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  1. Jaromir Jagr is drawing interest from the KHL, but his dream of playing again in the NHL may not be dead yet. According to TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun, Jagr is in contact with two-to-three NHL clubs and is hoping to sign before the end of training camp. Should he fail to sign before the end of camp, LeBrun reports Jagr could then look into joining the KHL and playing in the Olympics. However, in any scenario, the 45-year-old is not considering retirement, according to LeBrun.
  2. Didn't know this kind of surprised tbh. Stanton is the first player since Jose Bautista in 2010 to hit 54 HRs. He became the first player to slug 54 homers in a season since Jose Bautista did it in 2010. The blast was a 456-foot monstrosity -- the second-longest at SunTrust Park -- with an exit speed of 113.7 mph, per Statcast. The big-league leader is in a fine position to threaten 60 by season's end.
  3. Jagr says he's 'able to wait' for NHL deal Jaromir Jagr reiterated Tuesday that he wants to play in the NHL this season, preferably for a team that complements his style and where he has a chance to win the Stanley Cup. "I love NHL hockey. That's the reason I'm able to wait," the 45-year-old right wing said in an interview translated from Česká televise on Tuesday. "So many people would love to play at least one game in the NHL. And me, if I didn't go to Russia, I would have the most games played of all players, so I was extremely lucky. I like the conveniences, environment and all the things around [the NHL] so much that still I want to extend my career there." Jagr has been an unrestricted free agent since July 1 after playing last season for the Florida Panthers, who chose to not try to re-sign him. He confirmed the Calgary Flames have had interest in him this offseason. "The interest has been there from the first day (of free agency)," he said. "But it's tough to consider how big that interest really was. Especially when it's changing from one day to another." Jagr outlined what he is looking for. "It's about going to a team where they have, let's say, fewer wings; going to the team that has a chance to win the Stanley Cup; and going to the team that plays similar kind of hockey as I do," he said. "And to the team where I know there [are] a couple of players that I could click with playing together. "Money is a factor too. But not because of the money itself, but because if you took an offer with a minimal salary, it could easily happen that after the first half of the season they tell you, 'Bye,' and you don't have a spot on the roster anymore. Myself, I'm curious to see how it's [going to] turn out." Jagr said on Aug. 9 that he "didn't expect it would be so hard to get a job in the NHL this year." His agent, Petr Svoboda, told a Vancouver radio station on Aug. 26 that "I am working around the clock and will get something done." Training camps open in about two weeks, and the regular season begins Oct. 4. "It's a kind of [like] poker," Jagr said. "Neither side will open its cards and time is not pushing anyone for now. There are many teams who haven't yet finished their rosters and they have lots of gaps there. The teams and [general managers] are not [in] a rush. They know they still have [a month] before the season starts." Jagr had 46 points (16 goals, 30 assists) in 82 games for the Panthers last season, his 23rd in the NHL, and became the second-leading scorer in League history behind Wayne Gretzky (2,857-1,914). He has played 1,711 NHL games, fourth in League history, 56 behind leader Gordie Howe, with three seasons spent in the Kontinental Hockey League (2008-11). Jagr said returning to play in Europe is an option. "It wouldn't necessarily have to be the KHL, but it has to be a top league," he said.
  4. Made a mistake thought it was Boston who accused the Jays of doing it before, but it was the Yankees. Still hate them both
  5. Lol true but still his best yet, which is pretty sad for how long he has been there.
  6. Thinking of next year already. What they need 2 SP, keep Stro, Sanchez, Happ, go and sign or trade(I'll get to the trade) to acquire 2 strong pitchers. Relievers they need bad Biagini, can stay in the bullpen. Maybe finding a more powerful closer as well, Osuna isn't the most powerful maybe good 8th inning guy, but when guys hit him they hit him deep. A LEAD OFF Batter should be one of their first things to address, hopefully one that plays the OF, Bautista is gone unless he signs dirt cheap but who really knows. Now this is where I talk about trade to free up some cash and help address the pitching. Tulo imo is someone who should be moved, Goins is showing he is more than capable of taking over SS, and 2nd can be Travis and Barney. Tulo and Bautista gone is I think about $38M, sure could help fill some holes needed.
  7. All year more like it. Pearce did get robbed by the base ump for a fair ball that was called foul, but still all year they have struggled with RISP. The catch was very nice that's for sure, definitely Superman worth.
  8. Best part of Raw was definitely Cena roasting Roman, but give credit where credit is due Roman finally after 5 years did cut a Promo, although it won't stand out because Cena killed him haha.
  9. Man it's so tough to watch the Jays, shocked by the fan support their still getting, how can people enjoy watching this.... Top7 3-2 lead Jays Top 7 5-3 losing 3rd pitcher of the inning, stop watching!
  10. As well as Vanek did last year I don't expect him to match that he's streaky and lazy at times too, I'd definitely go for Jagr over Vanek if the Canucks were actually thinking this.
  11. Jagr's agent 'working around the clock' to find NHL contract It's not for a lack of trying. Petr Svoboda, the agent of Jaromir Jagr, admits he's "working around the clock" to get the future Hall of Famer signed to a contract. While Svoboda wasn't specific about where Jagr could land, he told Rick Dhaliwal of News 1130 Sports that a deal will get done.
  12. Giving credit where credit is due, Smoak is such a different player this year it's crazy, he has convinced me enough good for him.
  13. Now this was funny, got to like that opening pitch lol!
  14. Only a playoff or wild card team will go after him, rumor was an AL East team
  15. Yeah I know, but just saying we ain't getting a SP back who is ready now, it will hurt the rotation.