with this. In my opinion Jake looks more physically ready that BB does. He was like a freight train out there drawing those penalties with his strength and speed. I just hope that instead of lugging BB around as a 13th forward on most nights (if that is the plan) they send him to Utica where he can have a prominent role. Utica is part of the organization, bolstering that lineup and creating a winning environment while the players develop there has to be viewed as a positive.