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  1. I don't think so, but if it does I think Vasily Podkolzin may just change it back....
  2. the kid had to show his support for was his brother!
  3. and...and.....WHY didn't anyone respond to Chris Kelly and the other goon two-timing Fantenberg, a young guy giving his heart and soul to make the team? One guy finishing his check, ok...but both Sens players lining him up?. C'mon! I really hope we don't have to endure an entire season having our young guys cheap-shotted without receiving any payback or response. Ferland better mark December 3rd on his calendar, I know I am....
  4. now for the rest of the story.....
  5. no, not everyone can be categorized as part of the sheeple, but some comments only solidify the fact that the brainwashing has done it's job
  6. Remember Obama's birth certificate? Hillary's 30,000 state emails she had on a private server at home? Project Veritas videos of Google developers revealing the leftist mentality that influences the google search algorithms then releasing 1000+ internal docs verifying their accusations? How many on the left were willing to look past these "sins"? Few, very few. They weren't willing to even objectively investigate. When guys like Sherriff Orpio and his team of 25 investigators uncovered what appeared to be very disturbing discrepancies in the official documentation of Obama's birth certificate, the left refused to listen. They only responded with ad hominem attacks of "birther", "conspiracy theorist" etc... I'm not making a judgement call on whether these stories have any validity, but the response from the left is just as wrong as it is on the right. Both sides respond by using ad hominem attacks (Ex: Trump and his supporters become Nazi's and Obama/Hillary etc... become communists etc...) both use satirical humor (Right uses guys like Dennis Miller, Left uses guys like Bill Maher, Stephan Colbert and let's not forget about Kathy Griffin and her *joke* as she held up a severed head of Trump). They play to their bases and they're fans sit mesmerized like trained seals and clap for them. Like the right, the left surrenders their individuality to the hive mind
  7. Yes, maybe he was but we have no proof that he was. One of hallmarks of justice that sets western nations over the rest of the world is the belief that ALL people are considered innocent until PROVEN guilty. The right, as misguided as many of them are, hold on to traditional values that they believe are the bedrock of a functioning, prosperous society. As such it makes their loyalty to the party that holds similar long-standing values rock solid. Not so on the left. I wouldn't consider floating from party to party necessarily a admirable quality or benefit. By nature, morals and values that are considered objectively true on the right are considered subjective and progressive on the left. The anchor the left is the ever-changing state and their own subjective truth. There is no anchor to keep them from drifting.
  8. My point was that those who identify with the left, right, center or any variation in between will usually run to their respective *news* source to be told what to think about any given news story. Instead of critically analyzing what's being said, they surrender all individuality and independent thought to those who are more than willing to do their thinking for them News is one thing, commentary is another and the line between the two is all too often blurred and indistinguishable. Most people don't know how to distinguish objective fact of a news story from the personal opinions of the reporters/journal/host. Add to this psychology and the Hegelian dialectic and you have an extremely dangerous tool for mass brainwashing and manipulation. Case in point....Mika Brzezsinski, co-host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" voices her disapproval that Trump "thinks he can control exactly what people think" and then says..."that's OUR job"! The MSM consider themselves the gatekeepers of information that should be considered reputable news. If information doesn't come through them, then its to news. They want to tell you how, why and what you should think. A simple search of "hegelian dialectic in politics" is a good place to start.
  9. Neither will those who care about the truth. Yet another poorly executed hatchet job to keep the sheeple mesmerized and ensure there's no shortage of zombies who are dead from the neck up. You know the type...people who allow themselves to be willfully caught in the left-right paradigm, so they'll race over to CNN, MSNBS, CBS, NBC, FoxNews, Breitbart News, Yahoo and Google to be fed their specific flavor of garbage and for at least one more day, feel like they have a small iota of significance.
  10. CNN...the most FAKE name in News! AKA.... Clinton News Network Creating News Network Communist News Network Chicken Noodle Network Crappy News Network Cancerous News Network Crap NOT News! Clearly NOT News Certainly NOT News Covers NO News and last, but not least....CNN = Clown News Network
  11. BB is good, but he ain't 8x8 good! Keep your hands in your pockets JB, don't do it......