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  1. [Rumour] Alex Kovalev to make an NHL comeback?

    I just dont buy it. Skill was never an issue with this guy. Consistency and effort though, thats another story. There is a reason why Jagr is doing what he is doing.
  2. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    What kind of a change was that. HAHAHAH. That was pathetic.
  3. If Lucic helps us to become a better team it's a no brainer for me. I'd take Marchand as well. In a heartbeat. What's the worse thing that happens? News Flash. Nobody likes us anyway. Im not advocating violence by any stretch but I do miss the days when we literally did anything to win. 2011 as I recall and weve kinda been timidly apologetic since. All the while being ground into dust.
  4. Star salaries are getting gross again. I get that they are the elite of the elite but man its still a team sport. Anyone wanna bet Stamkos salary the NHLPA opts out of the CBA on year eight.
  5. When you have Phil Kessel on your team, vegetables get ignored.
  6. I am really liking the way etem-vey-burrows is playing. Kind of a triple threat in the sense they can generate chances on the rush, with nice puck passing in the o zone and can slow it down with a cycle game. I expect these guys to just get better the more they play with each other.
  7. PP would probably kill our momentum.
  8. We may have to let up a bit before Crosby start crying. Ice looks a bit bad already and tear flow cant help.
  9. Wow. This game is a real treat to watch. Canucks driving the Tank army to the airport.
  10. [PGT] Canucks 4-2 Bruins

    I think you almost have to trade Vrbata. I seriously doubt hes going to sign a one year extension only which puts him as trade bait all next season too. Doubt he would want to be in that sitch. I cant see signing him to 2+ more seasons as being a benefit. Just forces more awkward scenarios when more kids start pushing for spots. I think it comes down to asset management in this case and you have to get something for him while hes worth something. Hes not getting younger and if he cant score 20g this season I wouldnt bank on next year or the year after being better,
  11. [Trade] Sven Baertschi to Canucks

    I dont even look at it as Baer costing us a second. Im going with - We got Cheeser for free after firing Torts. Epic WIN!
  12. The Pro Tank Thread

    Who is so convinced we are going to get swept in the first round. As of right now we would play San Jose and thats a series we can win, especially healthy.
  13. The Pro Tank Thread

    I think its all pretty moot anyway. Pretty hard to tank when we are already pretty young an finding ways to win. Its just not going to happen. I predict Vrbata gets moved and maybe some depth guys and thats all she wrote for trades this year. Once everyone is back and healthy there is no way, even minus those guys, that we take a sudden drastic turn for the worse. It would literally take the subtraction of most the old core before coming close,
  14. [PGT] Canucks 4-2 Bruins

    He looks like a zombie. I dont even think he smiles when he scores. It just looks like hes not having fun.