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  1. Fallout Shelter is pretty great.
  2. The question is, will Toronto sign him, and go back to it's usual signing of over the hill players?
  3. Look at it this way, if Crosby was born in the 60's, and only had the benefit of their methods of 'training', Gretzky would still be miles ahead of him.
  4. I've been stuck at 149 Pokemon on my Red Version for soo long. Been playing it off and on for a couple months without success. Damn Scyther and Tauros are so hard to catch..
  5. Guys and gals! Lets all chillllll outt, and talk about previous bad experiences with online interactions without creating new ones.
  6. Ive had pretty bad luck with tinder, either they were crazy boring, or heavier than their picture. Last one I got right catfished. Ive had much better luck with ladies I meet in person
  7. I never > watched > friends
  8. 10/10 would win cup
  9. no
  10. Im in Nelson. Not too drunk, but was chatting up a milf when an older gentleman came by and started chatting with us. I did t realize until after it was too late and made some "bro" comments about having a private room at this hostel and finding someone to keep bed company with and things being liberal here with drugs and oh $&!# is he hitting-he's totally hitting on me and I totally just told him I have a private room and now he's talking about the nude beach here and oh god I don't wanna go there tomorrow yes I know its liberal here with drugs and that thing we both know you want but I don't want to participate in Eventually said I was tired and was heading to bed, he talked about how he was in this room right over there, but must be nice being in a private room where is that one? "Top floor night! Nice meeting you!"
  11. I can understand between sets, or maybe between songs, but during is a definite no no
  12. I was assuming it was humans who were inhabiting this chocolate planet, if it is chocolate based life forms then yes all bets are off evolution and science wise
  13. Oh goodness this is worse. If every singe thing on the earth created oxygen then the earth would have a hyper-oxygenated atmosphere. Our atmosphere has an average oxygen content of 19.5% at sea level, and a level of 23% is highly dangerous as it creates an enviroment ripe for fires/explosions with the smallest of provocations. Now take our holy-tunderin-jesus oxygen enriched enviroment on planet count chocula, and introduce the tiniest spark. I know, when everything's made of chocolate, gonna be as hard as Mel Gibson saying nice things about the jews to create any sort of friction to get some decent heat or sparks. But any sort of space debris coming into the atmosphere is gonna make for some kind of cosmic firework. Not to mention the now molten lava hot sea of chocolate fondue. I ruin all my friend's dreams too.
  14. Can you imagine how $&!#ty that world would be? No water, very little in nutritional value for foodstuffs, no feasible way to start a fire to keep warm, any sort of structure would melt in the sun, clothing is right out, and worst of all no way to replenish the oxogen in the atmosphere. If you want a world made of chocolate then count me out