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  1. Yeah the one that dropped between them was a mistake, I really thought it was Pillars ball imo. Yes LF has been making those mistakes all year and it's been frustrating to watch, hence it's been a ZOO out there. This is the guy they needed to keep, and lots of problems would of been fixed.
  2. Later in that game he threw another one too 2nd and it bounced twice before getting to the bag horrible. As good as Donaldson is, he's been really bad at 3rd lately. And LF has just been a ZOO all year.
  3. When you walk the bases loaded and then walk in the winning run can't feel sorry for that crap, that was just brutal bush league ball.
  4. Lol I was thinking when I saw that throw this guy actually called out his pitching.... It's more like he just can't throw period.
  5. Linden did more for the Sedins then Sundin did lol, yes Sundin was a good mentor because he had been in the league for so long and was a good player, and a young player will take any advice from a vet like him. Messier coming here was just plain stupid the guy hated Vancouver especially after the 94 playoffs, it was a mistake to bring him here he was obviously here just to get a paycheck and didn't care to win. Jagr imo for one can still play, he isn't out of shape like Sundin was so it won't be bad like that, plus he doesn't have hate towards other teams like Messier had. Jagr would be much better then them at age 45, the guys a beast and just enjoys playing too much.
  6. Been hearing a lot of rumors last couple days of Calgary being a good fit.
  7. Yeah that rumor is going around, and I don't see that happening, can't take out your best offensive player and still expect to win games without him, not going to happen. Heard Shapiro talking about not trading key players because of the fans and it wouldn't be right to them, so by those sounds I don't expect guys like JD, JB, JS or even Tulo being traded, even though if there was one guy I wouldn't mind trading would be Tulo as long as we got a SS or 2B player back. I still believe if they make the trades to aquire the key positions I mentioned they would at least have a shot at making the playoffs, but what they trade would be similar to what AA did as I mentioned before it would be a deja vu, prospects and picks because according to Shapiro he isn't going to trade key players. But then again it's hard to see Shapiro allow trading prospects and picks, since they're here too rebuild that in the first place.
  8. This team does remind me a bit of 2 years ago, but as much as this will be deja vu for fans what really needs to be done to this team is the same thing AA did 2 years ago. Trade to get an Ace pitcher, a bullpen pitcher, and get a legit leadoff hitter. Getting Price and Revere 2 years ago shifted this team for the better, and this year it seems that's the same thing that may help this team turn around and go on a tear.
  9. ^^ As much as I did like Grilli because you knew his heart was here in Toronto and really wanted to win here, but yeah his time was sadly up. When he finally decides to call it a career, the Jays should bring him in to help coach the bullpen. And after hearing about Osuna and him, this would be a very smart choice imo.
  10. Alright this game is just showing their true colors and what they're really made of this year, a must win game and can't even generate a run, this team is done it was a fun couple years, but it's safe to say this team is now done.
  11. “I’m just getting started,” said the oldest player in the NHL. “I’m looking for a new 30-to-40-year deal. Maybe longer.” Though a deal of that magnitude is clearly not permitted by the NHL’s collective bargaining agreement, it’s possible Gary Bettman will allow an exception for the 45-year-old winger. “Jaromir is almost superhuman,” said the perplexed league commissioner. “He doesn’t really fall under the typical player category.” The Napoleon-like leader then paused, shuffled his feet and sheepishly acknowledged the truth, whispering, “Plus, I’ve always had a man crush on his mullet.” “Playing hockey is like a vacation for me. It’s not really hard work,” said Jagr. “The game is different (today). It’s changed a lot. But the rules stay the same–if you work harder than anybody else, you’re going to be better than anybody else.”
  12. It's not worth losing that much offense for pitching, as much as this team needs pitching they need runs as well and taking your best offensive player right now out of your lineup your just asking to fail.