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  1. Grilli is literally becoming my favorite player on this team, just his emotion out there after he does his job is freaking awesome, gets me pumped when I see him so pumped and excited.
  2. Why Thole is catching is ridiculous especially with Dickey not pitching, that run scored because Thole sucks, Gibbons is an idiot.
  3. When people make a topic in a discussion board already and write at the end of their topic title (Discuss or Discussion) NO REALLY??????
  4. Cecil is done, send him down a young lefty has a better chance at this point. Wish the cheap @$$ Jays went after Chapman, that's a lefty a team like this needs. Overall brutal series just pathetic to lose to bottom feeders, as bad as our bullpen is, the bats were just trash this series they are to blame. Only good thing I got from today's game was Upton was seeing the ball great, and looked dangerous at the plate all game, good sign for him, still think he should be leading off.
  5. Still nothing is confirmed official yet, it's just a rumour for now. Read somewhere else that it will be official later in the week...
  6. Wow so much for an off day for the Jays
  7. Sure he doesn't want to elaborate on the story some more and say he was held at Gun point and was robbed, which caused him to be late for curfew.....
  8. Personally I'd like to see Vancouver host the Olympics again before everything they built for 2010 is out of date. Rio is going to be paying for this Olympics for many many years to come, I understand Vancouver is still paying for 2010, but Vancouver actually was able to fill events and make some money back. If we could host the Winter Olympics again within the next 20 years, a lot of it would help pay of the 2010 faster and possibly gain revenue by not having to rebuild all new venues. Seeing how this will be Japan's 4th Olympics to date in 2020, Canada has only hosted the Olympics 3 times, they should get another one soon would really like it to be Vancouver again but I know the odds aren't high....
  9. This was a playoff like series and bullpen blew the games, you can't expect the team to always be up 5 runs a game to support your crap bullpen. We know with this team we can't expect our bullpen to be perfect every night that's why playoffs is going to be scary. But the amount of games the bullpen has cost this team this year already is ridiculous, your giving the bullpen way to much credit.
  10. Yes this is the argument to it, owners don't want to lose the revenue for seating, and to why the NHL is forced to come up with new rules to alter the game instead.
  11. This! Been saying this for years, it's the only way to improve the game for the future.
  12. Canada has never been that strong at the Summer Olympics, why most of us don't care as much for the Summer Olympics, but concentrate more in the Winter Olympics because we are much stronger country in Winter. With that said though I felt Canada did really well this year at the Summer Olympics, and they should be proud of themselves. As someone already mentioned though, where they normally do well and they failed in this year was Rowing and Canoe/Kayak kind of a disappointing tbh, but if they had done well in those this year wow they would of been really good overall.
  13. This series was a great example of what playoff baseball will be like, and just goes to show this team will struggle in playoffs because they will be close games and they can't seem to learn how to play small ball, and rely on bullpen. If the Jays aren't hitting home runs in playoffs, hate to say it, but I don't see them winning they will struggle in close games, as much as I hope I'm wrong and they prove me wrong it's hard to hope that with their track record.
  14. PM me with spoiler interested to know spoiler. Heard rumors of Undertaker return maybe, but think his beef is more with Lesner, and of course Goldberg showing up but his beef is with Lesner and Seth Rollins as well now, sounds like Goldberg wants Seth first then wants Lesner. I don't see Lesner losing to Orton tbh, especially when Undertaker was made to lose, I don't see Lesner allowing him to lose to Orton. Lesner would only allow him losing to a superstar as big and powerful as himself, not someone smaller imo.
  15. With the recent Goldberg talk and Lesner talk, I wonder if Goldberg will show up tonight. Would be perfect especially if Lesner wins, and then Goldberg challenges Lesner after.....