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  1. Regarding EE Astros are out of it with Beltran, Yankees just signed Holliday and report is he will play 1B/DH so there out on EE. Boston isn't willing to spend that much on EE so there out. That only leaves the Rangers, unfortunately they aren't afraid to spend money, but this is the only team left that is capable to give EE the amount he wants....
  2. EE is well worth the investment I don't know what your talking about... Past his prime he's 33 turning 34 and put up his best numbers last year. Ortiz at 41 had one of his best seasons ever, and everyone said 2-3 years ago he was done. Do the jays need both EE and JB no, but having one of them if they don't get any other players to replace the run/hr support. EE for 4-5 years is ideal, takes him to the age of 38-39. Without EE, JB, Saunders gone, that's about 260 RBI your losing in a season, and 100 home runs. Morales gives you about 30HR and hopefully 100 RBIs, so you need to still find 70HR and 160 RBIs to fill. This team just made it into the wild card last year, losing out on that much run support good luck making the playoffs without it. As others have mentioned this division is about the long ball and power numbers, if you can't keep up with the rest of the teams you will be blown out by other teams long balls and power. Plus you have a coach who doesn't coach small ball, so you go and get all these small ball type players and the coach doesn't coach like that so it's pointless.
  3. I actually hope someone gets in Miller's face or hits him in the net, and Miller will lose it and it will start it all! Miller has a short temper especially after what Lucic did to him, but after what happened last game all Miller will need is a push and it will be all out brawl. Don't know who's playing in net, but hoping it's Miller just for this reason.
  4. Well as mentioned it takes time to get back into a groove after not playing for a while. No doubt when he came back his bat speed was not there, but after playing for a bit he started getting back into a groove it was just to late unfortunately. All the previous years when he was healthy his numbers were great, no problems. He has one injury year his numbers declined and all of a sudden he isn't the same player. I don't believe it, I strongly believe he still has it for a couple more years easily, but the key is staying healthy all year. It's all about repetition and getting your at bats in, which he wasn't able to do until near the end of the season. I also believe it wasn't his bat speed, but his mindset about guessing what pitch was coming. JB will study pitchers constantly and I think he over thinks/studies it sometimes. The more you face a pitcher in a year the more you can study what he is pitching to you, and JB didn't have that opportunity as much last year. I'm okay with not having JB next year, but if the Jays aren't getting the run/hr support from another player in trade or free agent, then I do believe JB should be back especially if EE isn't.
  5. Never thought this season I'd be more interested in a single game then today's. It sure will be disappointing if nothing exciting happens, but I guess that will pretty much sum up this season then.
  6. If this team was contending for a Stanley cup then I would be against the revenge, but this season that's not the case. This game is about sending a message to the NHL for not stepping in and doing something about it in the first place. I'm all for revenge, I'm sick and tired of the NHL not respecting this team like it does for others. I don't care if players are suspended or fined for what happens because it's all on the NHL for not doing anything first.
  7. My gut is telling me they won't sign any big contracts, they're in Moneyball mindset for this team. They'll say things like yeah were interested in so and so, but doesn't mean they're willing to spend to get them. They'll have Zeke, Pillar, Upton as their outfield with Pompey as utility player. What I'd like to see is Revere, Pillar, Bruce, and Zeke as utility and Upton traded for something. Bruce would help big time with the loss of EE for rbi/hr production. Revere would help for our lead off position and base running pressure on opposition pitching for when Donaldson/Bruce come to the plate. Sounds like the price is very high for McCutchen and I don't think this management is willing to trade a lot away for for 1 player. Bruce on the other hand seems like a better trade option as Mets are willing to let him go. I'll also add this as I did mention this a while ago, sign Bautista for cheaper then EE to play 1B/DH. If they could sign him for under $20M I think it would be worth it, yes like others his comments or attitude sometimes is annoying, but he's a competitor he likes to win. I haven't seen a power hitter as good as his approach since Bonds tbh, his patience and vision is impressive. His numbers sucked last year because he was injured, and wasn't able to get into a groove until near the end of the season. I guarantee if he stays healthy next year he will put up numbers like previous years, and he also can be very clutch at times and that's huge to have.
  8. Well they had Saunders Pillar Bautista, I do see why he was traded sucks, because he was a good lead off. He was what we needed, but they wanted to see what Saunders had. Yes exactly leadoff guy and a corner outfielder for cheaper, that's moneyball working right there.
  9. In other news Ben Revere is now a Free Agent, the Jays no brainer should be picking him up and if they don't, I don't know anymore. I'm starting to lose my patience which this organization and Rogers.
  10. Signing Morales when they did was STUPID. Instead of the $11M/year it could of been used towards EE, and you know exactly what your getting for that money. Now we take a risk and hope he does well but still isn't going to produce the same as EE, and rely on Smoak... This is why I was so against this signing for the Jays, any other team yeah it's a good deal for Morales. I knew it would not allow us to sign EE that's why I hated it.
  11. Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins touched on the issue in conversations with reporters on Thursday. "It doesn't make it impossible, but it certainly made it less likely," Atkins said of Morales' impact on the pursuit of Encarnacion, according to Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet. Atkins also said the Blue Jays are keeping in touch with Encarnacion, but added, "Two guys that do similar things is less than ideal for a team."
  12. I agree, but wouldn't surprise me if they tried this if they don't get EE.
  13. 2017 salaries. Tulo $20M Martin $20M Donaldson $17M Upton $16.5M Estrada $14.5M Liriano $13.6M Happ $13M Morales $11M Smoak $4.1M Grilli $3M That Upton salary needs to be gone, but when I see Tulo and Martin at $20M and the Jays offered EE $20M/year, why would he accept that. To many holes to fill with about $50-55M to spend, which will put the teams payroll at around $175M.
  14. They'll go after Bautista for cheaper....
  15. Yeah because Jays spent money on Morales and are now on a tight budget to fill other holes, this is exactly why I didn't like the signing.