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  1. How do you delete your profile on here? Tried asking an admin but they obviously can't reply back, and really don't want to be part of this bias opinionated board anymore.

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    2. morrissex95


      @Dazzle @ChuckNORRIS4Cup  I'm interested in knowing which admin you're talking about as well.


      Also Chuck stay on here man you'll be missed 

    3. VforVirtanen


      Huh. As an observer with no dog in this fight I saw the whole exchange and it looked like you went off on a rant about firing Green in the GDT a couple of times in a row, Deb told you to stop and keep that outside the gdt and you didn’t stop and started beaking her. I don’t know either of you very well so that was the impression you gave off. Was there something more to it than that?


      All I would say is take some deep breaths and maybe ask yourself honestly if your actions contributed to the injustice you are angry about. 

    4. Xbox


      @ChuckNORRIS4Cup Understandable. Hopefully I'll see ya in r/Canucks and r/TorontoBlueJays. Take care 

  2. What a garbage effort by this team after being destroyed by Tampa the previous game, just an embarrassment to everyone, obviously the coach can't motivate his players enough after a blow out loss, just pathetic
  3. I've been a Green supporter since day one, but I've watch Myers this year jump up into the rush way to many times and it handcuffs us after, yet he continues to do it and the coaching staff doesn't seem to give a crap, so I've now officially given up on this coach and coaching staff I'm done with them
  4. Well I'm going to speak my mind on the GAME I'M WATCHING and respond in the appropriate thread for that game, maybe you should just ignore posts that get you triggered because it wasn't positive enough in your eyes, sometimes the truth hurts and unfortunately on this board some fans just can't handle the truth sadly. But hey keep blaming the refs for not calling a penalty, see enough of that crying on here all the time
  5. Well this is my first rant ever so I got a lot a minutes accumulated from not ranting before, but hey last time I checked this is a message board to speak your mind, now you're controlling what people say in a free speech message board... Wow
  6. Get a New Coaching Staff, this team will always fail under this Green because he's to green to coach unfortunately
  7. This Coaching staff is GARBAGE, how many times are they going to continue to allow Myers to jump up into the rush like he's Quinn Hughes, but of course Myers is slow and then can't ever get back in time, this coaching staff is absolute GARBAGE I finally have given up on Green and this coaching staff, I tried to give them a chance for the past few years, but they're just bad
  8. You're correct though regarding that in general, which sucks because he doesn't even like it yet now it's stuck, sucks that he has to be kind of upset every time he hears it though, yet some people obviously could care less how he feels if they call him it, great fans
  9. Says it's fun with his head down the whole time lol keep trying though Me crying? You're quoting me because you don't like me relaying what Petey said, do you need a tissue?
  11. Why push something on fans to call him something more he doesn't even like.... My post isn't if EP comes here and sees it lol Shocked you can't see that bigger picture lol
  12. No I mean what I said not what some other person tries to say I said to make them feel better