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  1. Which former Canuck still in the NHL would you want back?

    Is this a good time to bring up Tryamkin?
  2. Canucks Draft Party at Rogers Arena this year.

    Can we get the live audio of Benning's phone?
  3. Best Complimentary Players

    Totally disagree on this. Already 3 years in and just now are they starting the 'rebuild'. Should of started 3 yrs ago when he arrived. I feel like Benning wasted the last two years, instead, they tried to 'make the playoff'. Signing guy like Eriksson, Miller. etc on long term contracts... Do we really know if Markstrom is a #1 goalie? Drafting McCann, Forsling and trading them trying to make the team compete today instead of 2-3 yrs from now. Benning wanted to sign Lucic. Can you imagine Lucic @ 6mil/year on this team? Luckily Lucic said no.
  4. #1 prospect... nikita tryamkin!
  5. Would Rodin still be considered a prospect?
  6. (Article) Vancouver Sports Bar angers Canucks fans

    How good are their wings?
  7. (Article) Vancouver Sports Bar angers Canucks fans

    No free wings for Canucks fans?
  8. The Day After. Draft or Trade?

    Other than the top two, the player Benning wants could very well still be there at 6-8. Trading down could work if Benning can get an extra draft pick. This draft seems to be a toss up after Hischier/Patrick.
  9. Friedman thinks Vancouver is interested in Eberle

    Eriksson, listed as left winger Granlund, listed as centre Sure, lets throw Beiga as a right winger too if you really want to say 'they can play on the right side' since he played a few games as a forward. Dorsett?? Eberle is a huge improvement over him. Edit: How in the world could anyone forget about MEGNA!
  10. This from the Edmonton Journal article... TSN’s Darren Dreger said this morning on Montreal radio that Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli will have to get creative to find cap space for the coming pay days of Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid: “I think that Jordan Eberle has probably played his last game with the Edmonton Oilers. And some wonder if they might have to make a real significant move, and maybe move both Eberle and Nugent-Hopkins. I doubt it. I think that they still very much value Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and I could see why in watching that team closely. But that money has got to come from somewhere.” On Oilers Now, Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet listed St. Louis, the New York Islanders, Vancouver and maybe Los Angeles as possible landing pads for Eberle. Only 26 and will probably get you 50+ pts as a right winger. Canucks are lacking on the right side. After Boeser and Goldy, Eberle would be a good 2nd/3rd line winger.
  11. To get rid of the curse, we need to sacrifice Messier! /s I am not condoning this.
  12. Draft lottery balls, take all my good luck!
  13. Welcome to the morning show with Mark Messier.
  14. Who is the future face of the franchise?

    If either Patrick or Hischier gets drafted, they will be the #1 centre in a couple of years.
  15. [Signing] Tryamkin goes to the KHL

    This is why Gillis never drafted Russians.