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  1. Very Disappointing ending, the last 2 years this team was made to make it to the world series and they choked (Gibbons should be gone). I feel like the window is much smaller now as the years go on, unless some big things happen. If EE stays that will sure help, but if he isn't here next year Jays need to get Votto 100%, or they're screwed, Smoak is not the answer at 1st. If JB is gone, and it's sure looking like that unless he accepts his qualifying offer, but I doubt he does. What the Jays need to do is get a LEGIT leadoff batter, they need that speed on the bases to play with the pitchers mind when he's facing a Donaldson or EE. Hopefully Dicky and Thole are gone for good and Jays need to spend money on a dominate starting pitcher, and a couple relief pitchers. If they make these moves they can continue to be a top team in the league, if they don't then I don't see much for being a top team in the league anymore that's for sure.
  2. Great win today! Glad to see we're still playing, Saunders becoming playoff MVP..... Watched most of the game after work, Jays still left a lot of guys on base again, but luckily they scored enough runs. Pillar should start bunting more, the guy swings at everything, but he has speed why not use that speed to get on base sometimes....
  3. Shapiro has already said Gibbons will be back next year....
  4. That drop by Bautista really hurt.
  5. Can't catch a break brutal
  6. Going for the fences
  7. Saunders hits a home run 1 run game! Nevermind
  8. Best part of the lineup up.......
  9. Lots for words just don't know anymore, didn't expect this.
  10. Brutal never should of be resigned
  11. Hand came off but foot was on bag, then foot came off but hand was back on bag.
  12. Joe Carter for pinch hit.....
  13. I don't know about this call.... All our trust in Cecil I'm nervous now.
  14. Umpire has had a bad strike zone on both sides tonight, pretty bad for playoff Baseball.
  15. Wish it was set up for homes games that we would get our regular announcers, and for road games we get their announcers, seems fair..... Not these crap guys all the time.