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  1. I didnt think was a classic music.
  2. Are you comfortable with Lack & Markstrom?

    lack/brodeur lack/hiller lack/miller We need veteran player to support lack.
  3. pit 4- Dallas- 1. we still have slim chance of getting into the playoffs

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Xbox


      And then get swept

    3. nux4lyfe


      ^Actually we have the Blues number ;)

    4. J529


      They need to miss the playoffs to get Gillis out of here, hopefully.

  4. I think most of the blame goes to gillis in my opinion. During the summer he had chance to settle down team and remove any distraction. I feel like after luongo's trade, players are out focus and too distracted. I hope canucks don't make it to playoffs this season. GM will need to do major work in summer and retool this team.

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i'm sure the whole team from top to bottom will be rvaluated after the season and someone will right the ship

    2. Apple Juice

      Apple Juice

      It's a process

  5. what just happened? I remember we are 3-0 after 2 periods. what the hell

    1. Ronalds.Kenins41


      torts left lack in net.. he is trying to get fired

  6. breaking new: vancouver canucks scored 3 goals against NY islanders

    1. Wheels22


      NHL refs would have broke that up after 2 punches

  7. How is Vancouver's goaltending after the Luongo trade?

    1. crime911


      Better 14.29%

      Worse 69.14%

      Unchanged 16.57%

      cbc poll

    2. Warhippy
  8. LUONGO TRADED to Florida - Official Discussion Thread

    this trade was joke. gillis said we are re-tooling the team. so this is how he did it by trading both franchise goalie for unproven players. now all gillis needs to do is trade kesler, edler, and get fired in the summer. I wish good luck to luongo and wish him to get more respect from florida than he got from canucks.
  9. [GDT] Canucks @ Leafs {Sat Feb 8, 3PM}

    leafs 3- 2 canucks (Leafs are playing better lately and can score goals.) sadly 10 years of domination over leafs will end tomorrow.
  10. [PGT] War: Nucks 3, Flames 2

  11. PJ stock get a life... Why is he being so negative?

    1. Wilbur


      He liked it better when the Canucks shut up and took their lumps.

  12. Just wowowowowow

    1. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Not a banner year for ol' Captain Shinner there eh? But no worries he will bounce back next year and should do well in Utica next year.

  13. [PGT] NHL Team 4-0 AHL Team

    great game..full three period effort... I am keep laughing at that gif... it possible to add luongo's face in this gif?