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  1. Wow didn't know about the knees that makes it even worse now lol. Ric Flair said basically the same thing I've been thinking, with Lesner competing in UFC and WWE he's in top shape, Goldberg who hasn't wrestled in 12 years is so far behind Lesner. This is why I strongly believe Goldberg will probably get injured in the match, because Lesner isn't going to go easy on Goldberg and Goldberg won't be trained enough for the match especially now it's at SS. One thing may happen Lesner quickly destroys Goldberg or miraculously Goldberg stands his ground for more than 5 mins still loses. But now they're series is tied 1-1 and they have 1 more match to make it a best of 3, which takes place sometime down the road in 2017 which gives Goldberg the time to properly train.
  2. To not even give the guy a chance at lead off a CHANCE just to see is a sad excuse. Upton in 12 years has a career OBP of .321, Revere in 7 years has a career OBP of .320. Technically going by stats Upton has a better OBP, but why bother putting him as lead off because he obviously isn't good at getting on base.... Of course I'd rather have Revere then Upton, but Upton should of been utilized in the lead off role just to at least see if he could be capable of doing it. Bautista is better for driving in runs imo, why have him lead off and waste that power just so he can walk, but he can't even be a threat on the bases is ridiculous. Upton ended the season batting .196 but when he came here he was batting .256. To me that looks like he wasn't utilized properly, and the numbers show that. Maybe if he was put into his proper position he would of got that confidence back and performed to the level he's known for. Look at Revere's stats this year and not being utilized properly, OBP .260 and a batting avg of .217, his worst season ever, his rookie year was 13 games so I'm not counting that. When you take players out of their normal roles they struggle, and Revere did that this year because he wasn't their lead off. I strongly feel Upton went through this exact same thing with the Jays, all I wanted was a chance to see. With all the struggles the Jays were having in September it wasn't like they were winning games, so it would of been the perfect time to try him in lead off but it never happened and we continued to lose.
  3. Do you remember when Revere joined the Jays last year, he wasn't batting lead off and his numbers were brutal, he was batting in the 7th and 8th holes same as Upton. Difference is Gibbons finally budged and put Revere lead off and removed Tulo which was a disaster, anyways Revere was able to excel at lead off because that is his position. Point here is Upton was never given that opportunity so we never got to see, being a lead off and being a 7th or 8th batter are complete different approaches. Both Revere and Upton failed at being a 7th and 8th batter, but only one of them was given the opportunity to be in their position. Really believe Upton's numbers would of been different if he was put in his lead off position, because he knows the approach of being a lead off, we just never got to see it unfortunately.
  4. Quote from Edwin, the last part is most important, his agent is controlling his decision, so chances are he won't be back next year. “I was never thinking about my free agency (during the season),”Encarnacion said. “I always was thinking about winning – winning games, help this team to win games, that’s all I was thinking all year long and at the end of the year, I put up the numbers I needed to be a free agent. Now we’ll see what’s going to happen. I’d love to stay here but it’s not my decision, I’ve got to wait and see what’s going to happen.”
  5. Lesner is going to destroy Goldberg, if anything he's probably going to injure him to boot. Goldberg looks like he has aged a lot and doesn't look like he's in top shape for competing at Lesners level. To even be somewhat close to Lesners level, Goldberg would have to train for the next year and I don't see that happening, as to why I believe this match is going to make Goldberg look like an old fool out there.
  6. Sanchez is an ace confident in him. Estrada I was skeptical this year, wasn't sure if he'd be as good as the the year before, he proved he's legit. Happ the guy has turned it around for sure, happy to have him as Prices replacement. Now here's where I would want another ace as well, having that pitcher depth is huge. I'm still 50/50 on Lariano, don't know if he can keep a full season up strong. Having Benoit and Grilli is what they need to keep for sure. Agree on Loup/Tepera, would also add Cecil to the list done with him. I was all for Chapman at the trade deadline and said they needed that dominant lefty, for the playoffs.
  7. Losing Revere hurt BIG time, and of course at the time it was either him or Saunders. The trade for Upton was useless, he wasn't even utilized in his proper position as lead off once, so never got to see if he was a good lead off.
  8. Very Disappointing ending, the last 2 years this team was made to make it to the world series and they choked (Gibbons should be gone). I feel like the window is much smaller now as the years go on, unless some big things happen. If EE stays that will sure help, but if he isn't here next year Jays need to get Votto 100%, or they're screwed, Smoak is not the answer at 1st. If JB is gone, and it's sure looking like that unless he accepts his qualifying offer, but I doubt he does. What the Jays need to do is get a LEGIT leadoff batter, they need that speed on the bases to play with the pitchers mind when he's facing a Donaldson or EE. Hopefully Dicky and Thole are gone for good and Jays need to spend money on a dominate starting pitcher, and a couple relief pitchers. If they make these moves they can continue to be a top team in the league, if they don't then I don't see much for being a top team in the league anymore that's for sure.
  9. Great win today! Glad to see we're still playing, Saunders becoming playoff MVP..... Watched most of the game after work, Jays still left a lot of guys on base again, but luckily they scored enough runs. Pillar should start bunting more, the guy swings at everything, but he has speed why not use that speed to get on base sometimes....
  10. Shapiro has already said Gibbons will be back next year....
  11. That drop by Bautista really hurt.
  12. Can't catch a break brutal
  13. Going for the fences
  14. Saunders hits a home run 1 run game! Nevermind
  15. Best part of the lineup up.......