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  1. Your comments actually proves my point that every word said or written must understood in the context in which they're used. That you boil down my points into 4 labels/talking points actually says more about your ideology and worldview than mine. "Fake news" can be a completely made up story, a story with facts taken out of context, or stories that omit certain facts. If we're going to be able to tell the difference, a two-word label isn't going to help us. Facts in context I believe, facts out of context I reject. As for Trump2020....I wouldn't vote for Trump - your point is moot.
  2. Absolutely agree with you there. They're wonderful people. As for Trump's comment....context reveals motives. In this case, Trump was praising the African American gentleman because of his actions against some idiots dressed up in KKK outfits at one of Trump's rallies. These idiots were there, not in support of Trump but to create a disturbance that was sure to be picked up by the MSM and then used to push the false narrative that Trump and his supporters are racist. Trump was trying to draw attention to the fact that many in the African American community are some of his most loyal supporters. A fact the MSM and their useful idiots don't care to highlight as it doesn't fit their narrative. The context necessitated a positive racial identification of this "wonderful" African American. Trump's comments aren't an example of his innate racial bigotry - its a nothing burger!
  3. Dell slashes Horvat across the ribs right in front of a call???
  4. I have some good friends who are Christians, Muslims, Sikh and Hindus. Wonderful people. Although some worldviews are more susceptible to violence and hate, there's lunatics and terrorists in every religion that believe violence, hate and subjugation of unbelievers is the way of godliness. Unfortunately for those of us in the western world, the separation of the secular vs sacred has bred ignorance of the underlying psychology and philosophy of many worldviews. Knowledge of exoteric beliefs does not necessitate an understanding of the esoteric. Such ignorance has put us at a disadvantage and left us vulnerable to be manipulated by the government, MSM and other power structures of society.
  5. What part of this "fine" piece of journalism links Trump to these Nazi wackos? Overall, the article sets up yet another false equivalency by the MSM to push their agenda and brainwash the unsuspecting and naive. It's another fine example of the processes of the Hegelian Dialectic that stokes the fires of conflict and chaos in order to establish a new "order." The author fails to mention the fact that the actions and worldview of these parasitical lunatics are in direct odds with the worldview and actions of the peace abiding pro-gun organizations and activists that are exercising their constitutional right to march. Failing to highlight this important fact creates a false equivalency in the minds of readers and a inaccurate and misleading link between Neo-Nazi terrorists and the law-abiding gun-rights activists. Facts taken out of context become the greatest of lies and deception. Failure to draw these critically important distinctions is not only intellectually dishonest, but is also the epitome of ignorance.
  6. It's understandable that you're looking for technicalities that will enable you to climb out of the illogical hole you dug, but really??? Gotta be intellectually honest to have a constructive conversation my friend. A wise man once said never argue ignorance with an ignorant person as they'll only beat you down with experience. I'll take his advice and leave you to your ignorance.
  7. Ever hear of a lie of omission vs commission? I guess not. Better stick to commenting on hockey until you get your logic skills under control....
  8. EVERY news outlet, including every MSM outlet have made "false claims" before. But one has to determine whether such false claims are the result of an error of omission or error of commission. Just like your comment, for now I trust your comment was an error of commission, rather than omission.
  9. That there my friend is a genetic fallacy....rejecting the source because you don't like the ideological viewpoint/what they say. That being as ti may, here's some from the center/left all saying the same thing.....
  11. True, could be a coincidental accident.....or a tragic miscalculation that can be conveniently excused with plausible deniability.