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  1. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Sanchez left with an injured finger again
  2. Canucks looking for a new goaltending coach

    By just watching him in games especially his style, he's down on his knees more it seems and their is way more open net behind him then the way he used to play. It's like he's playing as a smaller goalie then he is, his style actually used to remind me of Luongo's used to take up way more of the net, now it doesn't seem like that in his style anymore.
  3. Canucks looking for a new goaltending coach

    Markstrom has gotten worse ever since Cloutier took over that's not right, at least someone higher up is seeing the bigger picture finally.
  4. Definitely have some good optimistic there, but I feel your frustration. Making playoffs now yes I could see that adding John, but that's only if everyone stayed healthy for a year and it seems like year after year that's not possible with this group, but with the defense and Goalies we have right now it wouldn't last through the playoffs to the Stanley cup, unless Demko shows something special but that's a gamble but definitely worth hoping. It just won't happen with John coming here unfortunately, as much as I wish he would be a Canuck, it won't happen. Maybe 2-4 years down the road, when or if the Canucks do turn into a more complete stronger team who can push for the playoffs year after year to be able to sell it better for a trade for Tavares. That's also if he doesn't win a cup or make it deep into the playoffs with what ever team he signs with.
  5. (Report) CBJ shopping Panarin

    I really don't think they'll get many high offers for him, so if they really want to move him they'll have to take a hit to get ride of him. GM's around the NHL I'm sure are willing to wait him out for this year and go after him as a UFA, unless Columbus takes one of the low ball offers to just take something I guess better then nothing, but it will all depend on where they're at in the standings come trade deadline next year I think.
  6. [Trade] Hoffman to Florida

    Or to go after Kovalchuk
  7. Bringing John here would be a great start to helping this team become much better, but giving the team a chance to win the cup next year not a chance. This team would really need to sign a legitimate #1 Goalie, and revamp the D if they even were to consider having a shot at the cup next year, but John alone wouldn't be able to do it unfortunately. Sadly we just don't have the assets to compete enough yet to sell it to a star player like John.
  8. CFL Thread

    I originally saw it on Global News today they had actual game video of it, but just did a quick YouTube search and found these.
  9. CFL Thread

  10. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Gotcha and no it doesn't slow them down because they have the money to pay the fine without hurting their pockets still lol. Maybe they adapt a rule teams also start losing draft picks maybe that will make teams think twice before going over the cap, especially with the trend I'm seeing it's about the youth more then ever.
  11. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    I personally feel how this team is going to be decided on if they can compete in the future based on how the organization builds around Vladdy Guerrero Jr. and I give them about 6 years to figure that out by the time Vladdy turns 25. I feel from the age of 25-33 for Vladdy is his prime years and this team better have the assets around him to give this team the best opportunity to compete, so they have about 6 years to figure it out imo. They got something very special there in Vladdy I think, so let's hope they can acquire the right pieces by the time he's prime.(Trout is one of a kind tho) Well there is a salary cap it goes up every year they call it a Competitive Balance Tax aka Luxury Tax, same as a salary cap, but the penalty is still affordable for these big giant teams to pay the fine every year that's the problem. Really don't know how they'll fix it tbh, because when teams are making that much money and can throw that much away for taxes for going over every year what is next suspending a team, it's a tough one to fix unfortunately. The threshold was $189 million from 2014-16, but the following increases were put in place per the 2017-21 Collective Bargaining Agreement: 2017: $195 million* 2018: $197 million 2019: $206 million 2020: $208 million 2021: $210 million *For 2017 only, clubs that exceed the threshold shall pay the average between what their luxury tax would be under the 2017-21 Collective Bargaining Agreement rules and what it would have been per the previous CBA.
  12. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    I agree with dealing players on this team this year, it is the year to do it the Jays should follow what the Mets are planning on doing. Definitely looks like things maybe getting very interesting out their on the trade market soon.
  13. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Report: Yankees, Mariners interested in acquiring Happ With free agency in his future and a fine season on the go, Toronto Blue Jays left-hander J.A. Happ is drawing trade interest from two of the league's best teams. The New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners are both interested in acquiring the 35-year-old Happ, according to sources of MLB Network's Jon Morosi. New York has been tied to Happ for some time, but with Jordan Montgomery (Tommy John) and Masahiro Tanaka (strained hamstrings) out of action, the Yankees continued interest in the former 20-game winner make sense considering recent comments from general manager Brian Cashman. Related: Yankees GM says he's reached out to at least 20 teams about trades The Mariners, whom Happ played for in 2015, have played surprisingly well without suspended second baseman Robinson Cano and are hot on the tails of the Houston Astros for the lead in the AL West. Their starting staff is sixth in ERA among AL clubs, but Felix Hernandez has struggled and Wade LeBlanc is pitching much better than his career numberssuggest. Despite playing on the 33-38 Blue Jays, Happ owns an 8-3 record with a 3.48 ERA and one of the highest strikeout rates of his career (10.2).
  14. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Just read this very interesting. Report: Mets ready to entertain trade offers for virtually everyone The New York Mets are open for business. With the club nine games under .500 and eight games back of a playoff spot, the front office is reportedly ready to entertain trade offers for almost everyone on the roster, but prefer to keep their top young players who are under team control, sources told Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. Despite their record, the Mets possess a number of pieces that should generate strong interest, especially right-hander's Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard. The cost on either would be substantial, and one source added that the club would be more open to moving Syndergaard than deGrom despite him being younger and under control for an additional season. It's more likely the Mets try to find deals for veteran reliever Jeurys Familia, infielder Asdrubal Cabrera, third baseman Todd Frazier, and outfielder Jose Bautista. Familia, Cabrera, and Bautista are all free agents at the end of this season, while Frazier is under contract for $9 million next year.
  15. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Maybe, to be put in Jail...